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Favourite monster or bad human + why?

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  • Favourite monster or bad human + why?

    So people, I am new here to this forum (I chat on others but none devoted to Buffy the way this one is... awesomely!!!) and I wanted to see what the evil side of all of you is like

    I have seen that people ask who you like and who you don't but I would love to know who you are scared of?!

    I have to admit I am totally petrified of Der Kindestod! It absolutely scared the pants out of me! The way his eyes come out and sucker! ARGH!!

    The classic scary monster is The Gentlemen! Creepy people! BUT I found their henchmen scarier!! LOL!

    So? You? Who is the ultimate? Who is the scariest villain in Buffy (and Angel!) What fills you with terror??
    Tam. x

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    Well welcome aboard

    I hope you'll enjoy discussing BTVS or other series here.

    As for this topic.

    Personally I don't really have favorite monster in this series, I'm a strong fan of vampires, but the vampires in this series aren't too impressive. But if I have to pick, I'd choose between either vampires, slayers(they aren't monsters but they do have demonic-related origin,) or Turok-Han(the uber vamps)

    As for a favorite bad human, most villains of the series are demons, the only "bad humans" would be Warren and Amy, and they aren't bad enough for me to consider as "favorites"

    Then you asked the scariest villain?

    I would have to vote The First on that one.

    Many might disagree since it cannot pose physical threat, but that's what so scary about it, a force you cannot physically fight off and destory. In fact, it operates its goal by scaring and manipulating people. So I think his the scariest. But if you mean scariest by the looks, it'll hard to tell from all the demon faces the series has
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      Welcome to the forum. The best place to debate and talk about Buffy and other shows. Hope you enjoy your time here.

      I have to say I have a few favourite demons, the ones that scared the pants of me would have to be:

      The gentlemen - The way they move the way the always smile it's just really really freaky.

      Der Kindestod -Totally freaked me out, just his eyes and yuck lol.

      My favourite demons would have to be the master, just love him, he's funny and scary and very well played.
      Sweet, the demon of dance and song. Awesome as, lol he's sooo cool.

      Fire bad tree pretty


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        Wonderful news to hear that this is a great place to debate! I will have to start to think of intelligent conversations!!
        Tam. x

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          I'll agree with those who've said the Gentlemen and Der Kinderstod were amazingly creepy.

          I loved how smooth and awesome Sweet was. If there's ever a Buffy movie I'd love for him to return to sing a song for the opening credits or something.

          I really liked the Loan Shark even though others found him to be lame.

          Dracula is pretty awesome, especially after his guest spot in season 8.

          All the big bads have a spot in my heart (even the lame ones like Adam and the First).

          Willow is always scary and awesome when she's evil, whether she's a vampire from another reality or a dark, veiny witch.

          I think Amy is a pretty awesome character too.


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            My favorite monsters...
            - Vampire Willow: In watching Doppelgangland and seeing how easily she sets herself up to take over The Bronze, it makes sense that she's essentially the second in command to The Master. Also she seems to have the control of the relationship with Vamp Xander (much like Drusilla/Spike), making her far more dangerous.

            - Drusilla. IMO, the most criminally underused vampire/monster in the whole series. We see snippets of her power (when she transforms into Jenny and kills Kendra) and it's a shame that she often seemed to be the 3rd in the trio behind Angelus and Spike.


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              Regarding Drusilla...

              Spoilers for Angel:

              She shows up briefly in season two of Angel and a few flashbacks in season five. We're going to be seeing her again in the Angel comics (in June I think) and the issues will be co-written by Juliet Landau.

              Spike was an awesome villain.

              Kakistos was another good monster of the week.

              The Gnarl from season seven was another creepy one. Gave me the creeps when he was eating those strips of skin from Willow's stomach.


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                DawnBtVS... Watch AtS... You'll realize that it's not a trio, but a quartet. And Darla really gets fleshed out over there (and Drusilla also gets a few segments, but she still remains undeveloped/on the loose).

                Angelus is by far my favorite villain. Spike, Darla, Drusilla, Holtz, Connor, Lilah, Holland and Lindsey are probably the next best antagonists, IMO. Kudos to Faith, the Mayor, the Master and Warren also.
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                  I thought that the Mayor was a great villain until the very end of Season 3. We had all the great buildup throughout the season for the Ascension and then when he actually became that giant snake demon it just looked so silly. Blame the show's budget, perhaps. Still it was fun to see all the Sunnydale students get into the fight.

                  Also in Season 3 I was creeped out by Anya in her first appearance as a vengeance demon in "The Wish". That episode bothered me so much it was a long while before I watched if for a second time, even though I think it is one of the series' greatest.

                  Regarding Season 7 I always thought that the Bringers with their expressionless muteness and curved daggers were more menacing than the Turok-hans. In the final tally they did more killing as well.


