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  • Sarah's Top 10 Performances

    Choose what you think are Sarah's top ten Buffy performances by episode - the ones that her talent shines the most in.

    10. Forever (5.17)
    Sarah's really on the money following her even more impressive work on the previous episode, showing Buffy's desperate attempts to not fall apart following the loss of mother, and subsequent emotional breakdown that brings the episode to a climax.

    9. Innocence (2.14)
    Most notably for the famous "scene where Buffy goes to Angel's place and he is mean to her", as Joss puts it in his commentary.

    8. Prophecy Girl (1.12)
    For the first time Sarah's given really meaty drama to sink her teeth into and rises to the occasion. "Read me the signs! Tell me my fortune!"

    7. Dead Things (6.13)
    The episode takes a often-disturbing look into Buffy's fragmented state of mind. Sarah's off-screen objections to the material clearly didn't affect her amazing performance. The alleyway when she's beating on Spike and the final scene with Tara...dramatic perfection.

    6. After Life (6.03)
    Buffy faces a more than slight struggle adjusting to being back from the grave...the episode takes the show to a new level thematically. Sarah's performance of this damaged Buffy is outstanding.

    5. Once More, With Feeling (6.07)
    Again, Sarah hated making this episode but she shouldn't be so hard on herself. Personally I think she's a great singer, I'm probably one of the only fans who thinks so.

    4. Intervention (5.18)
    Sarah's most hilarious performance IMO, her portrayal of the Buffybot had me

    3. Who Are You (4.16)
    Sarah seems to be having so much here, banging out her dialogue with a real sassy wit and sexuality. She plays Faith just as well - if not better - than Eliza Dushku herself.

    2. Becoming, Part II (2.22)
    Buffy does some serious growing up in this episode, a coming-of-age that Sarah totally nails. The scene where Buffy kills Angel...just WOW. Blew me out of the water. There's this moment as she hugs him, the music swells and she realises what she has to do - you can just see the heartbreak in her eyes. Always gets me

    1. The Body (5.16)
    I don't think I really even need to explain this one - it's probably the entire cast's best work on the show. Just ridiculous Sarah didn't get an Emmy nomination, at least the Golden Globes honoured her that year (though she should've won of course!).

    Honorable Mentions:

    When She Was Bad
    I Only Have Eyes For You
    The Prom
    Into the Woods
    The Gift
    Normal Again
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    I won't make a list because the next moments are on the same level; Becoming, Innocence, The Body, I Will Remember You and Prophecy Girl. I know that the most people love the way she cries, but for me is quite a hit or miss. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it looks redicilous. But she is a good drama actress who had her best moments in the Angelus arc IMO.

    For comedy; I love her ditzy Buffy. SMG nails Buffy!Bot and also her ditzy Buffy in 'Him' is very funny. But in the most cases it's the way she delivers lines.


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      I Only Have Eyes For You definitely deserves a spot on the honorable mentions list.

      I love the way she cries, she's great at it. The only time I found her crying unbelievable was in Grave.


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        Top ten.. Probably (in no order);

        Prophecy Girl- "I'm sixteen years old, I don't want to die" and she also plays the fear great when the Master kills her.
        The Body- The whole episode, it showed some raw intensity.
        Becoming II- The whole "close your eyes" scene, so many emotions on her face.
        Innocence- Real vulnerability.
        Who Are You- I agree, she plays Faith brilliantly, and I particularly love "I am not a killer! I am the slayer and you don't know the first thing about me!"
        I Only Have Eyes for You- She's just great at crying
        The Gift- "I just wish- I just wish my mum was here"
        Forever- Final scene between her and Dawn
        The Freshman- She makes me really sympathise for Buffy and I love how she brings on the kickass later on
        The Prom- "I feel like I can't breathe" scene where she cries to Willow. Sarah stated that they had to shut down the set for 20 min that day because she couldn't stop crying, but I think that's in the scene where Angel actually breaks up with her, so I don't know what it was, but she's really, really convincing in that scene.

