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  • Best 5 and Worst 5 episodes

    Simple, which are your five favorite episodes and which are your five worst episodes...?


    1. Chosen
    Because it's epic, it's a conclusion, all the characters have evolved, are grown-ups (maybe not Andrew) and because of three wonderful scenes, "Are you ready to be strong/GoddessWillow", "I want you to get out of my face" and off course the "I love you_No you don't but thanks for saying it"
    2. Grave
    Because of Darth Willow, so good and scary, because of Giles and of course because of my favorite scene of the entire BtVS: Willow and Xander on the cliff especially when she hurts him and he gets up and say "I love you"
    3. The Body
    Simply because it's the best direction for a Buffy episode, and I'll go with the best direction I have ever seen for any episode of any TV Show and Sarah Michelle Gellar is amazing during the first part
    4. Becoming Part II
    Of course some would say, because the sword fight is gorgeous, because Willow going on magic is great and because of Christophe Beck music and Sarah McLachlan music
    5. Once More With Feeling
    Beautiful musics and with important story plots and great direction

    1. Buffy vs. Dracula
    Because it's really dumb and not in the spirit of the show, why does he have psychic powers ? Riley jealous, Xander eating bugs, Giles with Drac girls, hop there's an old castle in Sunnydale and at the end dead/not dead and not funny
    2. I Jane
    The first episodes weren't the best, season 1 is the worst and Robot is the worst of that season(imo of course) the all "you don't understand Buffy..." from Willow is dull, the geeks and some stupid things, the informatic profanation, Moloch in computers and first of all why do you want to be a Robot when your the master of the universe ?
    3. Doomed
    Okay i'm not making friends here, it's just that the story is centred about Riley that I didn't liked and the "bad guy of the week" isn't interesting at all especially the scene where Buffy jump in the hole and I don't like when apocalypse is too easy, three demons jum in a hole with children bones and it's the end of the world, thank god there's Spike in Hawaii shirt
    4. Goodbye Iowa
    Centred about Riley so for me boring, and the all "am I crazy" is...exhausting and really what happens in that episode except Adam speech
    5. The Initiative
    Okay looks like a Riley conspiration, but the "government agency" didn't worked with me especially because they walk and talk like Rambo, again thanks Spike for being here
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    here in no particular order (I would be all night trying to decide) is my top five. Although i found it pretty hard to narrow it down

    1. Passion - we get a taste of the real Angelus. His brutal killing of Jenny and the whole emotion of the episode makes it of the best for me.

    2. The Body - such a brave and well written episode. Think it struck a chord with everyone and imo i think it should have got an award of some sort.

    3. Hush - again another brave episode and it scared the crap out of me. The Gentlemen were definitely the creepiest villians in the Buffyverse.

    4. Becoming Part 2 - great season finale for a great season. Love the flashbacks to Liam/Angelus and the ending jusr rips your heart out.

    5. OMWF - there's singing..dancing demons..xander in pyjamas. Just loved the whole concept and it worked. The whole plot line just flowed adn it was a great and unique way for them all to find out each others secrets.


    Again in no particular order.

    1. I Robot..You Suck! (oops) Jane. crap!! crap!!! crap!!!!

    2. Go Fish - high school swim team turns into fishy monsters ...oh please! the only redeeming feature of this ep is Xander in trunks (for some people that might not be a redeeming feature LOL)

    . Goodbye Iowa
    Centred about Riley so for me boring, and the all "am I crazy" is...exhausting and really what happens in that episode except Adam speech

    4. Some Assembly Required. The whole Frankenstein chick thing was way to gross for me

    5. Where The Wild Things Are nearly a whole episode of Buffy and Riley having sex..please hand me the sick bag..the only good thing about this episode was Giles singing Behind Blue Eyes


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      5 Best:

      1. Tabula Rasa - I love episodes that make me laugh, and this one really did! I loved that the entire episode was like a giant spoof of the series. I especially liked the interactions between Spike/Giles and Anya/Giles. Way hilarious!

      2. Something Blue - Again, I love the funny. Giles blind was hysterical "Stop that right now, I can hear the smacking!" The episode even started out funny with Spike chained in the bathtub and yelling at Giles that he was going to miss Timmy down the well! Great, great comedy.

      3. Pangs - Again, I loved the comedy to this ep. (Are we seeing a theme here?) Some really fun gang interaction, nothing too heavy, and we get to see Angel in the mix!

      4. Once More With Feeling - Great masterpeice. Enough said.

      5. Hush - Great originality. The word-lessness was great. I especially loved the scene where Giles was explaining the Gentlemen in the auditorium! What a laugh-riot!

      5 Worst:

      1. TED - I hated this episode. Everything about it I found incredibly cheesy and lame. There was absolutely no point to it and it sucked. Enough said.

      2. Help - I hated this episode as well. It had nothing really at all to do with anything at all, a pointless filler that wasn't even that good.

      3. The Killer in Me - Guh! What a horrible episode. I don't know which was grosser, being forced to watch Willow kiss Kennedy or Warren! EWWWW!

