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    At what moment, or scene did you find your favourite character the most beautiful or gorgeous? I don't mean in their actions but actually look. Their hair, clothers etc.. What moment(s) did you really love of your character and thought they looked their best?

    For me, Buffy has always been my favourite and I find SMG to be a very beautiful woman (yes, I'd go gay for her any day *grin*) and the two moments that I find her absolutly stunning is:

    6x07 Once More With Feeling: The 'I have a Theory' scene. Her hair, her clothers. Especially when she sings 'Hay, I died twice'. The smile she has there is just beautiful.

    3x20 The Prom: Buffy as the bride. I always found the sound of music wedding beautiful, the dress and the bride but SMG was above that in this scene. She is so beautiful in this wedding dress and how her hair is pinned up and the smile she wears when they have exchanged their rings.

    So.. what's your moments?
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    Well, for Buffy I've always thought she stood out in OMWF as well, but particularly in the song at the bronze with the red shirt - I thought that outfit was very flattering on her, and her hair looked amazing!

    I think Spike looked the best in Seasons 5 & 7. In S6, JM was just too thin, and didn't hold the appeal that he did in S5 & 7...I especially liked him in Beneath You in the blue shirt...but any time Spike was wearing the black leather coat, especially in S5 was great! But I think the scene in the beginning of Crush when he's telling Dawn the scary story in his crypt, and the dark candle light on his face...ugh, so, so cute!

    I've always thought Willow looked really cute at the end of Hush when she and Tara are talking in the lounge, and Tara tells her she's special...the smile on Willow's face and her hair, she looked really adorable.

    I think Fred looked really pretty in You're Welcome when she and Wesley were performing the spell to remove Lindsey's tatoos. The lighting was red, and she looked at Wesley with somthing akin to awe on her face, and that scene, with her hair pulled back on the sides, she looked very pretty.

    I thought Cordelia looked best in S1 of Ats...pretty much the whole season, because I loved her hair. One scene that comes to mind is in Somnabulist when she tells Wesley to go fly a kite when he's presenting the evidence against Angel, then Angel says 'he's right' and she goes 'you stake him and I'll cut off his head'. I don't know why, I just think she looked really pretty in that scene - and in the scene in Expecting when she's getting ready for her date with Wilson.

    Wesley - gosh, Wesley looked great in so many different scenes. I think the one that stands out in my mind is in Parting Gifts, his first scene on ATS when he confronts Angel with the crossbow...he's not completely shaven, he's wearing all black (including leather pants! yum!) But I also thought early S4 Wes looked good, too.

    Angel - I think he looked better in the early days - Seasons 1 & 2 of Buffy. His face wasn't as filled out...and again, the leather coat. I think the scene at the end of Angel he looked particularly good. Also Cordelia's 'hello salty goodness' scene - also very hot!


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      For Buffy I think that in The Gift she always had that epic beauty.

      Angel, I think is in the first scene of his own show.... that he really started to shine.
      Xander- Go Fish, haha, but also The Freshman when he is telling Buffy how special she is.
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        For Buffy --

        "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered", when she asks out Xander in the library.

        "Hush", in her dream sequence, laying on Walsh's desk.

        Also want to concur with the "Once More, With Feeling" reference.

        For Dawn --

        "Dirty Girls", in the dining room and living room when Faith arrives.

        I'll think about others.
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          I would have to go with season five looks for most of them.
          SMG starts off that season looking great, healthy and beautiful. And hair is pretty and bouncy. In Buffy vs. Dracula she looks good playing at the beach.

          JM looks incredible in the dream sequence in Out of My Mind. Although I would be hard pressed to find a time he doesn't look good on Buffy. I also think he looks particularly good at the end of season seven. Ooh and I love the "killer the slayer during the boxer rebellion" look-with the baggy clothes and the ponytail. I know the blood dripping down the side of his face should distract but it just doesn't.

          AB looks beautiful in Family, kind of unearthly.

          AH I think looked best during Tabula Rasa -so season six- she had cute hair and was wearing a really sexy/cute black top when she did the over-powerful forgetty spell.

          MT looked best season seven. Potential, when Xander is telling Dawn that she is extraordinary always comes to mind as her at her most beautiful.

          NB always seemed a bit too good looking to play Xander (the guy who had a hard time getting a girl). He did put on a bit of weight there towards the end, but I don't think it looked bad on him. I guess I would go with season five for him too, or maybe season 4-he was adorable in Beer Bad.

          EC always looked good, but season five with the cute retro clothes and curly blonde hair was probably the best.
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            I think Cordy looked best in YW--just LOVE the hair! (Especially after all the blah haircuts of season 4 and the end of season 3--not to mention her awful hair mid-season 2!!!). I wish I could make my curls look like that, lol--it was just so bouncy and full-of-life, nice and dark (but not too dark like in season 2), but not too short (like in the dream sequence at the end of Awakening). And she just looks so perfect, with that low-cut, extremely flattering top, her old confidence and sharp sarcasm, in the words of Wes at the beginning, she looked "reall hot!" Lol, as Dana said for SMG, I might go gay for CC in YW!

