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Twilight and his powers

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  • Twilight and his powers

    We may know more about this new Big Bad than we thought. I saw this raised on Stormwreath's livejournal, an apparent tie to Twight from some of Brian K. Vaughan's other work through an original character called "The Hood" and a demon in "Runaways", which Joss has also written for.

    The word "Nisanti" appears in Season 8 in reference to Roden's spells from the Twilight guide book. This is the name of a demon from Runaways.

    "The Hood" is a character Vaughan invented, who has powers from a cloak and a pair of boots that allow him to "walk on air", turn invisible when holding his breath, and possibly even to do some kind of electric blasting sort of thing (which, if you're a "Heroes" fan, sweet!). Now, we've been calling Twilight "flying boots guy" for months, and Lt. Molter, in 8.09, says something about him "walking on air" when she gives her report.

    Sounds like Twilight is, at the very least, modeled directly after this "Hood" guy from his own book.
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    Eh.. I am not huge on the fact that he is modeled after other characters.. but I still think he is a badass and I love him to death so far. I cannot wait for future fights and see how far deep he affects the Scooby gang.

    I am sure other characters from the Buffyverse were modeled after people.. so I wouldn't be too concerned. As long as he's not a borrowed character from another series.. that's fine..

    NO outside Buffyverse crossovers.. that would ruin EVERYTHING .

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      That's very interesting KoC.. I can see BKV using his own characters (and Joss letting him) as a basis for Twilight. I just finished BKV "Runaways" this afternoon! A friend loaned them to me after a discussion about BKV's story in Buffy S8. Not a bad little story!! He even threw in a Vampire storyline!

      Here's a link to the character "The Hood" for comparisons to Twilight:
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