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Willow and Kennedy or Tara and Kennedy..

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  • Willow and Kennedy or Tara and Kennedy..

    This thought just came up with my head, if Willow had been the one to die and Tara had lived, most of the episodes probably would have played out (It's possible Tara could have gone dark, we never really saw how powerful exactly she was).

    So do you think Willow would have been better suited for Kennedy or Tara?

    I think Kennedy would have been more into Willow, I dunno I just don't see Tara dating Kennedy, many Tara/Fred or someone like that, but Tennedy? (Or Kara) doesn't seem like a great pairing, I am not sure how exactly thier relationship would actually play out, even Willow is different compared to kennedy, there were still some traces of season 1 Willow that reminded me of season 4 Tara.

    So Willow/Kennedy would be the best I say, bit I am not asking my opioin, I am asking for what you think?

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    Well I'd rather there be no Kennedy but thats not what was asked. I think that Willow/Kennedy is more realistic than Tara/Kennedy. I'm not so sure Tara would go for someone like Kennedy,m I'm not sure why though.
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      Turning Tara dark would've been very hard to do, probably impossible.

      Willow always has this sharp edge in her which is usually well-wrapped; I don't think Tara really liked that in Willow, that she was afraid of it. She could feel the power, but also Willow's ability to knife someone very effectively without fuss, even if she's remorseful afterward. Kennedy doesn't hide the edge; doesn't have that duality that Willow (is Willow Gemini? betcha) has. And she'd pick up on its absence in Tara, and that would be an immense turn-off.
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        I think it was right of them to turn Willow dark because willow was sort of a nieve thats the impression that i got from willow.

        I thnk that Willow suited Kennedy, but i always thought what Willow and Tara had was so sweet.

        I agree i'd rather Kennedy not be in it because i don't think Tara abd Kennedy would have gone so well.
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          Yeah, I would also have prefered that there was no Kennedy, but what can you do? Haha. If I had to choose, I would say Willow and Kennedy just because that is what I'm used to. I didn't like Kennedy, but I was happy that she made Willow happy. I just can't picture Kennedy and Tara together.
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            There's an interesting tangent here -- had Willow been shot, how would Tara have grieved?

            Willow's insecurity concealed a volatile mixture, especially her resentment about too often being regarded as Buffy's sidekick (or at least thinking others saw her that way) & as a sort of brilliant work-drone; and she had a need to preserve purly private joys from being spoiled or destroyed. Tara's death was the last straw and she struck out against a universe which constantly ruined people she loved.

            Tara didn't seem to be angry, even with her family; regretful and separate and different; even when Spike knocks her on the nose to prove she's human, her response is oddly mild. She can express jealousy, but she seems untroubled by furies otherwise.

            Exploration of Kennedy would've disclosed someone driven towards perfection the way Willow was, but with fewer interior obstacles.
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              On the dark part - I don't think that they could have had Tara turn dark. She was into the magic, but made it clear many times that it should only be used for good. The only time that I can think of (more will probably come to me after I post this) that Tara used magic for anything bad was in "Family" when she blinded everyone to demons, and that was with good intentions. Based off of that, I couldn't see her going dark.

              On Kennedy, I can't see Tara and Kennedy together at all. I personally found her to be too much of a tougher match for Willow. Not in a physical way, but just her attitude and personality. Tara was strong in her own way, but she was a much sweeter type. Which is something that always made me wonder why Willow was attracted to Kennedy in the first place. She didn't seem her type. Even when she was with Oz, he was a sweeter personality. Minus the whole werewolf thing...

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