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  • Easter Eggs?

    I was just watching Grave again and I noticed a book by William Shatner among the rubble of The Magic Box when Willow and Giles are fighting. Seems a little out of place in a magic shop. Wonder who decided to put it there.

    Has anyone else seen something out of place/ real-worldish in the Buffy universe? Or any references/callbacks to previous episodes that weren't specifically mentioned or relevant to that episode?
    And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

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    The dialogue is chalk full of them.

    I was watching Storytellers earlier today and like the fact that Andrews imaginary library at the beginning was all oxfordy but had star wars stuff all over it.

    Also I still laugh every time I see Buffy's roommate hang up the Celine Deon poster in the freshmen.
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      This isn't really that out of place, but in the Angel episode "Couplet", Wesley and Angel walk into the bookstore and there's a close shot of one of those triumbric (or whatever) books that Wesley had in Pylea, the Wolf, Ram and Hart ones and I'm pretty sure they were supposed to be dimension specific and not need to exist in this one.


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        I?ve never noticed that stuff. I guess I?m too involved in the episode that those kind of stuff pass me by.


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          All I know is, someone on that show was obsessed with String Cheese Incident