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    Im sure this has been done before but for the sake of conversation lets all rank the Buffy seasons. For each season describe the pros and cons.

    1. Season Six
    Pros: The thing I respect most about Whedon is his risk taking an S6 has it in spades. It's filled with the most interesting character arcs while still managing to be really funny at times.
    Cons: At times the plots can seem a bit messy.

    2. Season Three
    Pros: It perfects the high school is hell message continuing the same theme of the first two years but doing it in a smarter, funnier and more interesting way.
    Cons: There aren't any major flaws except that it doesn't really contain any breathtaking moments like most seasons.

    3. Season Four
    Pros: The most underrated season featuring some really great character development, it doesn't really pretend that the initiative is the actual focus of the season instead just tries to capture the gang in their transition stage. Not only that it introduces Spike, Anya and Tara as scoobies and is easily te funniest season.
    Cons: The worst big bad of them all.

    5. Season Two
    Pros: Has some of the best episodes of the show in the second half with the introduction of Spike, Drusilla and Angelus.
    Cons: Really bad first-half with lame MOTW episodes and gag-worthy Bangel melodrama.

    5. Season Five
    Pros: The tightest season arc of the show achieving everything it sets out to do. Bonus points for making the sudden introduction of a close relative believable.
    Cons: There's a lack of real world relevance (body aside) and S5 feels the closest to plain dumb fantasy losing that riskier Buffy edge that the show has to have. It's technically flawless but is not that interesting to begin with.

    6. Season Seven
    Pros: Good character moments while including most of what made Buffy so great. a fitting end.
    Cons: There's nothing really that good or bad about season seven. It tries to play it safe after the previous years' great risks and ends up just being dull. It tries too hard to make sure everything is right for the final year and ends up being self-consciously lackluster. Also the potentials were a waste of time.

    7. Season One
    Pros: It started the damn show so it can't be awful.
    Cons: There aren't any great episodes and the writing still hasn't really found it's footing so it can't help but be the weakest season.

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    1. Season Three
    Pros: The perfect season, in my opinion. It had so many wonderful plot elements, the most delightful big bad, and the coolest character combination and drama.
    Cons: A little too teen-angsty at times.

    2. Season Two
    Pros: Both heartbreaking and fun. The Angelus arc is one of the best in all of television.
    Cons: Some lame single episodes with really shoddy writing.

    3. Season Four
    Pros: Season Four has more rewatchability than most seasons. Also, it's the funniest: wacky neighbor Spike, wayward Giles, and Oz is still around for awhile.
    Cons: Lame effects for The Initiative and Adam. Lindsay Krause.

    4. Season One
    Pros: So much fun, discovering everything for the first time. Watching the characters begin to grow.
    Cons: Writing had not found it's footing yet. "I Robot, You Jane."

    5. Season Five
    Pros: A very clear character arc for Buffy, some AMAZING single episodes.
    Cons: Introduction of Dawn, too much time spent on Glory (with an annoying actress), episode similarities.

    6. Season Seven
    Pros: Some nice new beginnings, Robin Wood, Faith, Nathan Fillion, crazy Spike
    Cons: Jonathan's death, too much Andrew, WAY too many speeches, faulty villain, too much crazy Spike

    7. Season Six
    Pros: musical, some funny individual episodes, the ending w/ Dark Willow, The Trio
    Cons: obvious and lame metaphors, annoying characterization on everyone's part, Dawn whining all the time, depressing, depressing, depressing
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      1) Season 5
      Pros: It's competing with Season 3 for tightest plot and highest quality-episode rate. It features the most powerful villain we'd gotten by that point (Glory), the matter of Dawn's fate (which had Buffy even more engaged than the matter of Angel's fate in Season 2), the long-time-coming departure of Riley, and some groundbreaking developments that challenge our understanding of the characters and the mythology in the best of ways (Buffy discovers the darkness and emotional handicaps that come with her power, Spike realizes he's fallen in love with her while soulless, the Ripper in Giles comes out like he never has before, etc). It has some of the best episodes in the series, like The Gift, Fool for Love, The Body, Intervention and No Place Like Home, and even its worst episodes are only average by general Buffy and television standards.
      Cons: The writers squeezed Xander's arc into one episode (The Replacement) and didn't know what to do with him for the rest of the season, as they have admitted since. And Season 5 introduces Dawn, who, despite being the focus of one of the best arcs in the series (the best, by my account), gets no love from the fans or the writers -- and that really starts to show in Seasons 6-8.

      2) Season 2
      Pros: The second half of the season is really, really strong, courtesy of the Angelus twist in Surprise / Innocence and the ensuing drama, which is rightfully the arc most favoured by fans, critics and Joss himself. Episodes like Becoming, Innocence, Passion and I Only Have Eyes for You reach a height of emotion that is, in some respects, unparallelled by other seasons. Also introduces Spike, who will come to be a permanent fixture in the show and an insanely popular character, Oz, who at first gets a cold reception but will quickly become a fan favourite, and Drusilla, who will come to be an iconic recurring character. Also also takes advantage of all the Core Four, so that Xander gets to kick butt and tell Angelus off, Giles gets to woo a girl and wield a flaming bat, and Willow gets to make geekdom and magic look way cooler than they should.
      Cons: It's just as much the season of highest highs as it is the season of lowest lows, with cringe-worthy episodes like Reptile Boy, Inca Mummy Girl, Some Assembly Required, Go Fish... and the list goes on.