      4. I Robot, You Jane - Oh. My. Boring. VERY.

      5. oh, this one's a toss-up, other than those 4, there are many that could fill the 5th place, but I think I'll choose Gingerbread. I just didn't like this episode, don't know why I just didn't.


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        THE BEST
        1. Passion- We get to see a side of the Jossverse that doesn't pop up much. The sadistic violent side of Angelus, the vengeful side of Giles. This episode was amazing and the narrative about Passion was just icing on the cake.
        2. The Prom- One of my favorite episodes. The perfect unspoiled Bangel moment.
        3. Becoming part 2- The fight scene is one of the best, I think. Sure you can tell at times that it isn't SMG and Db fighting, but it still looks great. The music throught the episode was perfect and it just has a terrific story line.
        4. Hush- Not many episodes in the Jossverse are actually scary. This episode has a certain creep factor to it that just makes it one of the best episodes. Besides its really the only episode you could watch with a broken tv and still know what is going
        5. Graduation part two-I just love watching the school going up in flames. My graduation was so boring in comparison.

        THE WORST
        1. Beer Bad - Does this really need an explanation?!?
        2. I Robot, You Jane-I think this was one of those episodes where the writers had been drinking too much.
        3. Doublemeat - Can't stand this episode unless I've been drinking. Reminds me of my days at Wal-Mart.
        4. The Puppet Show
        5.? Not sure what the name of this one is, but its the one where Buffy thinks her roommate is a demon. This just gets on my nerves so bad.


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          1. I Only Have Eyes For You - All time favorite episode, I adore the parallels between Buffy/Angel and the two ghosts and the scene where it goes back and forth between the two couples is fantastic.
          2. Once More, With Feeling - The first ep I ever saw, and it made me want to watch the show. Love the music, the kiss, the villain, I love it all.
          3. Hush - Creepy and amazing, I love the music, and The Gentlemen might be my favorite demons on the show.
          4. Superstar - Cracks me up every time. I love all the Jonathan things in the background during the episode.
          5. Out of Mind, Out of Sight - I thought this episode was fantastic, especially for season 1, with an ending that makes me grin every time I watch it.

          Worst eps:
          1. Empty Places - Awful. Just awful. I cannot stand the ending and I don't think I'll ever watch it again.
          2. Helpless - I hate seeing Buffy so sad and confused.
          3. Seeing Red - So painful and sad and terrible.
          4. Ted - Another one where Buffy's really sad, and Ted is obnoxious. Does have a few funny lines though.
          5. Gingerbread - Haven't seen it in a while, but I remember it being crappy.
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            1. Nightmares - The Nightmares were great! Xander's was just terrifying and Willow's was hilarious!
            2. Passion - Sad, but absolutely great! I really enjoyed the chase scene!
            3. Spiral - The Scoobies running away, plus the ending was great!
            4. Two to Go - EVIL WILLOW!! The fight between her and Buffy was amazing!!
            5. CWDP - Pretty creepy, sad, and funny!

            1. NKABOTFD - Utterly pointless, didn't find Owen even remotely interesting!
            2. Sleeper - Nothing interesting or spectacular about it at ALL.
            3. Killer in Me - Didn't like the idea of the episode, plus Warren was in the episode (sort of)
            4. Goodbye Iowa - It just did nothing for me.
            5. Phases - Found it to be a major filler episode!
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              1. The Gift
              2. Chosen
              3. The Body
              4. Spiral
              5. Two to Go

              1. Beer Bad
              2. Beauty and the Beast
              3. Go Fish
              4. Fear Itself
              5. Doublemeat Palace


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                1. The Gift - I've posted this about a million times, so directly copy-pasting, hope no one minds: we get magnificent closure to a few arcs (Glory, the Key, Buffy's identity crisis, insane!Tara) and open others (Xander and Anya's upcoming marriage, Giles' dark side). Buffy's sacrifice is great, a perfect end to her worries about whether she can really love someone - all the scenes with her and Dawn (or talking about Dawn) are very touching. She defies what everyone's been telling her, how she's alone, how she has to keep killing the people she loves; plus it was a great foil for the Dracula episode at the start...The ending breaks me apart, every time, which is why I seldom watch it.

                2. Chosen - wow, epic-ness galore. Its only flaw is that it tries to do too much in 40-some minutes. ...well, that plus the Angel and Spike cheesiness at the beginning, but it's pretty much redeemed by "He had to split." (yes, I'm lame, I found it funny.) and Spike's drawing of Angel. BEST SCORE EVER. Buffy's last speech. Vi getting her moment of bravery. Willow facing her fear. Andrew's fifteen seconds of glory from - surprise! - telling stories. The everyone's-fight theme. "Dumbass." Caleb getting his ass kicked. Kennedy getting some good bits, with Willow and without. And two nicely done Scooby moments, with making fun of Giles which I always like. It should have been extended, like OMWF, or made two episodes...again, that was its only flaw. My brain isn't big enough to encompass the whole thing so I have to think about it in parts.