            As for SMG, I think seasons 5 and 6 are her peak, very lovely, though I can't really think of a specific moment.

            DB definitely hits his peak in season 3 BTVS--not too skinny, and not too fat or broad in the face (though I think he's lost some weight now after Angel season 5). I hated how he dies his hair dark and wore it so short in season just looked bad! Like he was trying to match Cordy's bad hair-doos (well, as Willow says, "Love makes you do the wacky!" ).....however he was also really, really sexy as Angelus in season 2! Even with the evil eyeliner! I wish they had not had him in vamp!face during that fight in Killed By Death....thank goodness by the time Angelus came along they had figured out that it's SO much more entertaining to see these hot actos' faces rather than stupid vamp-faces....

            I agree with LRae, JM's face is way too thin in season 6....I think he looks best before then, like in season 2, when he first goes into normal face as he turns to look at Dru.

            Another moment I love is when Julie Benz spins around, changing to human face as she does so, after her first kill as a resurrected vamp in Reuinion....the look on her face is amazing....

            I don't know about Xander...I can't stand his sideburns in season 2 or his really long hair in season 5.....and I dislike Willow's really short hair in season 4.

            I love a superficial topic like this!
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              For Cordy --

              "The Prom" -- in her prom dress. Dayum.

              "Graduation, Part II" -- in the library with Wesley

              I'm just sticking with Buffy episodes.

              For Willow --

              "Dopplegangland" -- as VampWillow

              "Halloween" -- when she shows Buffy her outfit

              "Homecoming" -- her evening gown before smooching Xander

              For Faith --

              "Enemies" -- the scene in the Mayor's office where she is sitting on his desk and smiles at Angel

              "Consequences" -- when Xander goes to talk to her
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                I think the scene with Willow and Giles in "England" at the start of S7 is pretty amazing... Just beautiful...

                And yeah KoC...

                Vamp Willow when she smiles at her geeky self after being told not to kill anybody. LOL "hands! hands!"

                The first "sex scene" with Willow and Tara, actually a spell...

                I liked Spike best in the basement scene in Same Time Same Place where he's speaking with Will, Buffy and Xander. He's looks more than a wee bit off balance. Nice piece of acting on the part of Marsters and actually the look the character has in that period is extremely good IMO.

                Faith and Buffy are really at their best in those few shared dream sequences.

                Though there was something about the tribal Buffy in 'Restless'. I like SMG much more when they work the fact that she can appear to be quite feral. The prom queen thing is just not something I care for. I respect her as a great choice for the role simply because she can pull off both looks with equal grace.



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                  Buffy - The Gift, not the beginning but everything at the tower, seems to strike me. I don't know exactly why but I'm trying to be as shallow as possible and not mention her emotional state or what she's about to do.
                  All the Way, the woods scene when she's talking to Dawn. Her facial expressions are priceless.

                  Willow - Basically the entirety of Same Time, Same Place, especially the scene with Anya and the carpet.

                  Cordy- The Wish. The blue stuff makes her stand out in the Wishverse a bit too much, as it's really shiny.

                  Xander - Hell's Bells. You can see exactly what he's thinking even under the formal wear facade.
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                  Dawn: Yeah, and she borrows my clothes without asking.


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                    Well, they're all very attractive people and to choose scenes and episodes is impossible since they almost look stunning all the time but...

                    -Vamp Willow is very beautiful and sexy

                    -Willow in Conversations with Dead people

                    -And any other times whenever she smiles!!!

                    -Definitely in BB&B

                    -She looks stunning in the breakup scene in "The prom" and also in her lovely pink prom dress

                    -She looks beautiful throughout Season Five

                    -Fantastic when she tells Spike it's over in "As you were"

                    -She looks great in "Hells Bells"


                    -In "The Pack" very hot

                    -Throughout season Two


                    -ALWAYS!!! But especially in Season Five!!!

                    -When he threatens Snyder in "Dead Mans Party" I think it was

                    -Whenever he's singing or smiling

                    -She looked fantabulous in "Once More, With Feeling"

                    -Absolutely wonderful in "hells bells"

                    -Beautiful at the end of "Selfless" but also in the flashbacks

                    -Whenever she smiles mostly
                    Just under it, actually.


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                      I think Faith and Buffy are totally hot in most of their scenes in S3.14 - Bad Girls - especially the dancing scenes!


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                        -Becoming 2 when she knew that Angel got his soul back ,he held her & they both cries,priceless
                        - in s5 in general she look's amazing.
                        -Chosen in when Angel hit Caleb & when they kiss they look to each other.

                        -ALWAYS Specially when he became Angelus.

                        -S6 she looks'so beautiful her i love her hair her clothes.

                        -Early years to me she look's so pretty ,then the when she's in college.

                        -S7 would be my fave ,he's not that skinny anymore & actually look's hot ^^

                        -Mostly s7 .
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                          Xander: I'd go with S3, that scene with him and Faith having sex, so hot. Also, S1 The Pack, S3 The Wish. And all S4, he looked the best in S4 with the body and everything.

                          Spike: S4 as well, there was meat in his cheeks, and he wasn't that thin.

                          Giles: The later seasons, I liked his look much better in the later seasons than in high school years.

