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Thats it then, Ive watched every episode *spoilers*

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  • Thats it then, Ive watched every episode *spoilers*

    The final episode was very spectacular. I was sad to see Spike go but for him to destroy the whole of Sunnydale was a fitting way for him to go. I'm disappointed with the way they took Anya out, I think she deserved a more dramatic ending. The final episode was very epic, I was worried that it would be ruined by Angel/Spike/Buggy emotional scenes but after they got that out the way in the first 10 minutes I was happy with how it ended. I was happy to see Giles finally agree with something Buffy decided, it redeemed him in my eyes as he was starting to become the grouchy old man that rubbished everything that she did.

    I have to start reading the comics now so I am looking forward to that. I'm sad that Ill never see another new Buffy episode though.

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    You should watch Angel the series, too as it has crossovers over the seasons, and things you've missed in relation to the story lines in buffy...

    The ending was very epic. Very. I think Anya's death was suppose to be like that. She was killed in an instent and not in this big, spectacular way... I think it added that much more to the shock.

    I'm really, really glad they didn't focus on spike/buffy/angel thing, cause it would be just stupid... "ohhh the end of the world comes, but first I have to sort things out with Angel and Spike..." . lol.


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      I agree about starting in on ATS if you can. I wasn't much of a fan and to this day BTVS is still my favorite above all else. But I got into the show and besids tying you to BTVS, it's apart of Jossverse and it's interesting and dark and has good storylines.

      Also If you want to catch up on Spike's journey, Spike/Buffy/Angel's "story" a bit, and even hear a bit of continuation about what happened to the characters on BTVS after the finale. As they mention BTVS and that world a lot more in season 5 then in most previous seasons, I'd try to catch ATS season 5... at the very least

      The good thing about watching season 5 of ATS, is that a lot of it is stand alone so if you weren't a previous fan, you don't have a lot to catch up on, you can sort of jump right in.
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        oh yeah forgot to mention I am totally planning on watching all of the Angel episodes too. Really looking forward to that.

        My mate has seen them and he tells me that Buffy Willow Cordelia Andrew and Spike all apear so it will be good to see them again.


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          Angel, Wesley, Faith, Darla, Drusilla, Oz, Anne and Harmony are also there.

          There are a lot of crossovers that you might only understand the BtVS side if you see AtS with it and vice versa (why Angel showed up in The Yoko Factor, for example). There are also references to Doyle and Fred, whom are AtS characters. Also, what happens to Faith is largely on AtS. Angel and Wesley had more to do with Faith's story, IMO, than Buffy. The events of Orpheus are specifically talked about in Dirty Girls. Same with the ring of Amarra plotline that is left hanging in The Harsh Light of Day. You might also have been wondering about the phone call in The Freshman with no one answering the other end when Buffy picks it up. The talk of Doyle's visions bringing Angel to Sunnydale in Pangs is another piece--as is Buffy finding out that Angel was there (it led into another crossover).

          David Boreanaz has officially been in more episodes of the Jossverse than anyone (including Sarah Michelle Gellar). His story is the one with the most screen time. AtS is important. Episodes like Amends, Choices, The Prom and Graduation Day had to do a lot with setting up AtS. The magic snow, in fact, is probably the most blatant piece of set-up for AtS.

          Watch AtS before reading any of the comics. Please. There are too many references to the events between Chosen and season 8 that are heavily based upon events that were revealed in season 5 of AtS.
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            And have fun watching.
            I always especially enjoyed the atmosphere of the Angel seasons. Dark from the very beginning.
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