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  • Support your least favourite ship!


    This is an old thread from Buffyworld that I thought would be interesting to start on Buffyforums.. especially with all the ships talk of late.

    Basically, in this thread you need to post about the good points of the ship you least like or don't ship. As for example, if you're a Bangel shipper give reasons why Spuffy is a good ship and vice versa. If you like all ships or dislike all ships give good reasons for all of them.

    I'll start, I'm not a Bangel shipper or any kind of shipper really although I do have my preferences. However, the only ship I dislike is Spuffy so here I'll try and post why it can be good.

    Spuffy is a very unconventional relationship, and unlike one we ever saw on Btvs although it can be compared with Wilah over on Ats quite well. Spuffy differs greatly from any other of Buffy's relationships because it wasn't as simple as the two people loving each other, IMO Buffy didn't love Spike and that's why it is so unique. Unlike most relationships on television Spuffy was so unconventional in the fact that Buffy and Spike weren't ideal partners, weren't good to each other and were together for undesirable reasons. It was dark and edgy and because of this it was different to anything we'd seen and is interesting to discuss. Both characters actually never really admit to it being a relationship, in season seven Buffy asks if it has to mean something. This is different to any of Buffy's other relationships, they don't want to admit that it is a relationship and yet sometimes act as if they are in a relationship. This unwillingness to ever admit this is interesting and worth exploring.

    Notedly, the fact Buffy is taking part in sexual acts with a soulless vampire- the very creatures she is destined to kill opens a range of moral questions worth exploring. Should Buffy be partaking in this? What does it mean that she sits beside Spike as he jokes about a decorator he ate? Is Buffy becoming darker or has she grown so accustom to her dark life that it's hard to differentiate between the black and the white? And the relationship also opens up the questions of redemption, how it enviably leads to Spike's redemption or at least his journey to begin redeeming himself.

    Basically Spuffy is a dark gritty relationship that isn't about love or commitment and often hurts both characters in ways that can't be good for them. But for some, this is exactly what they are looking for. Some don't like the devotion and love found in Bangel, or the ideal 'normal' relationship found in Ruffy. Some would rather enjoy the pain and anxiety and the surprisingly good moments in this unconventional ship and go along for the sometimes painful, unhealthy but interesting and surprising ride.

    Okay, now your turn


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