      3) Season 6
      Pros: It comes with more risks, more grey and more edge than we're used to -- and consequently with more layers, mirrors and surprises. Buffy's glamorous death is subverted by a decidedly unglamorous resurrection and arc (whoa), as The Gift had hinted it would (Buffy jumping to her death isn't the hardest thing; the hardest thing, as Buffy tells Dawn, is to live). Spike finally reveals all the complexities and contradictions that ought to accompany a soulless vampire torn between his true nature and his chip-/Buffy-induced humanity -- and ends up seeking his soul to reconcile the two (double-whoa). Tara gets the backbone she had been denied in Seasons 4 and 5, and the audience falls in love with her and her relationship with Willow all over again, just in time to have their hearts broken by her intentionally unfair, mundane death (triple-whoa) and Dark Willow (exponentially-prefixy-whoa). All of this, needless to say, results in some very intense episodes, like Normal Again, Two to Go, Grave, Dead Things, Tabula Rasa, Villains, Seeing Red, and the most critically acclaimed episode in the 'verse, Once More, With Feeling. Oh, and Spike/Buffy is hot.
      Cons: Xander, Anya and Dawn don't get as strong arcs as the other characters, even though Anya's had fantastic potential ("It's time you got back to what you do best... don't you think?") and Xander's had fantastic payoff ("And I know you're about to do something apocalyptically evil and stupid, and hey... I still want to hang"). Also, Willow's arc, while it starts with a bang and ends with a bang, drags unbearably between Smashed and Seeing Red. Finally, the season is guilty of some of the worst episodes in the series, such as Gone, As You Were, Wrecked and All the Way.

      4) Season 3
      Pros: As I said before, it's competing with Season 5 for tightest plot and highest quality-episode rate. Great new character in Faith, great new villain in the Mayor, great new relationship in Buffy/Faith (and great new layers for our Buffy with it). Some very shiny episodes, like Helpless, Earshot, Enemies, The Wish and Graduation Day.
      Cons: It's all great (that word comes up a lot in conjunction with this season), but at the same time, it's so... cookie-cutter. It doesn't take a leap to an Angelus- or Key- or Souled Spike-level development or a big character death, which is why Graduation Day, despite being a neat episode, is the weakest season finale, in my eyes. Season 3 also heralds the beginning of Xander's downward mobility as a character, and squanders precious time on Angel/Buffy, which did great things for the show in Season 2, but in Season 3 amounts to wet, on-again off-again, "how can we possibly make this fresh?" melodrama.

      5) Season 4
      Pros: Incredible standalones (Restless, Hush, Who Are You?, Something Blue, etc), Spike and Anya as regulars, and a very brave creative decision in the introduction of Tara and Willow/Tara.
      Cons: Worst Buffy villain ever in Adam, a fairly dull new character in Riley, a fairly dull new relationship in Riley/Buffy, no focused arc for Xander, no focused arc for Willow, no focused arc for Giles, and an all-over-the-place and painfully uninteresting seasonal arc. Besides Season 1, Season 4 is the season with the most standalones, and yet I found myself begging for more standalones every time the plot reared its ugly head.

      6) Season 7
      Pros: It had the strongest beginning of any Buffy season (Lessons to Conversations with Dead People), Andrew got hilarious lines and a good arc, Spike got a functional arc, Spike and Buffy had some good moments together, and Caleb was satisfyingly creepy.
      Cons: Everything else. The writers took no risks, the story completely fell apart, the characters we loved relinquished their screentime to cannon-fodder OCs, the First ended up as one missed opportunity after another, Giles became almost unrecognisable, and Buffy's arc of leadership, Slayerness and isolation was mostly wasted on unrelatable behaviour and boring speeches and ultimately tapered off to the frustrating Empty Places and the problematic Touched.

      7) Season 1
      Pros: Fun and uplifting tone, likable characters, some neat gothic elements, hot David Boreanaz, and Prophecy Girl.
      Cons: Every other aspect. It lacks drive and direction, it has almost nothing to say beyond "Girl powah!", any hint of substance is buried beneath layers and layers of camp, and the characters are ciphers.

      Season 8 would probably be ranked sixth so far; better than Season 7 and Season 1, but not as good as the others.
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        There's no season that I really dislike, so these rankings were are separated by minute degrees. Before Season 5 was ranked #6 it was briefly at #1.

        7. Season Six: At this point the writers had kind of lost their steam, and had yet to be rejuvenated by having a set end date. The writing was as good as ever, they just did not know what to do or where to go. It has some of the most singular episodes of the series (Life Serial, Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Hell's Bells, Normal Again, etc), but that mostly makes Season Six into the most episodic and unbound Season.

        6. Season Five: As I said, this was at number 1 for a little bit, which shows how much I enjoy all these seasons. Unfortunately Season 5's strength makes its weaknesses all the more glaring. Up until the last three or four episodes Season 5 is probably the strongest written out of all the series, but then it falls apart unlike any other point of the show. I find the final movement of this season to be the least interesting thing Mutant Enemy ever wrote.

        5. Season One: I have a soft spot for beginnings and origins, so, while this Season probably does have the least effective writing, it holds a special place in my heart and I could never consider it the worst Season. Besides, Season 1 contains some of the better episodes of the Series ("The Pack" and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" are stunners). There really is only one horrible episode ("I Robot, You Jane") and a couple of average ones ("Teacher's Pet", "Puppet Show").