                3. Once More, With Feeling - We get to hear...well, everybody do some major angsty and/or funny singing. Buffy's issues are sorted out and put to the front, finally, as well as those of Dawn, Tara, Xander, and Giles. Willow can't sing, so she's pretty much left out of the character revelations. Plus, funny lines and shiny things. I have two problems with this episode: 1) Xander summoning the demon, basically ruining his whole understanding of "don't recklessly use magic" - plus it wasn't even close enough to the wedding to be a legitimate part of Xander's seasonal arc of being useless. 2) Dawn's song getting cut off, which I realize was a tongue-in-cheek reference to how everyone (or, well, most people) hated Dawn and didn't want to hear about her issues.

                4. Grave - The Xan-Man gets validated once and for all. Buffy resolves her character arc, and Dawn's, through the underground sequence. Anya mentions vengeance. Giles laughs, for maybe the last time in the series. And the ouch-sequence at the end with Willow. Of course, Giles having planned the whole thing out kind of ruins the moment, but it's still very moving.

                5. Tie between Graduation Day 2, The Body, and Seeing Red. In GD2 we have our epic humans-and-oppressed-people-unite scene, and Snyder dies (collective cheer). It's got a growing up sort of a theme, which is not one of the most open themes of the show, but as you look at it, it's kind of important (compare WTTH!Buffy or ProphecyGirl!Buffy with Chosen!Buffy or Gift!Buffy). The Body, well, there's Xander punching the wall, which is definitely something he would do, Dawn and Buffy breaking down in different scenes, some nice Willow/Tara moments, and of course Anya's speech about mortality combined with the infamous "why?" question, which is answerable but not in a way that would emotionally satisfy anyone, enabling the characters' grief to keep going, rather like this sentence. Seeing Red, we have so much happening - Warren beat down, which we all wanted to see; Spike not recognizing boundaries; Xander and Buffy no longer mad at each other; Willow and Tara's reunion; and a chilling ending.


                1. I, Robot...You, Jane - Seriously, there is just about nothing they possibly could have done worse, besides not having at least some funny parts mocking Giles. Computers don't make sound effects, and don't read output aloud. Willow could not have possibly been so stupid about Malcolm...and, words appearing on a black screen (as opposed to, say, Notepad)? What are these people using, MS-DOS? Plus, demon on "teh intarweb"...what could it possibly access from a school network? These computers that store launch codes for nuclear devices that Buffy's talking about, they're probably not connected to the Internet without about a billion firewalls. Plus, someone can't send you a power surge over the Internet. Seriously, people, do a little homework.

                2. Teacher's Pet. This is what I don't like about Season 1: They use really bad and cheesy TV writing to convey a different preachy message every week. The later seasons have yearlong metaphors encompassing broader, more philosophical things than "Look both ways before you cross the street" and "Beware of sexual predators." That, plus they're not full of crappy writing and campy monsters. Xander's such a useless dunce this season, and he's always the victim (don't we have Jonathan for that?). Try for some character development, please.

                3. Go Fish - Still preachy, still Monster of the Week; this belongs in season 1, need I say more?

                4. Ted, only saved by the "mini pizzas" exchange and a hint of humor at the end ("Scrap heap...of life. The scrap heap of life.") We get some continuity later on with IWMTLY but that that doesn't mean this episode was really any good. Abusive parent metaphor, not so bad. Cheesy Angel moments and rising from the dead, very bad. We also explore the killing-humans issue much more deeply, and much better, in Season 3 with Faith...rendering this episode useless.

                5. Help - besides Willow going to Tara's grave and having a little talk with Xander, plus some funny moments including the one in my signature, what was this episode good for? Slayers can't conquer natural death, we already know, we went over that in The Body and Forever. Only saved by aforementioned scenes and major foreshadowing from Cassie ("Someday, she'll tell you"..."You'll go underground"...etc).
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                Buffy: It sounds like it's difficult for you. Maybe your sister makes it hard for you to establish your own identity. You said she's controlling, she doesn't let you make your own decisions -
                Dawn: Yeah, and she borrows my clothes without asking.


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                  I think Spike is sooooo funny in this episode and it cracks me up every time when he gets an arrow in his arm and goes "Hey watch the heart!" It makes me chukkle lollololololol
                  2.The yoko factor
                  I love the funny argument they have in the end with Giles thats funny, and the whole Angel, Riley fight thing and when Angel gives Riley that little smirk when Buffy tells him to step outside.
                  I dont know why i like this one, it was the first ever buffy episode i saw but its such a sad episode, I just Love it,
                  I love every bit of this, when Cordelia tells the vamp right at the end to back off, its great.
                  5.Tabulsa rasa
                  I love this episode and i think i should of put it a bit higher up but nm, I think its so funny when Spike thinks hes called Randy Giles LMAO lol,.
                  the worst of the worst i think, i havnt even watched all the way tgrough i just dont see a point to it at all !
                  2.I robot you jane
                  Obvious reasons
                  I dont know why i just dont like this episode
                  4.Go Fish
                  I dont seem to like season 1 it was boring
                  5.Teachers Pet
                  Same as redrevo do i really have to explain myself, a massive bug as a teacher???????