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  • Top 10 Most Rewatched Episodes

    I know I've watched every BtVS episode at least more than twice - but I got to thinking, what episodes have I really revisited more than the others? This isn't a list of your top ten favourites, just the ones you find more rewatchable than others. I know there's a distinct difference for me at least - some of my favourite episodes I don't like to rewatch as much as the smaller ones. The Body is a good example - easily one of my top 5 episodes, but it's too depressing to revisit constantly.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
    Graduation Day, Part I
    /Graduation Day, Part II
    Get It Done

    Top Ten:

    10. Doppelgangland - Such a funny, enjoyable episode and Vamp Willow is a lot of fun, I think this would be a popular choice among the fans for most rewatchable episode.

    9/8. Becoming, Part I/Becoming, Part II - These episodes never get old. Joss' writing at it's very strongest - particularly the second part. I love revisiting the scene where Buffy kills Angel because Sarah's acting is just so incredible there.

    7. Family - This episode never fails to cheer me up, so I play it when I'm feeling down sometimes. I especially love the last scene - just beautiful. The episode itself is a bit cliche in places but it doesn't bother me because the episode just gives me the warm-and-fuzzies more than any other.

    6. Hush - This is the episode I show everyone to get them into BtVS, it works really well as a standalone and is such an original idea that everyone just enjoys it. There's a lot of comedy, it's scary...just an all-round fantastic episode, especially for non-fans.

    5. Chosen - Because it's the last episode, when the show ended I don't know what fan wouldn't have constantly replayed this episode every day to catch every last detail. There's something really nostalgic about this episode that keeps me revisiting it long after the show has finished. The battle sequence is bloody amazing as well, which ensures big entertainment every time.

    4. Once More, With Feeling - And that doesn't even include the playcounts of the songs on my ITunes

    3/2/1. Villains/Grave/Two to Go - These episodes easily come in at first second and third place. I love the Dark Willow arc and I've definitely revisited it more than any other. These episodes are just so entertaining and I get a kick out of Alyson's tour-de-force performance every time. Amazing.

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    This list can be wrong because I never counted the times I rewatch an episode.

    1. Amends, I can't help myself but sometimes I just need to see this episode. Sometimes I just need to see that dead animal under Angelus' nose.

    2. Passion, the poem and the scary Angelus scenes. It's my favourite episode and I love to watch it.

    3. Halloween, not a big favourite of me. But it was for a long time the only one I taped so I could only rewatch this one. And come on, it's fun!

    4. Becoming part 2, *sniff* brilliant episode.

    5. Suprise, I love this episode ... it's so happy. But I can't watch Innocence after seeing Suprise. I did that once and my 13 years old heart broke.

    For the other episodes ... I think it's an equal amount of times for the most of the episodes of s1,2&3.


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      10/9. Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest

      8/7. Becoming Parts 1 & 2

      6. Restless

      5. Band Candy

      4/3. Graduation Day Pts 1 & 2

      1/2. Surprise/Innocence

      Honourable Mention: Prophecy Girl, Hush

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        1 - Welcome To The Hellmouth, The Harvest, Angel, Prophecy Girl
        2 - School Hard, Halloween, Lie To Me, What's My Line?, pts. 1&2, Bad Eggs, Surprise, Innocence, Passion, Becoming, pts. 1&2
        3 - Faith, Hope And Trick, Beauty And The Beasts, The Wish, Amends, Bad Girls, Consequences, Enemies, Choices, The Prom, Graduation Day, pts. 1&2
        4 - The Harsh Light Of Day, The Initiative, Pangs, Something Blue, The Yoko Factor, Restless
        5 - Fool For Love, Blood Ties, Crush, Forever, Intervention
        6 - Once More, With Feeling, Smashed, Dead Things, Hell's Bells, Entropy, Seeing Red, Villains
        7 - Lessons, Beneath You, Selfless, Conversations With Dead People, Sleeper, Lies My Parents Told Me, Dirty Girls

        1 - City Of..., Rm W/ A Vu, I Will Remember You, Hero, Somnambulist, The Prodigal, The Ring, Five By Five
        2 - Judgment, Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, Dear Boy, Darla, The Trial, Reunion, Reprise
        3 - Heartthrob, Fredless, Billy, Offspring, Lullaby, Waiting In The Wings, Loyalty, Sleep Tight, Forgiving, The Price, A New World, Benediction
        4 - Deep Down, Spin The Bottle, Apocalypse, Nowish, Soulless, Calvary, Salvage, Orpheus, Inside Out, The Magic Bullet, Peace Out, Home
        5 - Hell Bound, Lineage, Soul Purpose, A Hole In The World, Shells, Underneath, Origin, Time Bomb, Not Fade Away

        I think I've probably watched Angel the most. For some reason, I watch that one A LOT. Surprise, Innocence, Passion, Becoming, Amends, The Prom, City Of..., Darla, Reprise, Fredless, Billy, Sleep Tight, Forgiving, Deep Down, Soulless, Inside Out and Shells are close competitors. 50 times watched each is probably the minimum for all of those episodes. I think I actually watch Becoming, pt. 1 more than Becoming, pt. 2 because it has all the Darla/Angel flashbacks. I'm a big-time flashback whore.