        4. Season Four: Unfortunately for Mutant Enemy, they never achieved perfection. At least not when it came to a complete season. Which, to be fair, I think is kinda impossible to do with a 20+ episodes. Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica was perfect, Season 1 of Twin Peaks was perfect. Anyways, Seasons 3, 4, and 5 are where they made their best runs. Season 4 fails because of two lackluster villains (Adam and Walsh), a couple of average episodes ("Living Conditions", "Where the Wild Things Are"), and a slightly underwhelming penultimate finale.

        3. Season Two: Season Two is a wacky roller coaster ride of ecstasy and agony. It was the last season before Buffy became a phenomenon and the writers were still writing for their life. It's wild, experimental, dramatic, hilarious, and sometimes an utter failure. It's Season 1 blown to epic proportions, and it contains the first threads of the brushes with perfection that come in the subsequent three seasons. It's beautiful.

        2. Season Three: Close to a perfect season. The best Big Bad to ever be on the show (and one of the best characters), the establishment of Buffy's most enduring nemesis, the end of Buffy/Angel (yay!), etc, etc. What keeps it from being perfect? Too much Bangel melodrama before the end, cutting the feet from under Xander for no reason, "Beauty and the Beasts", my own personal dislike of Cordy/Xander ending, and a couple of other minor, minor things.

        1. Season Seven: This is just personally my favorite season. There are some badly done things, which I'll leave others to point out. But it contains my favorite era of Spuffy, a great beginning with Bander undertones, the return of Andrew, the arrival of Kennedy and of Willow/Kennedy, mature Xander, mature Dawn, mature Anya, a great villain in Caleb, and a whole lot more It's all good.


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          I'm one of those people that loves all of Btvs as well, so these are not separated by very much.

          1. Season 4- Pros: Probably the season I go back to the most often. I liked the gang in college, dealt with real issues (Crappy boyfriends, heartbreaking breakups, midlife crisis, isolation etc.), had some hilarious epis. 'Wild at Heart', 'New Moon Rising', 'Hush' and 'Restless' are all great episodes.
          Cons: The Initiative was a little lame, Riley was a little lame.

          2. Season 5-Pros: Some really, really amazing episodes. Fool for Love, 'The Body', 'The Gift', 'Into the Woods', 'Intervention', all great. I like Riley more in this season.
          Cons: Glory is annoying, Dawn in annoying.

          3. Season 2- Pros: Angelus is more interesting than Angel, 'Passion', 'Surprise/Innocence', 'I Only Have Eyes for You', 'Becoming Part 1 and 2'. Buffy has far more emotion in this season. Dramatic.
          Cons: A little cheesy at times, some crappy epis

          4. Season 3- Pros: Great big bad, Faith has an interesting character, Some good Bangel moments, 'Lovers Walk'
          Cons: Some incredibly cheesy Bangel moments, Willow/Xander(blah), Cordy/Xanders lack of resolution

          5. Season 6 - Pros: Though down on my list, it has some great epis like Tabula Rasa, Once More with Feeling, Grave, Life Seriel. The Trio can be hilarious!
          Cons: Giles leaves, too depressing and unrelenting, Buffy is different from the Buffy I love, Dawn is annoying, Seeing Red is really hard to watch

          6. Season 7 - Pros: Has some good epis, I like Spike souled, renewed and healthy Spuffy, Andrew is hilarious
          Cons: I can't stand the Potentials, Buffy always lecturing, kinda boring and doesn't really have me coming back for seconds, lack of Giles, the gang is kind of split

          7. Season 1 - Pros: Introduced us, some cute epis, the gang when they are all together and happyish
          Cons: Weak writing, too campy/cheesy, no really moving epis
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            Season 5:

            PROS: For me it was one of the most solid, if not THE most solid seasons ever on BTVS. I felt a strong connection to all the characters and I saw a running theme of family and character progression which is what I love most.

            - Good internal angst: Buffy discovering her darker instincts as a slayer, Joyce's Death..

            - Good seasonal plot/villian: Dawn (the new sister out of no where) , Glory and "The Key"

            - Tara/Willow's relationship maturing, Spike's backstory and realization of love for Buffy, Xander/Anya's romance maturing, and a huge shocker of Buffy dying at the end.

            CONS: Some episodes seemed to be just fillers to get to the main plot

            Season 6:

            PROS: A huge leap into the adult world of messy problems. A controversial but in my mind some of the most daring tv ever.

            -They didn't heal Buffy's ressurection from death in a short period of time, they really dealt with it. It felt more realistic that way.

            -Willow's struggle with magic, something that was increasingly becoming a problem and needed to be addressed.

            -Some of the most fantasic and powerful episodes ever in the series:
            Once More with Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Dead Things, Normal Again, Grave..

            -Seeing these characters hit some shocking lows, letting us know that they may be heroes but they are humans with the ability to fall completely apart. Maybe even more so because of the world they live in.


            - Definitely fell into the trap of being too depressing at times.

            - Sorely missed ASH at times. Although his return at the end was awesome.

            - Felt Willow's magic addiction was pushed a bit too hard at times.

            Season 2:

            PROS: Another dark season, probably next to season 6, the darkest season. And I loved it. It was certainly about entering those phases of painful growth spurts. First love, first heartbreak, loss of innocence, enduring friendship, coping with reality and death..

            - Amazing episodes.. some of the best:
            Becoming pt: 1 and 2, Innocence, Passion, Surprise, School Hard, ect..

            - Angelus arc was brilliant. The death of Jenny Calender, probably one of the harshest and biggest surprises ever so far on the show.

