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Whoa! Hated on much?

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  • Whoa! Hated on much?

    Yeah, so, wow -- totally getting angry e-mails from some senior forum person, getting threads closed. How dare I question the legitimacy of Season Eight in the ::: gasp ::: Season-Eight-Free-Zone-That-Is-The-Buffy-Forum?

    The fact that this board even made the current season of Buffy into a SUB forum is totally degrading to what Joss is accomplishing right now and is totally degrading to BtVS as a complete work. Season Eight is the eighth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And for those who don't think so? Maybe you should check the reason why you say you love the show so much in the first place. Because if it was for the show's themes, its writing and purpose, you wouldn't be so repulsed by this new format.

    Maybe what you really loved about the show was your infatuations with some of the actors playing parts in the show.

    I mean, even the title of the SUB category is degrading. "Season Eight Comic Style"? THAT'S your all-things-season-eight forum? That would be like calling the Buffy forum "Season One through Seven Television Style". It's absurd and it's biased and it's disrespectful to the series as a whole.

    ANYway -- after going to great effort by posting pics and descriptions and opinions about Season Eight in an effort to win over some more readers to the ACTUAL Buffy (not the time-capsule Buffy that is just the first part of the series) and hurriedly having that thread locked down and assassinated, I will definately not be taking part in any more discussions on the medium-biased forum that is Buffy, but will instead reside in the SUB category of Season Eight.

    It's too bad some people just can't can't come together, can't accept change.

    But hey, at least this isn't a reflection of the popular vote, yeah?

    Season Eight: 0

    Obama: Won.

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    Nurse he's outta bed again!!

    Seriously, is this a good idea to start a thread just for this? And once again please don't take it for granted that everyone here reads or even likes season 8. Believe me they don't. I also suggest that If you have serious issues with how this board is run please take it up with a mod.
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      Originally posted by sueworld View Post
      Nurse he's outta bed again!!

      Seriously, is this a good idea to start a thread just for this?
      Uh-oh. I mentioned the next season of Buffy again in the Only-seasons-one-through-seven-forum!



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        I'm sorry but this is just spamming and being petty. I really don't see the point of this thread. We have strict anti-spamming rules on this forum and I suggest you stick to them, we have these rules for a reason.

        I'm sorry you feel that this forum is degrading but most members actually like it here.


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          I was going to write this big post, but nah...

          It is how it is. So not all the fans like season 8 as much as they like the other seasons on TV. TV and comics are a different thing, and it is understandable for people to love the TV show but not to love the comics. Even if it was by Joss Whedon.

          As for terminating your threads, I guess you broke a rule or two for them to close it up, otherwise I don't believe there was any other reason. I'm a Buffy fan for a very long time now, but I rarely discuss it on the forums. As for season 8 being a subforum, it's far from degrading. I'm sure the moderators thought it was right, and that is their call.

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            I am the one that came up with the idea of the Season 8 Subforum. I did it to nurture topic discussion.

            Having the subforum gives:
            1. Promotion. It is the first thing seen at the top of the Buffy Section. Always.
            2. Exposure. It has room for all of S8 topics in the last month or so to be on the first page of the section. Threads get more exposure.
            3. Distinction. S8 is a unique event it deserves to stand apart from all the discussion of old events.
            4. Organization. People only looking for S8 news and threads can find them easily.
            5. Spoilers. Not everyone can get the Buffy comics as they are released. Some people can only afford to get them as the trade paperbacks. Some people in foreign countries have to wait longer to get them. It's not fair for these people to be subjected to finding out about the events of the comic by having to read S8 thread titles.
            6. Inclusion. The comics are part of BTVS lore. If we made a separate section on the main page saying comics, then it would be defining them as apart from the tv show.

            I apologize to anyone that feels put out by the effort it takes to make another click to reach the S8 forum. I think it's the best way for all the diverse members of the forum to be appeased. I think the S8 forum has flourished well and am quite happy to see all its activity.

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