        Anything full of flashbacks, mushy B/A or extreme angst and character death is usually high on my list.
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          I'm not generally one for watching episodes out of order - I tend to watch all the seasons through in order each time. But, if I had to pick ones to rewatch, I'd go for...though, order may change....and I could give you a different list if you asked me tomorrow...

          10) Him - the most fun you can have in season 7. The look on Willow's face when she realises she can change his sex.... brilliant.

          9) Storyteller - sorry, I take that back, this is the most fun you can have in season 7. Why can't you just masterbate like normal people?

          8) Superstar - a companion piece to Storyteller, I feel. Love the credits, love the reworking of the Buffyverse with a different centre. Love Jonathan's musical offerings, and all the pop culture playfulness. Plus, Riley being made to feel tall - I don't know why I find that so funny.

          7) Restless - it's not one I could rewatch in every mood, because it needs a certain kind of focus, but I love how you can notice new parallels and references every time you watch it.

          6) Smashed - sometimes, a bit of sex and violence is very enjoyable.

          5) Band Candy - Giles being hot, Snyder being hilarious. Oh, and they sing a song with my name in it.

          4) Buffy vs Dracula - this episode sums up so much that's brilliant about Buffy. Genre games, meaningful lines mixed in with silliness... excellent dialogue ("music video wind" - one of those casual descriptions that sums up something perfectly).

          3) Something Blue - many many classic lines. I love a good spell-gone-wrong.

          2) Who are You? - Faith-in-Buffy, Buffy-in-Faith. It's like really slashy theology (three in one, one in three... or is that Cylon PWP?). Also, has the classic "I could ride you to a gallop" scene between Fuffy and Spike.

          1) OMWF - works completely out of context due to everybody singing, dancing around...and I can always go "la la la I'm not listening" about Xander's role as the instigator.

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            "Fool for Love", "Once More, With Feeling" and "Chosen". Also, I don't make a point of rewatching "Welcome to the Hellmouth", like I do in the case of the above episodes, but I've somehow ended up watching it more times than any other.

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              Originally posted by Enisy View Post
              "Fool for Love", "Once More, With Feeling" and "Chosen". Also, I don't make a point of rewatching "Welcome to the Hellmouth", like I do in the case of the above episodes, but I've somehow ended up watching it more times than any other.
              oh, I missed FFL! Perhaps because I haven't watched any season 5 lately, so it wasn't at the top of my mind. I pretty much watch things through in order every time... but there are some episodes that I enjoy in isolation during those rewatches - as in, they feel like discrete experiences I could repeat, rather than so much just a part of the flow.

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                Once more with feeling
                graduation day part 2
                Graduation day part 1
                Conversations with dead People

                In no particular order.
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                  My Most Watched Episodes Per Season

                  Season 1:"Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest", "Witch", "The Pack", "Out of Mind, Out of Sight",

                  Season 2: "School Hard", "Inca Mummy Girl", "Halloween", "The Dark Age", "What's My Line?", "Bad Eggs", "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"

                  Season 3: "Band Candy", "The Wish", "Doppelgangland", "Earshot", "The Prom"

                  Season 4: "The Freshman", "The Harsh Light of Day", "Beer Bad", "Wild at Heart", "Pangs", "Something Blue", "Hush", "A New Man", "This Years Girl", "Who Are You?", "Restless"

                  Season 5: "Buffy vs. Dracula", "The Replacement", "Family", "Fool For Love", "Listening to Fear", "Into the Woods", "Triangle", "Checkpoint", "Crush", "The Body", "Intervention"

                  Season 6: "Life Serial", "Once More, With Feeling", "Tabula Rasa", "Older and Far Away", "Grave"

                  Season 7: "Lessons", "Help", "Selfless", "Him", "Conversations with Dead People", "Potential", "The Killer in Me", "First Date", "Lies My Parents Told Me", "Chosen"

                  Top Ten Most Watched Episodes

                  10. Tabula Rasa
                  9. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
                  8. The Harsh Light of Day
                  7. Lies My Parents Told Me
                  6. School Hard
                  5. The Killer in Me
                  4. Pangs
                  3. Fool For Love
                  2. What's My Line?
                  1. Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest


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                    This is tough for me because when I watch Buffy, I usually watch it on order, but on occasions I put one ep just to cheer me up because a lot of days without my Buffy fix is terrible.

                    I don?t know why but I love watching the first four episodes of S3 and S5.

                    Dead Man?s Party
                    Faith, Hope and Trick
                    Beauty and the Beast
                    The Wish
                    Once more with Feeling
                    Fool for Love
                    Buffy vs Dracula
                    Real Me

                    Honorable mentions. Villains, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, The Replacement and Graduation day pt 2.
                    As I said, tough choice!


