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  • Season 8 poll

    Ive only read No future for you, Any where but here and Wloves pt4 so far.
    I liked WATG pt4 but i loved NFFY and imagine its the best story so far.
    Seeing as ive only read a few s8 comics i wanted to see what other s8 fans thought.
    The long way home
    No future for you
    Wolves at the gate

    The poll is expired.

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    My favourite is still 'No Future For You', but I think that 'Wolves at the Gate' did improve itself the last two issues.


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      No Future for You. The only things Wolves at the Gate had going for it were Dracula and good comedy, in my eyes.

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        I loved the Mecha Dawn... 'I cry alot'. A giant robot that makes fun of Dawn, hilarious.


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          My favourite arc of the season has been NFFY mainly because it was about Faith, but other than that it was nice to see Faith kinda grow and hear her opinion on things. I really like The Long Way Home and Wolves At The Gate too.

          I think the best stand-alone one has been The Chain because althought none of the Scoobies, except Giles, are in it, it's still a really nice story.


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            The best story so far is No Future For You. It was tight and uncomplicated. But I dislike it the most. It's entirely centric around Faith, and while I like Faith, it was not interesting in the terms of the season. I want Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn. I want to see the show. Not a spin-off within the show. It would have been better to have it brought as a spin-off arc. It made me wait four months so see some progress on the extremely slow seasonal arc. It also was too realistic and held barely any of the typical Buffy lightness and fun. Furthermore, I don't like uncomplicated. I want my arc mixed with emotions, fun and complexity. Wolves at the Gate brought this way more and I liked it the most.


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              Wolves at the gate. It had daring and new twists, it had the best characterizations. It gave us vampires and it made Dracula more layered and interesting. Plus, it was BtVS funny! I can see myself reading it over and over again.

              While I enjoyed No Future for You, it was just another character study, and too Faith centric for my taste.
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                I picked Wolves at the Gate. I REALLY REALLY liked it.


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                  Mecha Dawn was fantastic, but BKV is quite possibly the best comic writer working today. His arc was so perfect, so nuanced, that it'll probably end up being my favourite of the series.


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                    No Future for You - hands down the best to me so far.

                    Long way home was slightly boring.

                    Wolves at the Gate - Drac was the best part to me.
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                      It was hard for me but in the end I chose 'No Future For You.' I adored 'Wolves At The Gate' but the idea of Xander/Dracula being friends kind of ruined it a little for me. I've fanwanked it now as Andrew embellishing as there's actually never anything that indicates Dracula's feelings are reciprocated whatsoever (Xander dreads going to Dracula, hates being called a manservant, threatens to kill Drac ect.) but it still hurt the arc a little.

                      I actually also loved 'The Long Way Home' as well, really didn't get the problems people have with this arc at all. Easily the best season-opener on the show IMO and it has some really, really great parts.

                      But I chose 'No Future For You.' I actually loved 'A Beautiful Sunset' and 'Anywhere But Here' but I chose 'NFFY' because it was a big arc and think it deserved it a little more.

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