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    In this scenario I want us to pretend that there is going to be a film version merging the Buffy and Angel shows together. For some reason though none of the actors sign up for the film. If you could pick from anybody which actors would you like to see play the roles of the any of the main characters?

    For example: Hugh Laurie as Giles, Angelina Jolie as Faith, Christian Bale as Angel, etc, etc, etc
    I've only just come up with this idea, so my suggestions are off the top of my head!
    I know it would feel like betrayal to see other people playing the roles, but could be good fun playing the casting role!

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    omg, i could never ever accept a buffy movie without the original actors but just for fun I'll play.

    Buffy- Brittany Murphy- has sort of the same look/frame & demeanor as smg.
    Xander- Ashton Kutcher- so cute. can be goofy as well as sexy.
    Willow- Isla Fisher- perfect fit for willows look & behavior.
    Angel- Josh Hartnett- big shoes to fill, but josh hartnett seems capable of the sexy brooding
    Spike- Johnny Depp- JD can probably do just about anything and I'd kill to see him with slicked platinum blonde hair and a leather jacket. Plus-hello cheekbones!
    Dawn- Lauren German- beautiful girl and intense actress. Could pull off dawns vulnerability and occasional craziness.

    That's all I got for now.
    Hellmouth Tourist
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      Same cast except Michelle Trachtenberg, replaced by Amber Tamblyn.