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                      I rewatch these ones frequently for sure

                      School Hard
                      Tabula Rasa
                      Life Serial
                      Normal Again
                      The Prom


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                        When I watch Buffy, I usually watch the whole series altogether, but I occasionally pick a couple to watch and they are usually my favourites:

                        10. All The Way
                        9. Beer Bad
                        8. Band Candy
                        7. Storyteller
                        6. Hush
                        5. School Hard
                        4. Enemies
                        3/2. Graduation Day pt 1 and 2
                        1. Something Blue


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                          Glad to see I'm not the only one who included Anne. A very rewatchable episode for me.


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                            I don't count how many times I've watched a certain episode, but I think I know which ones I've watched the most, not necessarily in order:

                            Prophecy Girl, Becoming Part 2, Passion, Doppelgangland, Hush, Restless, The Body, The Gift, Once More, With Feeling, Chosen.


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                              My most re-watched definitly come from seasons two and three, but not all. The ones I probably watch the most in no real order are;

                              Graduation Day I & II
                              Becoming I & II
                              The Wish
                              Prophecy Girl
                              The Gift
                              This Years Girl/Who Are You
                              The Freshman

                              Unfortunately being part of the online fandom has turned me off seasons six and seven, after talking about them I can't help but watch them and just grow pissed off the more and more I've grown to dislike certain elements about them and it wrecks any real enjoyment outta them, I appreciate them especially season six but unless I'm doing a marathon I very rarley pop in an episode for other season for enjoyment.

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                                Okay, I'll try to make a more detailed list, too.

                                1) Welcome to the Hellmouth: I'm not a big fan of this one, but I've probably watched it more times than any other, because, being the first episode, it's one I always manage to watch in my many (many) failed Buffy rewatch efforts, and it's one I necessarily go through while picking and choosing episodes with which to introduce friends to the series. Those are the main reasons, but I do sometimes get the urge to watch it for its own merit, too, since it is basically the show stripped to its core message and to Joss's original intentions.

                                2) Once More, With Feeling: The short explanation for this is... I love musicals. They're actually my main interest now in college (Theatrical Studies). And while it's not my favourite episode (third favourite, maybe), I do think it's the best production-wise and concept-wise.

                                3) Chosen: Like Welcome to the Hellmouth, Chosen is the show stripped to its core message, so there's something very... pure about it, despite its failings. The blatant girl power (empowerment spell, Buffy's beginning of a smile), the subtle Scooby love (the circle and the scene outside the schoolbus), the romance (Angel/Buffy and especially Spike/Buffy), I totally eat that stuff up.

                                4) Fool for Love: Like Doug Petrie pointed out, this episode is All About Spike and Buffy. And I happen to love Spike and Buffy, and this happens to be their best episode.

                                5) The Gift: Favourite season finale.

                                6) Lessons: This is a similar case to Welcome to the Hellmouth: the one episode I inevitably revisit both when I'm trying to rewatch Season 7 and when I'm brainstorming as to whether a friend would enjoy this season or not. (Which I mostly just do for Season 1 and Season 7, to make certain that the show will start on a high-ish note and end on a high-ish note.) At least it's an episode I like lots.

                                7) Dead Things: For Sarah and James's incredible acting and for 'shippy purposes. Shuddup!

                                8) Grave: This is easily the most cathartic season finale in the series, to me. When Sarah McLachlan starts singing and Buffy climbs out of that grave and Willow sobs in Xander's arms and Giles and Anya stumble toward the door... any other show I would have cried "CHEESE!", but this show makes me tear up instead. Dammit.

                                9) Conversations with Dead People: This is one of the best episodes in general -- creepy and touching and funny by turns -- but the reason I rewatch it is Buffy's psychiatric appointment. It's the best character study for my favourite character, and all the more appreciated because Buffy so rarely lets people in on her thoughts and feelings.

                                10) Prophecy Girl: I'm not actually sure why, but if you pressed me, I'd probably tell you it's because of Sarah's acting, Buffy's prom dress and the girl power.
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                                  I've seen most episodes once only, beign a fairly new fan, and the only one I've seen three times is Once More, With Feeling. There are several others I've seen twice, usually while doing a highlight rewatch so to say. I yet have to figure out which will become my most watched ones.
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                                    Once more with Feeling is easily my most watched! A weekly occurance if possible. And even more if I can! Combining Buffy with Music is epic. Plus Tara singing =

                                    But these are the others that make up the top 10 that I would constantly re-watch

                                    School Hard
                                    Tabula Rasa ( Mainly because it's on the same disk as OMWF)
                                    The Wish
                                    Fool For Love
                                    Teacher's Pet (only kidding )
                                    New Moon Rising
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                                      You do dig Vamp Willow, eh?
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                                      I'm forging my crematorium
                                      Your tomb is waiting here for you
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                                        From BtVS:

                                        Beneath You - the church scene is incredibly dramatic and I love it!
                                        Chosen - no explantion for this one, it really felt like a great ending to me.
                                        Touched - Spike's speech makes me cry everytime.
                                        Once more, with feeling - I can't resist singing along!
                                        Smashed - Spuffy fan here, so...
                                        Fool for love
                                        Something blue
                                        Tabula Rasa
                                        Lies my parents told me
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