            - So long the 'annoying one' and bring on Spike and Dru. Much more entertaining and started a much more interesting vampire lore going on.

            - Enter Oz. I love me some Oz.


            - I felt without the Angelus arc, Buffy/Angel were melodramatic.

            - Episodes in between the main storyline could show that they were clearly just attempting to drag things out until the end of the season.

            Season 7:

            PROS: Many critisize this season and I can see why, but for me I have to rate it more highly, because I feel like Season 6 and Season 7 go hand in hand. In a way season 6 was the dark tunnel and season 7 was the light at the other end of it. So for me it was like a two part book series.

            - I think the season started out amazingly strong.
            Episodes like: Lessons, Beneath You, Same Time, Same Place, Help, Selfless ect.. It started as a strong season.

            - I loved the maturity and growth of Spike and Buffy's relationship and Spike's own journey.

            - I loved that Xander's position in the group was more clearly defined and also respected and noticed.

            - Faith's return. I think it was brilliant they brought Eliza back for the final season.

            - Andrew for me was one of the highlights of the comedy that season.

            - I also enjoyed Caleb much more then the main villian (The First) and was actually more entertained towards the end of the season when he came on.


            - I think the idea behind ending the slayer line was brilliant, the execution sucked. Mainly because we were forced to deal with many new faces during the last season of our show.

            - I think The First was actually very intimidating to begin with. Made probably the best entrance of any villian ever during 'Lessons', but soon it became a mockery when all it did was talk and talk.

            - I hated Willow and Kennedy. Felt Kennedy was just totally wrong for Willow. And Truthfully I felt a lot of the Potencials were whiny brats.

            Season 4: I call this season the season of great standalones. I just think that while I didn't enjoy the overall villian or plot at times, it just had some great moments and standalones that I can watch over and over again.

            - Willow coming out. I thought it was kind of brilliant. Tara/Willow. Even though I'm a hard core Willow/Oz fan , it was probably the only thing that I could accept to follow it for some reason. Just the right connection there.

            - Spike's return. Love him. Make no secret of it.

            - Xander and Anya. So, So perfect for one another. Another wonderful thing was Emma coming on as a regular. She's just the best.

            - Some of my most loved and famous episodes:
            Hush, Pangs, Something Blue, The Yoko Factor, Wild at Heart, Primeval..


            - Seeing Seth Green leave and watching Willow/Oz end. Loved them.

            - Hated Riley and Buffy. Sorry to any shippers but I just never felt the spark.

            - I never really liked the Iniciative or Adam as Villians. I've said before I felt like we went from a cool cult show to GI Joe.

            Season 3: Season 3 for me was a good season in that I think it opened doors for other characters. Angel, Cordy.. they were allowed to move on. Giles was no longer just defined as 'Watcher', Anya came on, Spike came on, I felt like the show expanded more from just highschool into the real world more and season 3 was that stepping stone


            - Faith, Faith, Faith. Eliza was just amazing. Cool, Sexy, Bitchy, Bad, The two different slayers. For me probably the highlight of the season.

            - The Mayor. Family man on one hand, want to bring about apocalpyces. While not my favorite villian. He was a very funny one who could be kind of freakishly menancing and funny.

            - Some of my most favorite episodes including:
            Doppengangland!!! Love


            - As I said I felt that the good thing about season 3 was that it was a stepping stone. But it was also a bad thing in that I felt that some of the characters were in holding mode.

            - The back/forthness of Bangel was too much. The writers admitted they really didn't know where to take it and with David leaving the show you kind of felt this let's hold out until the end of the season

            - Willow/Xander tryst. Not a fan. Also afterwards, I felt Cordy kind of faded in the backround again and was just waiting to leave and go to ATS.

            Season 1: Season 1 is just a season that when you look back you get a different kind of perspective on.

            It really tells the mission statement. Buffy is just a young woman who wants to live, she doesn't want this burden and/or mission.
            Also that she has found true friends who love her and will fight besides her no matter what the danger.

            CONS: Looking back Of course I liked the seasib enough to want to get into the series. But then when you continue to watch and you see how far the show progresses into the better drama and comedy and the season just feels inferior to me.
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              1. Season Six
              Pros: I love the deep stuff: rape, drugs, love, money, hate, suicide...So much passion and darkness at the same time. I love "life" as the big bad and Dark Willow and the Trio rock, plus, strong on the spuffy.
              Cons: Maybe Dawn I guess...

              2. Season Seven
              Pros: Love the fact that we're dealing with grown-ups now, love the big arc, the First, Caleb, Spike, Buffy, "Chosen"...
              Cons: Some weak episodes and not enough Scooby screen time.

              3. Season Two
              Pros: The funniest one yet with some heavy drama stuff, really enjoyed the Bangelus arc and the arrival of Spike and Dru, Innocence, Passion, Becoming...
              Cons: Too many "Charmed" plots, Bangel is too cheesy.

              4. Season Five
              Pros: Love the epic of it and the awesome drama, Glory is neat, Joyce's sickness arc is great too and "The Body" one of the best TV Show episodes ever.
              Cons: Comedy stuff sucked, and Dawn is unbearable.

              5. Season Four
              Pros: Lots of funny episodes, great personnal arcs for every Scoobie, Adam kinda cool. Less childish than the first three seasons.
              Cons: Some awful stand-alones, too much stand-alones, the Initiative suck, Riley is worth killing.

