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  • Which Cover Do You Buy?

    We always have two cover artists, so far at least, and I was just wondering which one you buy.

    I for one usually get the one with the non-comic book cover where the people look realistic, except for Wolves at the Gate part 4, which was by Georges Jeanty. I plan on buying the other one though, just 'cause I have the rest of the arc with the other covers.

    But which do you buy?
    Realistic: They look like the actors.
    Comic Book: Drawn like the rest of the book.
    Don't actually care as long as you get the book.

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    I've only been buying Jo Chen's and Jon Foster's covers over Jeanty's. However, that's mainly because my comic book store puts an issue aside for me for a discount price ahead of time, and so they always put aside their covers. I'm not complaining, because I tend to prefer them over Jeanty's. However, Jeanty's cover for #15 is beautiful.


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      Whichever the shop gives me... which so far has always been the painted covers. However, for 12 and 15 I asked them to give me Jeanty's drawn cover instead, because they're much better-looking than Foster's ones for those issues.


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        This is a tricky one. Jeanty's covers are often quite fun in a way that the standard covers aren't. The most recent send-up to Kurosawa's Seven Samurai is a perfect example. However, there's something so classic about a painted cover. It also gives the book the smallest boost of legitimacy, as if it's more than one's typical comic fare.

        In the end, I cannot vote, since I buy trades and they contain all the covers. But if I had to choose, I'd probably pick the standards, since I'm that kinda guy.


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          Realistic. I think Jo Chen is an amazing artist and its like we are getting DVD boxart. That is why I was upset when Jon Foster took over for the four issues he did.

          Though now I've decided to only buy the volumes, which so far look amazing. They look like AMAZING boxart covers, the Buffy/Faith one is my favorite so far.


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            I usually buy the realistic one.


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              I voted for both - but I usually buy the Chen covers because they look more like the actors. However, when Foster was drawing covers I switched to Jeanty covers - because I honestly thought they looked better!
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                Personally, i prefer the realistic looking covers but my comic shop was always giving me the different types of covers. Sometime realistic ones, sometimes the comic ones. So i have hunted all of them down so now i have the whole series now in realistic looking covers and the comic looking covers. And i also the TPB's! I am obsessed!