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    Which is your ultimate favorite: season, episode and character...
    Ultimate means only one answer

    Season: 6
    Episode: Chosen
    Character: Buffy
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    Season: 6
    Episode: Normal Again
    Character: Faith
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      Season: Two, the Bangel through the first half is great. Then the story line with Angelus was amazing, leading to Spike and Buffy to team up, seeing how Joyce reacted to Buffy's being the slayer(not a great reaction but what'd we expect) were all highlights of the series.

      Episode: Once More With Felling(interesting how it's my favorite considering the start of Spuffy at the end) I just loved the songs, loved that the scoobies finally found out that Buffy was in Heaven
      (so like Buffy, that it would take a demon who made them sing the truth for her to tell her freind. She doesn't like to hurt them.)

      Character: Buffy, she has been through so much and survived. She still cares about her friends, who are more like family.
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        Season: 6 (it was hard to choose)
        Episode: Dead Things (ask me tomorrow and I might answer something else! )
        Character: Spike

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          Season: 2
          Episode: Becoming (part 2)
          Character: Angel


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            season: 6
            episode: Hush
            character: Xander, 'cause he doesn't get enough love!

            Season four comes in second but only loses out because it was strong on stand alone eps but not so much with the mythology.
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              Season: 2.
              Episode: The Puppet Show.
              Character: Anya.

              Anya owns as a character. I love story plots about people who have to (re)ajust to the world. They make for great plot chances.
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                Season: 5
                Episode: The Gift
                Character: Buffy
                I could watch this episode over and over but wouldn't be tired of it!


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                  Season: 6
                  Episode: Conversations With Dead People
                  Character: Willow



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                    Season 6
                    Ep: Once More With Feeling
                    Character: Anya
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                      season: 5
                      Episode: Fool for Love
                      Character: Spike
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                        Season: 6 without any doubt whatsoever!

                        Episode: Hmmm that's tough, there are so many. I think I will go with Fool For Love because everytime I watch the ep I'm amazed anew by its sheer brilliance.

                        Character: Spike!


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                          Season: Two. Angelus, Spike and Dru. Fangtastic.

                          Episode: Either Becoming, Innocence or Passion, perhaps Passion.

                          Character: Angel(us).


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                            Season : 3 because, to borrow a line from Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities, " was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness."

                            Episode : Graduation Day Part 2 because long before the annoying Potentials came, there were the Sunnydale High students who fought valiantly for their right to go on living.

                            Character : Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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                              Season: 6
                              Episode: fool for love
                              Character: Spike


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                                Season: 5
                                Episode: Intervention
                                Character: tie between Buffy and Spike. (Sorry, I can't choose between them)
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                                  God picking 1 is really hard..

                                  Season: 6 - definitely love the darkness, the magic and trial of life as adults.
                                  Episode: The Gift - it has so much and always gets me teary.
                                  Character: This changes.. at the moment it's Willow, I think she has the most development through the series and I adore all seasons Willow


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                                    Season: Without a doubt, I'd pick season 6. I love the darkness and major character development in the season. Plus, it still has a lot of great Buffy humor in it to keep things balanced.

                                    Episode: Now that's a toughie... I think I'd have to go with Once More With Feeling though. I'm amazed with the amount of work Joss and the whole cast/crew put into the episode. The episode dealt with so much but at the same time it was just so fun! I could watch it over and over again.

                                    Character: Willow, it's pretty much always been her. Like Nikki said, she's developed so much over the series. She's just so adorable, funny and overall, I just find her very interesting.


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                                      Okaaaay...Let's see if I can do that one answer thingy

                                      Season: Usually, it's season 2. I love all the Spike and Dru stuff. I love those two together. Not huge on all the Bangel stuff, even though it was a huge part of the season.

                                      Episode: Now this one ALWAYS changes But right now, I'll say Selfless. It's Anya-centric! And I just really enjoyed it. It made me laugh, it made me cry.

                                      Character: Anya! No Drusilla! Just kidding, just kidding...I know I can only pick one. It's Anya (though Dru is always a close second). I loved her when she first appeared and then they kept bringing her back! She can be hilarious, extremely useful, childlike (in a good way) my eyes, she can do pretty much anything! And she's the only main character I never disliked at any point.
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                                        Oh boy. Difficult...
                                        Season: 5 - epic. You can't get any more human than this. I love Buffy's character development here as she's told she's meant to be alone, having to kill the ones she loves to save the world - and then finally taking that whole prophetic tradition and smashing it to bits (which was one of the mission statements of the show: defying genres, defying trite storylines of the lonely hero...). Dawn was great as well as pretty realistic, although she sometimes acted younger than would be plausible. Willow also had decent character development but Xander didn't - one of the few flaws of the season.
                                        Episode: The Gift. Easy choice as I haven't watched Chosen and as I've said many times in other threads, we get magnificent closure to a few arcs (Glory, the Key, Buffy's identity crisis, insane!Tara) and open others (Xander and Anya's upcoming marriage, Giles' dark side). The ending breaks me apart, every time, which is why I seldom watch it.
                                        Character: Buffy, although Willow and Xander are very close at second and third respectively. Buffy was a hero and a Slayer, but no matter how many times we heard that, she was above all human. She had flaws, she grew up, she dealt with real-life issues - and kept on fighting. Willow and Xander epitomize these traits as well, and I wish we'd got to see more of these three.
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