              6. Season Three
              Pros: Some great stand-alones, Faith is pretty cool and the mayor is really funny.
              Cons: The mayor arc is boring, the writers have no idea what to do with Angel, Buffy seems comatose the all time, and a feeling that charcters seems less evolved than in Season 2.

              7. Season One
              Pros: Funny. Great cast.
              Cons: 12 episodes, too chessy, boring, no real chemistry, vampires are ridiculous, cheap, stupid plots...


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                a lot of different opinions here on seasons. i expected a few different 'season 6' placements but some others kind of surprised me too!

                1. Season 3
                Pros-most solid lineup of episodes out of all seasons; very consistent. end of high school, and the entire theme of 'graduation' throughout the season was a great coming of age arc for buffy.. Faith, angel leaves... earshot, amends... enemies, graduation day all amazing... slayer fight!

                Cons- dead man's party is the only blemish

                2. Season 2
                Pros-Series get's into full gear, and most nostalgic for me because this is where i started watching the series. the bangel drama was very engaging and features some of the best buffy episodes ever... passion, surprise, innocence, becoming...

                cons-many "bad eggs"... including inca mummy girls and reptile boys

                3. Season 5
                pros-ripe with drama: riley leaves, buffy is losing her ability to love, buffy must protect dawn... a new and interesting big bad that is revealed as a god which was a great "oh neat" moment. "bob barker" still makes me laugh. the body, fool for love... the gift... buffy makes the ultimate sacrifice.. i cry everytime... "But this is the work that I have to do. "

                cons-dawn is very annoying

                4. Season 7
                pros-decent arc throughout the season; i liked the first as the big bad... loved it's interaction, loved faith coming back, loved nathan filion, a few really good eps... conversations with dead people, storyteller... selfless for bringing up "kick his ass"... db woodside is a great actor. loved buffy's monologue at the end of bring ont he night... "I'm standing on the mouth of hell, and it is gonna swallow me whole. And it'll choke on me." mmm gives me chills.

                cons- a few bad standalones.... including him... lessons... giles/buffy's falllout

                5. Season 6
                pros-originally i disliked #6 but it grew on me. i liked the dark path it took, but i found the elicit affair with spike was out of character for buffy. overtime i've come to like it a lot more but still doesn't sit perfectly for me. loved the willow arc, loved the musical, tabula rasa. i find it ends strong but took a long time.

                cons-i hated the trio as villains, buffy/spike, hells bells just seemed mean, though realistic for the characters.

                6. Season 1
                pros-learning all the characters was fun. some eps seem "old" but when i rewatch it again and again, i think the makings for something great were there all along...
                cons-lots of cheese, low production value. i robot you jane... and aside from the funny moments in nightmares, the ogre villain guy with the rubber stump was lame.

                7. Season 4
                pros-hush, the fear demon dying... wild at heart was sad... pangs was okay.. the faith two parter was good.. restless was amazing.. angel and riley in the yoko factor

                cons-not that i hate the season, it just strikes me as the one with the most bad episodes. i didn't like the transition to college for some unknown reason... adam was lame, the initiative was lame.. i hated riley at first... i didnt like the way they broke up oz/willow so abruptly though it was pretty sad... seemed out of character for oz. just too many low moments in this one.
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                  Hmm, gonna be hard, but I'll try...

                  Season 5
                  Pro: Very "connected" storyline pretty much from the beginning, the narrative flows very well. Good characterisations.
                  Con: It lacks some points, like what became of the crazies, and more importantly, a reaction from Giles after killing Ben (Buffy's death drowned it all out, but still, we saw Giles do something fairly atypical of him, and I would have liked to have seen soem impact)

                  Season 4
                  Pro: Very witty, fairly mature storyline, good characterisations
                  Con: Adam was somewhat annoying

                  Season 2
                  Pro: Great storyarc, great villains
                  Con: sometimes not so well-placed MotW episodes inbetween

                  Season 6
                  Pro: excellent characterisations, everybody gets to show their negative sides, real life as "big bad" was an interesting and rather well-executed idea
                  Con: the Trio were somewhat lame as villains

                  Season 3
                  Pro: well-developed Faith storyarc, Buffy is really maturing here
                  Con: the storyline takes ages to launch into the main arc, the first half is way too loosely connected, unnecessary Xander/Willow interaction

                  Season 7
                  Pro: narrative flows fairly well, making it almost a 16-hour movie
                  Con: Potentials were annoying at times, the Kennedy/Willow thing seemed somewhat forced

                  -.-.-.-.-.-.-.- {insert bigger gap here}

                  Season 1
                  Pro: witty, light entertainment, well-done satire
                  Con: characters are too bluntly drawn (satirical images rather than actual characters), Master got annoying after a while, some rather lame MotW plots
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                    1. Season 5:
                    Pros: Buffy, Spike, Willow, Dawn, Glory, great plot, Buffy discovering her slayer roots, Xander and Anya, compelling, heartbreaking and outstanding episodes like The Gift, The Body, Fool for Love and some small gems, lot of emotion.
                    Cons: NONE

                    2. Season 2:
                    Pros: the Angelus arc, Buffy, Becoming pt2, the characters, the feel of the season
                    Cons: Although very enjoyable, the first half is weaker.

