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  • Who Would You Be?

    I hope this hasn't been done before, but this crossed me mind a while ago.

    I always wanted to be on Buffy (still do actually) and live in Sunnydale. So I was just wondering if you had ever gotten the opportunity to be on Buffy - who would you be? A guest star or series regular, Hero or Villian, even which season?

    The topic is pretty straightforward, so have fun and enjoy!

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    Either Giles or Westley. A Watcher.
    "The thing about magic - there's always consequences - always!" - Spike


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      I believe this thread has already been done recently:
      The master wants you. Throw away your cross, face the master. Your faith against his faith... Could you do that? Is your faith enough?... Then do it... Throw away the cross. Face the master. Faith against faith...


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        Originally posted by jdt1986 View Post
        I believe this thread has already been done recently:
        Oops Silly me. I didn't notice that at all!

        Sorry for any inconvienences!!!