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Saddest, Funniest, Scariest!!!

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  • Saddest, Funniest, Scariest!!!

    I want you to give the three moments you found the most sadest, funniest and scarest, this isn't about episodes but specific moments even a second...

    Saddest: I'll go with Xander/Willw talk on the cliff, when she fall in his arms and let the pain flows in her, it's really heart breaking

    Funniest: I'll go with Storyteller first scene, like in "Tales From the Crypt", he's just so hilarious in it, "Come gentle viewers"...

    Scariest: I'll go with "Listening to fear", when the meteor demon is upon Joyce bed and fall on her and spit his dribble on her face....
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    Saddest- Willow's reaction to Jenny's death over the phone as Angelus watches through the window. When she starts wailing "no!" drops the phone and Joyce consoles her, I get shivers.

    Funniest- I have many so it is hard to choose but one that always stands out for me is in The Yoko Factor;

    WILLOW: Lets face it you can't handle Tara being my girlfriend! (To Buffy)

    XANDER: No it was before that, when you two went off to college and
    forgot about me, left me in the basment to (suddenly stops and realises what he has just heard, turns to Willow) .... Tara's your girlfriend!

    GILES: (From upstairs) Bloody hell!
    That whole scene was incredibly funny but that one moment in particular is hillarious.

    Scariest- I think two very chilling images are when Angelus looks up at Jenny in vamp face and says "And teacher makes three." I think he looks terrifying in that scene. The other being in (Memory blank! Can't think of name!) the episode when Buffy and Angelus get taken over by the spirits of the dead teacher and her student boyfriend. When Buffy is watching the two ghosts dance and suddenly James turns to face her with his face all decomposed and grotesque, I get goosebumps imagining how frightening that would be to see.

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      oooh, there's so many, but for now I'll just pick some at random:

      saddest: When Buffy tells Dawn that Joyce is dead in the hallway at the school...Dawn's breakdown is one of the saddest Btvs moments, ever.

      funniest: um, well one of the funniest is in Something Blue when Giles is blind and Buffy & Spike are making wedding plans and Giles says "It's ok, I have more scotch"... priceless!

      scariest: That's hard to choose...most Buffy eps weren't 'scary' per-se, but more cheesy horror, but I'll go with when the Gentlemen are passing by Giles apartement in Hush and Olivia sees one right outside the window and gasps.


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        I have to agree with LRae12 the saddest is when buffy tells dawn and she falls onto the floor that brings tears to my eyes each time i see it.
        In Pangs whe spike gets stabbed in the heart while tied up, i laughed my head of at that when i first saw it and still do, it has got to be my favorite episode
        I dont really know which is the scariest, probably have to agree with pandoras box , that really did get my heart beating when buffy wa searching for it, or in helpless when buffy loses her powers and gets locked in with that crazy mad vampire.


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          Saddest:Ummm it's really hard to choose... Btvs is full with sad moments... I think When buffy's jumped and then you see everyone crying after dawn.. that's allways braking me down.

          funniest:Gosh, So many... I really don't know But when anya picks up the bunny in the gift.. it allways cracks me up.

          Scarest:Not many... and when there is it's not that scary... But there is a episode that i saw when i was little and i was so scared.. Killed By Death was the name... I was so scared.. the whole episode gave me the crips


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            Saddest: Either The Gift (I can't emphasize the score enough, it's amazing) or Prophecy Girl when Buffy is looking through her photo album thinking she's going to die.

            Funniest: First Date, the laundry scene. First Willow laughing at Buffy suggesting she might be promoted and "a bidet of evil," then "Yay. Someone who doesn't remember the Industrial Revolution," "I love your lack of wicked energy" and of course Chao An (?) with Giles. The whole scene just cracks me up, especially Buffy's totally-serious expression after "Industrial Revolution" and Willow's laugh. I could watch that scene over, and over, and over...

            Scariest: Xander's worst fears in Fear Itself and possibly The Puppet Show when we're supposed to think the puppet is evil. That was just creepy.
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              Saddest: For me, almost the entirety of The Body is heart wrenching, but Anya's speech gets me every single time I watch it.

              Funniest: Oh, wow. Too hard to choose. the top of my head...the self-deprecating humor of Storyteller was pretty hilarious. I love how (through Andrew) the show was able to poke fun at itself.

              Scariest: Dawn's segments in Conversations With Dead People are so unsettling for me - especially the flashing images of Joyce on the couch - it's actually hard for me to watch.
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                Saddest: The Gift. No matter how many times I watch it I cry like a baby It's so upsetting!

                Funniest: Tabula Rasa. Everything about that episode leaves me in fits of giggles. Especially Spike's, 'Randy Giles' speech

                Scariest: I have to say, either Hush, or Killed by Death. Watching Killed by Death put me off hospitals for life!

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                  The Body and the Gift (its a tie) both are very moving and get me every time!!

                  The Yoko Factor scene of the gang's fight in some parts and all of Tabula Rasa...


                  Hush, that who not being able to scream...when you got bald floaty guys cutting out your heart!!! YIKES!!
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                    Saddest: Buffy coming apart in "Prophecy Girl".

                    Funniest: The Mummy Hand!!!!

                    Scariest: I'm going to go with Spike attacking Willow. I am only imagining it, but I bet that must have really freaked people out when it first aired.
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                      Saddest- The saddest moment for me would be one that I can't get through without crying. Two scenes are tied for that- The end of Grave when Xander and Willow are facing off and she just breaks down, and the episode where Oz leaves because he is afraid he will end up hurting willow is his wolf...can't remember what the name of that episode is though (and I'm too lazy right now to look).
                      Funniest- Drunk Buffy and kitten poker!!!
                      Scariest- Can't remember the episode, but its season seven. When Willow is attacked by that monster that proceeds to peel her skin off and eat it like spaghetti. Thank you Mr. Whedon for giving me chills.