                    3. Season 7:
                    Pros: Buffy and Spike?s arc, Dawn, Willow, the idea of the Potentials, Anya, Andrew, Principal Wood and some great episodes like Storyteller, Selfless, CWDP, LMPTM
                    Cons: The First Evil is poorly executed, the Potentials are mostly annoying and rob some time to some regulars

                    4. Season 6:
                    Pros: Buffy, Spike, Willow, a lot of emotion, the path they took (very daring and willing to show some darker sides to the scoobies), a lot of risks they took with most of them working,
                    Cons: Willow?s arc did not quite work, especially on Wrecked; some weaker episodes mid-season

                    5. Season 3:
                    Pros: The Mayor, Buffy, Faith, the characters once again, the end of highschool, Giles, Wesley
                    Cons: Willow and Xander?s fling; not a lot of emotion comparing to the others.

                    6. Season 4:
                    Pros: Amazing episodes like Hush, Restless, Who are You; Riley, character development, Tara, Spike, Anya
                    Cons: Adam, Maggie Walsh, Forrest and the Initiative.

                    7. Season 1:
                    Pros: Wonderful dialogue, the characters, some great episodes like Angel, Nightmares, Prophecy Girl
                    Cons: Some cheesy episodes, the writing is still a little off, and I Robot you Jane


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                      Season 2
                      Pro's- One of the best seasons of television ever, imo. We are taken for a ride in the Buffy and Angel relationship and then introduced to the most wicked and amazing villian ever. Angelus. Becoming should win awards as the best two hours of anything you will ever watch.
                      SMG as Buffy is simply amazing. The audience falls in love with the Scoobies, Buffy and B/A.
                      Cons- Can't think of a single one.

                      Season 3
                      Pro's- Angel comes back and the ultimate showdown between Slayers is born. What an amazing season. Scoobies continue to weave their way into our hearts. The story arcs are tight and awesome.
                      Cons- Can't think of any

                      Season 1
                      The season that sets up all the mythology and introduces the main characters. This season is one of my personal favorites.
                      Pro's- The characters captivate us and the story gets our attention. This is the dynamite season, imo. Smallest amount of eps with the big punch.
                      Cons- Can't think of any.

                      Season 4
                      Pro's- engaging and cute episodes
                      Con's- Not a real interesting big bad. We lose Angel to his own series.

                      Season 5
                      Pro's- The Gift comes to mind. This season has some really good episodes.
                      Con's- This is where the mythology begins to muddy up concerning Spike. Interesting for the story but not real good for the mythology or future of the series.

                      Season 6
                      Pro's- Buffy returns. Giles return at the end is one of the best scenes in the entire season. Normal again is thought provoking.
                      Con's- Very depressing. Characters all get lost. Continuity takes a leap out the window.

                      Season 7
                      Pro's- It's still on and any Buffy is better than no Buffy. EOD/Chosen are great episodes.
                      Con's- Nobody seemed to care what the story was actually about. Weakest of all seasons.

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                        For interests' sake I added up all the rankings giving points corresponding to the place (i.e. no.1 = 7, no. 2 = 7 ...... no. 7 = 1) and have come up with a pretty good list ranking the seasons. When there are more responses I'll update the list but for now:

                        7. Season One - 20 Points
                        The writing is finding it's footing, the characters haven't developed and the feminist message is, at the moment, not that much more developed than the spice girls. You can't hate it because it kicks off the show but it's pretty hard to defend being in the top three so it's no surprise it got the lowest placing.

                        6. Season Seven - 37 Points
                        From the way this list make things look it would seem that BTVS started and ended badly but Season Seven detractors usually have a soft spot for S1. While it definitely has it's moments this has gained the reputation as being the biggest let down in the series.

                        5/4. Season Four/Six - 43 Points
                        Surprisingly there is a tie at number five. Unsurprisingly it's with Buffy's most controversial season's. Both take a massive shift in tone from before and take the show away from it's comfort zone. While some people love the risky nature of these seasons the unevenness that the experiments can create brings them down a lot.

                        3. Season Three - 50 Points
                        It's not surprising that Season Three made the third best spot. While it's not usually number one on people's list, it's pretty hard to criticize and gives something for fans of the high school years while also having some maturation in the process.

                        2. Season Five - 54 Points
                        Season Five is a real crowd pleaser. It has pretty much every aspect of the show packed into a year. The explosive passion of season two, the tight plot of season three, the maturation of season four, the dark nature of season six and the responsibility themes of season seven. Is it really hard to see why this season got so high?

                        1. Season Two - 60 Points
                        I guessed from the start this would top it. Although far from my favorite it really is the emotional centre of the Buffy fan base. It's the first proper season and the one that fans hold most dearly in their heart with the introduction of Spike, Drusilla and Angelus, placing their mark on the shows mythology. It's far from perfect but everyone is so attached to it that any flaws are often ignored and fairly so.


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                          maybe it's just me but i don't have a lot of friends that got into the buffyverse... i've liked seeing different points of view on seasons.

                          it really interesting to see what some people are interested in and got out of some seasons that you might not have


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                            Season 6
                            Pro's- Perfect ! I really find that this season goes further than any other, the characters become more interesting, because they show their really dark, dark faces, more than ever. Moreover I absolutely love the spuffy so, it has to be my favorite season ! And I find it deals with important stakes: depression, death... I love everything in this season.
                            Cons- Maybe that Buffy and Spike do not stay together, but it had to be.

                            Season 5
                            Pro's- It's a great season, I mean it's the first big evolution in the serie, from my point of view: with the death of Joyce the girls have to struggle with life, death, and less demons. And I find Glory so funny. And I find Spike so moving while he loves Buffy. And the idea of Dawn is really a good way to have new stakes.
                            Cons- Maybe the story with Riley, dark without lots of interest.

