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  • Buffy Season Eight Animated

    I think that they should turn the comics into a webisdodes on the internet, im pretty sure most of the cast will come back to do the voices. that means they could do the episodes on the internet and peopl can read them aswell. It would be a cool thing to do.

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    Nice idea.

    Personally I would have loved the Animated Series to have been Buffy season 8. If they had went this way I think a network would have picked it up, and though I love the comics, I'd rather an animated version of the series instead.

    It'd have been fantastic if Jeanty had been drawn the animated series, with as much as the cast as possible coming back to do their voices. It'd have been wonderful.

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      Funny you should say that...

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        Thats the movies game isn't it. i dont like thoses movies bvecause ther are no sounds.