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If Season Eight was a TV show (and not a comic)...

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  • If Season Eight was a TV show (and not a comic)...

    What would you want? Would you want to keep things from the comics, or would you want new things? What characters do you want gone/killed/added to the main cast?

    A lot of people want Tara back. I think she should have been resurrected, to make for a love triangle between Willow, Kennedy and Tara. A lot of people say instantly, "She'll choose Tara." But Willow's moved on... hasn't she?

    Also, I think Faith should have been added to the main cast - Eliza Dushku gets so little work, excepting Dollhouse - and Giles should stay. For one season, there should be NO VAMPIRE in the main cast - no Spike, no Angel, nothing.

    Also, Dawn should die - ala "When bad things start coming, Buffy won't choose you" or something that Joyce/First said in Conversations With Dead People. Wouldn't it be a tough choice if Buffy had to kill Dawn?

    And Drusilla should have been a Big Bad, Oz should have joined the cast again - not for a love quadtrangle - and the Scottish castle, No Future For You arc, and Twilight should have been put onto TV. That would make for a kickass season of television.

    And Ethan Rayne shouldn't have died. I liked him.

    Your thoughts?

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    I'd just be sooo happy that it wasn't a daft comic any longer!!

    and Giles should stay
    Oh on that we agree. I think dumping Giles so early on is a big mistake. Even if Joss is going to reintroduce him later on in the comics I think it was far to early to ditch him before doing that. I missed his presence a huge amount when I was reading them.

    And Ethan Rayne shouldn't have died. I liked him.
    Oh there we agree also. A terrible waste of a great character, but then maybe 'old men' have no place in Joss's 'bright new world' I don't know.


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      I think they shouldn't make it so fantasy like. We have an army of girls, and we live in a big, fancy palace where Willow floats everywhere and Dawn's a giant, while Xander's in this uniform all the time! Yeah, that's the ticket.

      No, I would want a break from all that and just have some quality gang time. Focus more on the characters like in Seasons 3 and 5. Hopefully, even if Joss wanted to do that, he wouldn't have the budget


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        I thinking bringing Tara back would be just dumb. I don't like characters poping back up there is no point - it wrecks them. It would have wrecked the entire arc Willow had from the end of season 6 to 7. I mean... We don't need a love triangel between Willow, Kennedy and Tara, it just isn't in Tara's or Willow's nature.

        Why kill Dawn? If Dawn had died don't you think Buffy would be such a wreck? Joyce, Spike, Dawn? Buffy would go crazy, she'd pass out or just stop... It wouldn't be belivable if Buffy got over it in one or two episodes, if anyone had.

        If season 8 had been a tv season I doubt Joss would have done half the things he did, which is one reason I'm not a huge fan of the comics. Joss needs limits, with out them he does all this crap to the characters - he thinks bigger is better? It kinda wrecks what we've been used to for 7 years.

        I personally enjoyed Ethan's death - it was a nice shock and a great twist. It'd wreck the arc if he had lived. As for Oz, I don't think him in the series would have worked either, just cramming in more character? It'd be like Heroes. Xander would get no story line, same with alot of the other characters.


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          If Season Eight was a TV show (and not a comic)...

          Well, I kind of like some of the "out there" things Joss has done. I'm not big on Giant!Dawn, but fairies and gargoyles all seem plausible to me. I mean, I just see it as, we're not in California anymore. They're in Europe now, so there's going to be new types of creature that'll appear. But, certain things, like Flying!Willow, I think is pushing it, but I'll have to wait and see if they reveal why she's Flying!Willow before I fully judge. But, I do agree that Joss is only doing some of these things because of the lack of budget.

          Personally, I'm against both Tara and Anya returning. They've both played their roles in the story. I wouldn't mind if ether popped up through some form a of magic, like a dream or a ghost with a warning, but flesh and bone... nope. Unless, it's an alternate universe, for a small arc.

          As for Oz returning. I could see him returning for awhile, but I don't know about him being a main character. There's still more story to tell with him, though.

          Also, Dawn doesn't need to die. Personally, I don't see Dawn ever leaving. I think she's here to stay and is one of the few characters that are safe from death. Buffy, Xander, and Willow, they're safe, we all know it. I think Dawn is too.

          Ben: Joss has been exploring the characters this season. Dawn, Buffy, and Xander the most. Yeah, what exactly Willow's deal is is still a mystery, but I can see it building, especially in 'Wolves at the Gate.' He's doing it differently, sure, but this season is actually very character driven. The Scoobies have been having their "quality gang moments", it's just not as obvious. They don't really hang-out like before, but that's because they have more important things to deal with. They do have their moments that prove that they still deeply love each other, 'Wolves at the Gate' is a great example of that.


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            Be nice if the arcs didn't seem so gimmicky as well. They should be more like "The Chain", "Anywhere But Here" and "A Beautiful Sunset", rather than "HAVE A FAITH/GILES ARC!" (which was pretty cool), "HERE! DRACULA AND BUFFY IN JAPAN!), and "LOOK! ZOMBIE ARMY! GIANT DAWN! EVIL AMY!"