                          Buffy: S2. She was especially beautiful in BB&B.

                          Willow: early S4, I really loved her hair in the Kathy episode.

                          Anya: early S7, she was the most beautiful with her hair brown, especially in Selfless.

                          Dawn: S7. Shiny hair and more womanly.

                          Cordelia: S3 BtVS. Her hair was beautiful and her body was perfect.

                          Oz: I thought he looked better in high school years than in S4.
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                            Buffy - throughout s1, s3 and the start of s5 and s7- I didn't really find her that hot in s6?

                            Willow- start of s4 and s7

                            Cordy- s1,s2,s3 of Btvs and she looks so god damn hot in Your Welcome, why didn't they keep her like that all the time! I don't think she ever looked better, although I think just her personality made her shine there as well.. I miss Cordelia!

                            Fred- s5 of Ats

                            Anya- s5, s7 In s4 she looked so bad!

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                              Oz is my favourite character, and looks his absolute best in season four - Wild at Heart stands out in particular. Very hot. Must be all that angst.


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                                Wow, alot of seasons people are fans of, too bad everyone slipped from the point of this thread, meaning episodes - not seasons

                                I gotta agree with Llywela thought, Oz is a definite nummy treat in the fourth season and Wild at Heart with the shirt off and all, numm numm
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                                  For Buffy, I would say either in Chosen when she was about to jump or in the prom when she began todance with Angel. I'm 50 50 between the two.The former for its "noble" feeling. The latter because Buffy seemed to finally have that perfect, happy moment she had always been looking for.

                                  However, for Connor, my favorite character. I would put his "alive" moment when he was in the altar with Cordy. It was such a subtle masterpiece of philosophy and agony,that I found it one of the most evocative scenes I have ever seen in my life.


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                                    Originally posted by Dana View Post
                                    Wow, alot of seasons people are fans of, too bad everyone slipped from the point of this thread, meaning episodes - not seasons
                                    Oops! Sorry

                                    Buffy: I think she looked her prettiest when she was hitting on Xander in BB&B, she looked really really hot. I also loved that shot of her when she was told that Glory was a god, she looked so beautiful, her hair was beautiful.

                                    Xander: The Pack. Hands down. That scene when Buffy was holding the pig and Xander walked in, he looked his sexiest. Also in The Wish when The Master ran his hand on Xander's cheek, slashy and yummy. Oh, oh, Pangs!Xander digging. Those upper arms. I was right with Anya with the drooling.

                                    Willow: The Kathy episode, forgot its name. That scene where she, Oz, Giles and Buffy were listening to Buffy's dream. The hair and outfit were stunning.

                                    Giles: "I'd like to test that theory." Best Giles shot ever.

                                    Cordelia: The Zeppo. The scene where Cordelia was staring at Xander flirting with the blonde girl who was more interested in his car. She looked beautiful.

                                    Oz: My favorite Oz shot was when he was sitting on bed in Wild At Heart, unsure what to do.

                                    Dawn: Lessons. After she recovered from her fake pencil attack. Also right before Xander kissed her cheek in Potential, she looked beautiful with tears filling her eyes, and a small accepting smile on her lips.

                                    Anya: That shot of her in Selfless, when she looked at Xander tearfully after Hallie's death before she walked out of the building.

                                    Spike: The Initiative. When he just woke up from the coma in his cell. The lips. Sigh. The lips.
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                                      Xander's best looking was his appearance in "Lessons" when he walks up to Buffy's door in his suit.

                                      Joyce looked her best... absolutely gorgeous... in "I Was Made to Love You" when she was getting ready for the date by spinning for Buffy and Dawn. Her other best moment was definitely in Xander's dream in "Restless".

                                      Giles with the chainsaw is one of his better moments.

                                      Tara in Xander's dream in "Restless". Maybe it sounds cheap, but she looks incredible. I'd also say the scene where Willow is watching her at school in Season 6.

                                      I'm still having trouble thinking of more for Willow and Anya.
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                                        For Buffy:

                                        Of course Buffy always looks great to me but these two stand out. When she was talking to Dawn on the tower in The Gift and when she jumped. Her beauty is heartbreaking! But then again she has a heartbreaking smile.

                                        In The Prom, she was absolutely a fairy tale princess, and then there's the heartbreaking smile again. And her hair was so shiny!!! I was wondering what conditioner she used.

                                        For Cordy:

                                        Cordy, for me, always looks amazing in a short skirt. She has great legs. But although I think she also reigns in formal wear, I found her absolutely stunning in Homecoming after she and Buffy were all messed up. Cordy looked like an amazon queen, if that makes any sense.

                                        For Fred:

                                        I loved her look in Waiting in the Wings. Joss was right she looked like a young Audrey Hepburn, and I adore Audrey Hepburn to this day.

                                        For Wesley:

                                        Wesley looked great to me in the early seasons of Angel when he still had a sense of humour But the leather pants was absolutely sexy because it was also not something he would usually wear.

                                        For Willow:

                                        Absolutely the beginning of S7 in England.

                                        I may have to come back to this because I forgot the episode titles for where the other characters looked great to me.
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