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Buffy Rewatch Season 1; I Robot, You Jane

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  • Buffy Rewatch Season 1; I Robot, You Jane

    Going to start a new thread rather than just keep cluttering up the 'Watching Buffy' thread. If you want to check out my reviews of past eps just check them out there.

    Ok, 'I Robot, You Jane'

    The Good;
    Buffy's undercover look is hilarious. Here's Jenny, yay! The final scene with Buffy, Willow and Xander, sitting on the step bemoaning their lovelessness is WONDERFUL!

    The Bad;
    The robot Moloch simply looks stupid, not as bad as the mantis but close

    Best Line;
    Giles; I'll be back in the middle ages
    Jenny; did you ever leave?

    Observations and questions;
    No Cordy or Angel. Some pretty strong stuff here, necks being broken, Fritz self-harming (a topic we'll see again in Blood Ties) and Dave hanging himself. Willow's first boyfriend although you might note that Will has a picture of herself and Giles in her locker. Of course it's twelve years ago so all the computer equipment seems just unbelievably clunky. Xander refers to his uncle working at the computer firm, is that the infamous Rory? Ironically given that the younger Scoobies end the episode bleakly contemplating the future alone here Giles meets his future girlfriend.

    Are the monks who trap Moloch the same ones that create Dawn? (they do nice work!)
    Possible the weakest ep of season 1; I'll give it 2/5

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    Please post your reviews in the Never Ending Discussion Thread as if you start a thread for each episode it won't take long before the whole section is overflowing and the other discussion threads will be hard to find.