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                    You guys are good! You reminded me why I adore Buffy!!!
                    I agree with season 7 and the bringers, I agree with Gnarl, Willow in many forms, Dru, Sweet and Teeth too! (the loan-shark) AND the mayor! Love them all (wel with hate!)

                    I forgot, somehow, about Caleb!! My favourite evil ever!!!
                    Tam. x

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                      gnarl has to be the creepiest in my opinion; being eaten/skinned alive can't be too much fun.

                      i think in all honestly it has to be the first, seeing as though the first would take the form of whatever got to you the most... plus psychological terror has to be the worst... being haunted is one thing, but being haunted by something that wants you to do insane is worse.


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                        I don't know about "scary", really. See, my favorite "monster" in Buffy is Vampire Willow but a wide margin. She's just wonderful. Makes a kind of sense, since normal Willow is my favorite Buffyverse character, so her skanky, yummy evil counterpart is a no-brainer for me. Oh, bite me, vamp Willow....please?
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                          The Gentlemen creeped me out so skin would crawl each time they came on screen!


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                            the first is my favorite villain. i know many people don't like him because he was all talk, but for me that's the scary part. people listen to their consciousness and their loved ones, they are easily influenced by them. that makes everyone vulernable to the first's power, to becoming evil themselves. it would be like hearing voices in your head, or seeing ghosts. both very scary in my opinion.

                            caleb was also a favorite of mine, and i think the most well done of all the big bads (he may not have been THE big bad, but anyone who isn't just a monster of the week is a big bad to me, lol) the way he saw things was very creepy and the actor was terrific. caleb bothers me so bad that i almost can't stand to watch him. especially his first appearance.

                            spike and dru of season 2 are also faves of mine. spike became a favorite character of mine anyway, but for different reasons than the reasons he's one of my favorite villains.

                            if we can talk about least favorites, i would have to say dark willow. i really disliked her character by this time, and that bothers me because she used to be one of my favorites. and i know she lost someone she loved and that's really devastating, but it happens to everyone and i really just feel like she threw the world's biggest hissy fit. i really prefer my sweet, nerdy willow please.
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                              Well my least favorite villian was The First until Caleb came...he was so evil when he hurt Xander. I screamed when that happened My favorite villian was the Mayor and also badboy Spike, when he and Dru firt came to the Hellmouth. I also liked Glory but her "hobbits with leprosy" got on my nerves.
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                                "Favourite monster or bad human + why?"

                                Favorite monster(s): The Gentlemen. They were the only monsters that actually scared me to no end.

                                Favorite bad human: Well, I wouldn't necessarily call her "bad", but she will always be my favorite Buffy/Angel character of all time: Faith. I guess, I would call her "troubled" instead of "bad." She was always seen as a "villain", but I never saw her that way. I saw her as someone who was pretty much alone, and misunderstood which, consequentially, led her to make some pretty bad choices.


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                                  The Mayor was the best of the baddies, and I noticed how well he treated Faith in contrast to the attitude of the Watchers Council. And Mr Trick was an excellent sidekick. Snyder was really odious, and I miss him terribly.


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                                    My favourite villain has to be Angelus. He scares me in a more intense way than just scaring us or beating the crap out of us. He is more personal in taunting us, he uses mental torture and that?s more creepy and sick than every other demon.

                                    But a villain that has creepy factor is The Gentlemen and Gachnar.


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                                      Hiya - a newbie here - I'd have to say my vote for creepyist monster was gnarl.

                                      My OH bought me the entire 7 seasons for a pressie in February, so we sat & watched all of them through the month!

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                                        gingerdawn--Did you know that BtVS had a spin-off called Angel (5 seasons)? I heartily recommend it if you haven't seen it.

                                        It tells what happened to Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, etc... after season 3. Characters like Spike and Harmony also later join and there are frequent cameos from characters like Buffy, Faith, Willow, Oz, Andrew, etc... And of course, there are lots of new characters.

                                        Don't think you've seen the whole Jossverse, yet, if you've just seen 1-7 of BtVS! There's AtS and the canon (and even some wonderful not-so-canon ones) continuation comics of both series after that!

                                        Though, I recommend that you see AtS before you delve into season 8 of BtVS. There's a lot of references to AtS season 5 (regarding Angel, Spike, Andrew, Damage and The Girl In Question) and one already-infamous reference regarding Cordelia's fate (which kind of needs a large chunk of AtS to explain). Faith's redemption story is almost entirely on AtS--so, you'll have major holes there (at least you didn't see Buffy's appearance in Sanctuary before you saw Faith's story in season 3!). The deus ex machina amulet that Spike wore in Chosen has even more to do with something called Wolfram & Hart on AtS than it did with BtVS (and there's more of Spike after Chosen).

                                        The consequences of the Slayer spell were started by AtS and is now the plotline over on BtVS season 8 (that and matching up the timeline to end with Fray's future Slayer story--another canon comic series).

                                        Have fun in the Jossverse and check out some of the other newbie threads (or start your own if you choose to start delving into another section of the 'verse).
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