                            Season 3
                            Pro's- I like the story about Faith and the importance it takes in the evolution of the perception of the role of the Slayer. Moreover the story is quite interesting.
                            Cons- Don't think everything is clear. And the special effects are..... no as good as they could. Even if Angel is back, it's not as before. And I never liked Angel.

                            Season 7
                            Pro's- Nice evolution of Spike, his character becomes different, it's a good way to find a new interest. The mystery of the Force is involving too (not sure about the sentence), and some episodes are really fine.
                            Con's- Too many Slayers, too quick end, too many stories. Don't like Kennedy.

                            Season 4
                            Pro's- I loveeeeee Restless and Something Blue. Tara is a good idea.
                            Con's- Not so much fun, I find the university is not well exploited, the Initiative is not really made interesting, same thing for Walsh and Adam.

                            Season 2
                            Pro's- Not so much thing, like to see how Whedon gives lessons through the characters but apart from that... Oz is so funny!
                            Con's- Nothing, Angelus is as boring as Angel, and Buffy is a silly teenager.

                            Season 1
                            Pro's- Euh... everything has to begin. Giles is serious, it won't last.
                            Con's- .. Everything else: from the forbidden love between Buffy and Angel it is so... previsible, so lame... And Angel is so nice and so boring. Did I mention that Alex was just immature without the psychological deepness he will show later. Too many clich├ęs.
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                              1. Season Three.
                              Pros: The show has completely hit its stride here. The ensemble is at its best, there are no 'off' MOTW episodes, and the Mayor is the series' best overall villain.
                              Cons: Hard to live up to the standard set in Becoming, so this season's drama seems less impactful.

                              2. Season Two.
                              Pros: The Buffy metaphor in its purest, most gut-wrenching form. Big love and pain has rarely been done so well.
                              Cons: A handful of subpar MOTW episodes keep this season out of the #1 spot.

                              3. Season Five.
                              Pros: High quality from start to finish; simply amazing finale.
                              Cons: Plot holes and a Big Bad who's a little too frivolous to be as scary as she oughta be.

                              4. Season One
                              Pros: Started it all and remains fun to watch after repeated viewings. Gets graded on a curve given its budget constraints and the fact that the show is still finding its feet.
                              Cons: Two or three genuinely wretched MOTW episodes.

                              5. Season Four
                              Pros: Every episode is a quality product, even if the plot isn't all that great. Overcomes a subpar arc to deliver some excellent individual episodes.
                              Cons: While the Science v. Mysticism story it wants to explore is interesting, the Initiative and Adam are crappy choices for how to tell it.

                              6. Season Seven.
                              Pros: Well-crafted from the start to close out the series.
                              Cons: The Potentials are annoying and cause the core group to take a backseat too often. The season often feels like it's not firing on all cylinders.

                              7. Season Six.
                              Pros: Earned bringing Buffy back (may even have overpaid a little, but that's better than making it too easy). Some excellent individual episodes. Dark Willow.
                              Cons: The Trio suck as enemies and the overall story is just a little too prosaic.

                              I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
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                                I just wanna say that Joss Whedon forever changed my views on series and movies. Now I?m always expecting great development from the characters and great risks taken. Sadly, I?ve been a little disappointed.


                                • #17
                                  He definitely changed my view of TV shows too, I thought they were just lame and shallow entertainment, but actually one can do a lot with them, and while the narrative problem is that everythign has to be divided up into smaler portions, it allows for a lot of slow development, more than can be fit into a movie.
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                                    I think you should add season eight into future lists as well.


                                    • #19
                                      I agree that Season 8 should be ranked with other seasons but it can't be formally judged as it hasn't finished yet. God knows where season 2 would be if it had no second half. But I did add after the fall to the Angel version.
                                      To update the list:

                                      7. Season One - 25 Points

                                      6. Season Seven - 43 Points

                                      5. Season Four - 49 Points

                                      4. Season Six - 51 Points

                                      3. Season Three - 63 Points

                                      2. Season Five - 65 Points

                                      1. Season Two - 68 Points

                                      Well the Season Four/Six tie has been broken (yay!) and the top three are now very close. Could the undisputed S2 lose top spot?


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                                        I'll do mine

                                        Season Three:

                                        Pros: It's the most consistent season of the series, there's not a single bad episode in the bunch and most of them are downright exceptional. The season introduces us to Faith, a very fun and complex character who works great as a parallel to Buffy and we're also introduced to the Mayor, one of the best big bads in the series. It's the season were Buffy is most likeable and when the Scoobies are a very tight unit. Each Scooby is given a superb character-centric episode to flesh them out such as 'Dopplegangland' 'The Zeppo' 'Amends' 'Homecoming' and 'Helpless' and episodes such as 'The Wish' do a great job in showing why the Scooby bond is so essential to both the series and Buffy. Buffy/Angel's relationship didn't smother the series and had only one episode really devoted to it, 'Prom' which was a fantastic episode and sets Angel up for his own series and the season finale is one of the most uplifting and exciting finales the show ever had. It was the season with a perfect blend of drama, horror, action and comedy in such episodes as ‘Enemies’ ‘Consequences’ ‘Anne’ ‘Graduation Day’ and ‘Earshot.’

                                        Cons: No mention that Cordy was leaving whatsoever.

