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Possibly the BEST place to discuss season 8...

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  • Possibly the BEST place to discuss season 8...

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    Yeah Tie we don't do that here. If you want to chat Buffy you can do it here or someplace else but we don't make new threads promoting other forums. Says so in the rules. In case you didn't see it...

    No linking other forums
    This means no promoting or linking other message boards, other online stores, or shareware sites. You are allowed to post a link to your website, or put it in your profile, as long as there is no forum attached to it. Mass advertising will result in a ban.
    Plus who's to say this isn't the best place to discuss season 8? Granted I know you didn't link but still. I have a feeling this is a no no.
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      On a related note, it also says...

      No spamming
      What is spamming, for us its;
      • It is a post(s) that does not pertain to the subject of the thread.
      • Posts that are less than a sentence are spam, too. Don't do it.
      • Posts that for some reason don’t add anything to the ongoing discussion. We don’t like posts just agreeing with someone. If you don’t have anything to add then don’t post it, PM it!
      • Also please note that double posting is spam, we have an edit post option if you forgot to mention something.
      • Starting duplicate threads is spamming.
      • Posting in what's known as text language (ie. 'bangel rox u no coz itz wotz ment 2 b) is horrible and is considered spamming
      On a personal note, though, your avatar = heh.
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        As a few members have mentioned, promoting other forums is not allowed here at BuffyForums. Neither is spamming.

        Tie was here, please read our posting rules and guidelines carefully, they can be found at the top of each section. Please also check out our FAQ. Thank you.

        I'm closing this thread now.