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What if Buffy was immortal?

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  • What if Buffy was immortal?

    Now I know that this is very unlikely to be a revelation in S8, but I have to ask opinions on it anyway. When Willow brought Buffy back, Buffy was different. Tara said that she was still Buffy, but what if she were still Buffy but had physical characteristics of some kind of human/vampire hybrid? It would explain her being more drawn to Spike IMO. The spell was botched up due to the Hellions and Buffy "clawed out of her coffin." What if there was something that Tara missed? Tara wasn't the most powerful witch of all time, despite how powerful and loveable she really was.

    What do you think?
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    Right up until around the time of the balcony sex, I wondered at the time whether or not the change was going to have become whatever would pass for an angel in the Buffyverse, so it's not a completely off-the-wall idea that never crossed anyone's mind. It made sense to me -- she went to heaven, and one presumably can't get yanked out of there against the will of the One with the keys, and then Spike could hit her and all. But it turned out not to be the case, nor should I ever have really thought it might.

    But is she immortal in any real sense? It's something worthy of a moment's consideration. We've seen her receive what appear to be mortal wounds twice since "Bargaining", once in "Seeing Red" (where Willow saved her) and once in "Chosen" (where there is no very clear reason she was okay other than her general resilience and regenerative abilities as a Slayer). I tend to doubt it, though, because it's never become relevant, and it's the sort of thing Joss wouldn't sit on for three seasons/seven years to do anything with. And even if she were, I doubt "human/vampire hybrid" would come up, since nothing to do with vampires had anything to do with either her dying or coming back between Seasons 5 and 6.

    I could buy Tara having missed something "extra" about Buffy, but I think her analysis that she didn't come back "wrong" was absolutely right.
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      When I saw that Joss decided on a S8 and a possible S9, I figured that he had some unfinished business, for lack of a better word, since not everything could be fit into one or two seasons that contained so much story material as it was. My theory is that Joss is adding one or two extra seasons because he has more to tell about Buffy. Something like this was touched on a little in Scott Allie's last post.
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        I think it's an extremely bad idea. First, the idea of a "vampire-human" hybrid doesn't make a hell of a whole lot of sense if the alleged hybrid doesn't show any actual vampire-like characteristics; claiming that the "hybridization"'s only effect is Buffy's involvement with/attraction to Spike, to be blunt, sounds like the kind of crappy idea that turned the Anita Blake novels into little more than Laurel K. Hamilton's self-insert/Mary Sue vampire porn, what with the whatever-it-was that made Anita Blake literally have to have almost constant sex or whatever.

        Secondly, and IMO more importantly, making such a big deal two seasons later out of something that, in hindsight, Joss and ME have treated as only a minor plot point back in season six and haven't once looked back on, doesn't jibe with Joss's writing/storytelling style. The whole "did Buffy come back wrong?" was treated only as a MacGuffin to get Buffy to the point of realizing that she was the one responsible for her actions and choices like sleeping with Spike, and not some external force, factor, or person she could put the blame on. IMO, it doesn't need to be made into anything else than that or responsible for anything else. I've seen somebody at the Dark Horse board try to put forward the idea that Willow's Incomplete Resurrection Spell somehow "imprinted" Willow's lesbianism onto Buffy and that's why she slept with Satsu. Trying to use the Resurrection spell from two seasons ago to excuse or explain any of Buffy's behavior, whether or not one likes said behavior, is less interesting than acknowledging that Buffy's responsible for her own behavior.

        As for Buffy being made "immortal"....why? What would it possibly have to do with what Joss has said he's trying to explore with this season? Honestly, it sounds like an idea or premise for an AU fanfic -- especially a 'shippy fanfic -- and not like an organic or even an inorganic direction for season eight to go in.

        EDITED TO ADD: I don't think Season Eight or the possible Season Nine is supposed to explore any story ideas from Seasons Six & Seven that Joss felt didn't "get enough time" during those seasons; so far, I see very little continuation of any neglected storylines, but rather new ideas and storylines. I know a lot of fans expected to see immediate attention paid to things like "how is Xander mourning Anya?" and "Is Buffy dwelling at all on Spike and/or her love for him?" for example....and well, I think there's a reason why Joss said Season Eight started a year and a half later, mainly that fans would hopefully get the idea that time has passed for the Scoobies and therefore they would already dealt with those things, thus paving the way for new plots, etc.
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          It would be pretty cool if Buffy was immortal. I doubt if she was in actual 'heaven' heaven - with pretty clouds and angels and everything, but I think her soul experienced some kind of rest, and possibly this is what helped her to not die in Seeing Red and Chosen - that she was no longer afraid of death because of her experience of it, and so removing the fear made the possibility of death a lot less likely.

          Just my view anyway