                                        Season Two:

                                        Pros- This season had the most beautifully crafted and most iconic arc of the bunch- the Buffy/Angel/Angelus storyline. It was suspenseful, poignant, heartbreaking and scary and was the best of use of a “ship” either show ever managed. The season gave Giles a love interest which was fantastic and this season also introduced us to Spike and Dru, both who become iconic figures in the series. The season is rich with shippy layers with all kinds of multiple love triangles such as Buffy/Angel/Xander, Buffy/Xander/Willow, Xander/Cordy/Willow, Xander/Cordy/Buffy, Willow/Xander/Oz, Angelus/Spike/Dru, Buffy/Angel/Dru which added spice and complexity to the core dynamics. The season still had the show’s gothic charm and managed to blend in all different kinds of genres into the season. We had fantastic episodes such as ‘Innocence’ ‘Passion’ ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ and ‘Becoming’ revolving around the Angelus arc but also very good episodes such as ‘Schoolhard’ ‘Lie to Me’ ‘Halloween’ and ‘When She Was Bad’ that were very fun.

                                        Cons- Some pretty average MotW episodes in the beginning which is why it falls behind season three.

                                        Season Four:

                                        Pros- This was the last season that still had a happy healthy Buffy who “shops and sneezes” and who maintains the right balance between “the girl” and “the slayer.” Really it was the last season that had a lot of what made the first four so great, it was the last season to maintain that gothic dark look, have a perfect blend of all genres, had the Scooby dynamics at the forefront of the stories, awesome stunts and even the same kind of humour and style of writing. The season had an exceptional amount of fantastic stand-alone episodes such as ‘Hush’ ‘Pangs’ ‘Something Blue’ ‘Restless’ and ‘A New Man’ and brought a satisfying conclusion to the Buffy/Faith arc of the previous season, “you’re nothing but a disgusting murderous bitch, you’re nothing, you’re disgusting!” It also raised some interesting questions of morality and ethics with the science vs magic storyline and Spike and Anya became regular cast members.

                                        Cons- Oz leaves which leaves a gaping hole in the cast, Adam was too boring and had wasted potential, the overall arc needed to be tighter as it felt like the season didn’t know where it was heading all the time.

                                        Season Four and Season Five switch back and forth all the time with me...

                                        Season Five:

                                        Pros- This season gave us the Dawn/Key storyline which was very well done and also Joyce’s passing giving us great episodes like ‘The Body.’ It touched on many interesting theories about slayers and fleshed out Spike’s character as well with the superb ‘Fool For Love.’ Buffy was allowed to have a whole range of emotions and the Scoobies got a new hangout with the introduction of The Magic Box. It had great episodes such as ‘Family’ and it gave us one of the best season finales in the show, ‘The Gift.’

                                        Cons- The season is very “light” loosing that great gothic look, stunts are definitely a downgrade on the previous seasons, Clare Kramer (Glory) isn’t a very good actor, Knights of Byzantium are awful and pointless, horrible cheesy acting by Glory’s “hobbits with leprosy” a pretty boring middle with episodes such as ‘Into the Woods’ and Xander isn’t given much to do at all after ‘The Replacement.’

                                        Season Six:

                                        Pros- Buffy’s resurrection was earned, this season gave us ‘OMWF’ and Dark Willow. Tara’s death was very well done and the season took Buffy to an interesting and dark place. When Buffy’s storyline was actually on course it was brilliant, “You have a world of strength in your heart I know you do, you just have to find it again. Believe in yourself.”

                                        Cons- The Trio were a terrible waste of time as lame big bads, Buffy/Spike smothered Buffy’s storyline and took it off course, nothing for Xander to do again, Spike/Anya sex.. Bleh, Dawn wasn’t given much to do, terrible magic is crack “metaphor” if you could even call it that and a handful of really terrible episodes such as ‘Double meat Palace’ ‘Entropy’ and ‘Wrecked.’ The season also had some real “comedy” shockers such as ‘Gone’ and IMO ‘Tabula Rasa’ which seemed like a real downgrade from the hilarious comedic episodes of seasons past. In general they tried so hard to make it dark and depressing to the point it became ridiculous.

                                        Season One:

                                        Pros- All the characters were very likable, gave us some iconic moments in ‘Prophecy Girl’ it was very fun and carefree and showcased some of SMG’s best acting, “Giles I’m sixteen years old. I don’t want to die.” The season gave us episodes like ‘Prophecy Girl’ ‘Out of Mind, Out of Sight’ and ‘Angel’ and the Master was actually quite a funny villain, he was a cliche but they knew it "Yes the time has come glory, oh glory! So what do you think? 6.1?"

                                        Cons- Pretty much made up of MotW episodes, some of them just awful such as ‘Teacher’s Pet’ and ‘I Robot You Jane’ and not a whole lot of character growth at all. Crappy stunts, some very crappy music and crappy special effects.

                                        Season Seven:

                                        Pros- Not many in this season, I guess the return of Faith, Dawn’s “limited” growth into a mature young woman, most of Spike’s arc, Anya’s growth in ‘Selfless’ and ‘End of Days’ the first half of the season isn’t terrible and Buffy’s epiphany that she’s “not done baking.”

                                        Cons- Terrible lame big bad, potentials, too Spike centric, no story for Giles, Xander, Dawn or Anya which is unforgivable, very poor writing with some shocking OOC moments, numerous plot holes, no sympathetic writing for Buffy making many fans dislike her, overbearing “girl power” themes and a very flawed finale episode. It ranks lower than season one for me because I got nothing but disappointment and frustration out of this season whereas I enjoy season one because you feel the passion and energy behind turning it into something special and it still had life and vibrancy.
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