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What made you decide to buy the issues?

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  • What made you decide to buy the issues?

    Since some Buffy fans aren't buying them, those who do must have their own story.

    Prior to this, I never bought comics save Alan Moore's novels cause... you know... he's Alan Moore. So I was skeptical about Buffy continuing in comic form. One day, I figured I'd go to Chapters (which is Canada's Barnes and Nobles) to check them out, but they didn't carry them. They only had the big comics like Batman, Spider-man etc. But then I came across this little comic book store, and sure enough, they carried it. At that time, they only had "Long Way Home, part 4." I read it and I was like "Whoa! Everyone and I mean everyone's in here! Wait, why is Dawn so big? Where did Amy and Warren come from? Who's Satsu? Why's Ethan dead?" so I asked the comic book guy to pre-order me the first three. Sure enough he did, and ever since then, I've been going to that place every release date.
    I'm officially hooked.
    I love season 8.

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    I just came across a site on the net one day annoucning the comics were happening and I decided to get them.

    The moment I saw 'Buffy' 'Joss Whedon' and 'Season Eight' in the same sentence was enough for me. I've ordered the first issue and onwards, as soon as you can.

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      I have never bought (or read) a comic until now. I love all of Joss's work and so hearing that he was overseeing a new season of BtVS got me pretty excited - I wasn't exactly over the moon that it was in comic form - I'd've rather an animated TV series than that, but in the end it was as close as I could hope for to a TV continuation of the series, so I embraced it.

      I only got round to buying the copies after the first issue of Faith's arc came out. There is no comic book store in my town, so when I had to go to London I went to Forbidden Planet and bought all 6 issues in one. I had been reading the transcripts on here and had seen a few pages through Dark Horse's site, so I knew what was going on. Getting the actual copies made it feel different somehow. Like reading the transcripts of the shows before actually watching them, then realising how good the episode is once you do.

      I don't think that I will branch out and read different comics now (other than the new AtS ones, of course) but I definately have been introduced to something that I never thought was as good as it is!

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        I've been a Marvel comic fan for well over 25 years, and so when I heard another company were intending to release a series based on the show (yeah, sadly I did used to buy Darkhorse's first 'stab' at the franchise) I thought I'd give it a go.

        Ironically I'd stopped buying American style comics the moment I became interested in all things Buffy, so this would have have been my first 'outing' for quite a while.

        Despite my initial disappointment with the first 5 issues, I notice that things have been picking up a little since someone else has stated writing them, so we'll see how I go on, before I say enough is enough.


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          Well, I'm not a big comics fan, but I do own a few really old Spiderman comics (because, come on, everyone has at least one), so, I know how comics work.

          The first thing that got me pulled into it was Joss. If it was just a continuation by some random writers, I would never have bought it. But, it is canon and it is Joss. So, that got me into it. I didn't buy the first one right away. I learned that many people on the forum loved it, so I got it. Every month, I got it, hoping it would get better, and finally, it did. So, luckily, I continued to buy them.


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            I had started reading Buffy /Angel comics after the Series ended a while back - because I was missing the show so much.

            So when I heard that Season 8 was coming out in comics well - SQUEE! I was excited and couldn't wait for the first issue! And yes - because it was canon - I think that made a big difference too. Because that means so much more is at stake - just like your favorite TV show characters!

            I've never been a HUGE comic reader but with Buffy as the subject I soon became one!
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