        After that, definitely Dead Things and I Will Remember You for honourable mentions.

        But she's pretty much always great, I can hardly fault her.
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          Honourable mentions should definitely include Helpless. Of course, the scene where Giles tells her why she's lost her powers, but also the way she explores what the character of Buffy would be if she didn't have her powers - especially the scene where she's chased by Kralik.


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            I think I'd probably have to go pretty much with vampmogs' list, but I think "Anne" really deserves a place in there somewhere. Sarah nails the weary, going-through-the-motions, too-broken-to-give-a-damn Buffy. And the turnaround: (Big smile, deadly eyes) "I'm Buffy. The vampire slayer. And you are . . . ?" rocks.
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              Oh and how did I forget the end of Dead Things - 'Please don't forgive me.' I think that would have to be my number 1!


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                Originally posted by Retrograde View Post
                Honourable mentions should definitely include Helpless. Of course, the scene where Giles tells her why she's lost her powers, but also the way she explores what the character of Buffy would be if she didn't have her powers - especially the scene where she's chased by Kralik.
                I completely agree with this.

                I also have a really soft spot for Sarah's performance in Earshot. I don't know why...but it feels like she was trying something different with the character (being more...cutesy, maybe?) and I have to say it was brilliant. Maybe it's just cause she's adorable in that episode, and I don't generally find Sarah THAT adorable, but Earshot won me over.

                And I also totally agree with Prophecy Girl. That was the moment that said: "here is what Buffy is about."
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                  Normal Again and Dead Things.


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                    I?m gonna rank them, because there are so many great ones that I just can?t put them in order. These are some of my favourite performances by Sarah.

                    Becoming pt 2
                    Normal Again
                    The Gift
                    The Prom
                    Dead Things
                    Once more with Feeling
                    I Only Have eyes for you

                    Honorable mentions: I Only have eyes for you; Helpless; When she was bad; Halloween

                    She conveys a lot of emotions through her expressions, and of course when she cries, my heart just melts.


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                      1. Amends - Intervening Angel from killing himself; broke my heart; spoke the truth about life
                      2. Becoming Part 2 - sword fighting; sold every single emotion in every single scene
                      3. Forever - Expressing to Dawn how alone she feels; she is just a little girl without a mom
                      4. The Prom - "I want my life to be with you."
                      5. Innocence - "You must be so disappointed in me."
                      6. Living Conditions - Hilarious; "Oh, I'll show you share time."
                      7. Prophecy Girl - "I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die."
                      8. Normal Again - She expressed exactly how one feels when they're depressed
                      9. Him - Too funny; "This is your plan? You're gonna get RJ by being... trisected!?"
                      10. Bring on the Night - Badass general; "We're not ready? They're not ready."


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                        Weredog I totally want to steal your list and just omit, Amends, Forever and The Prom but since I don't want to copy I'll make my own. I do have tons of love for "share time" though so I may have to add that one to my list because it's just so... well awesome!

                        Since we all know Becoming, The Body, WAY? and Innocence etc etc etc all show SMG's talents, I've decided to do a list of not so obvious choices:

                        1. Ted! (yes it was an extremely cheesy episode but she showed exactly how a slayer should react after they've murdered someone, unlike another slayer we know *coughfaithcough*)

                        2. When She Was Bad (I know some of you have mentioned it but I couldn't make a best of SMG list and not put the ultimate bitca episode on it. Sarah can play the bitca better than anyone, 'nuf said)

                        3. ENEMIES (Yes you knew it was going to be on my list but you can't beat "may I say something?...... psych!" )

                        4. Something Blue (she plays ditzy in love really well )

                        5. The I In Team (Come on, when Sarah pops up on the screen you know you were giddy with excitement. You cannot tell me her delivery of the line "if you think that's enough to kill me, you really don't know what a slayer is. But trust me when I tell you you're gonna find out." Oh and her delivery of this line, "Why exactly can't we damage this Polka thing's arms? I mean, not that I want to. It's just, in my experience, when fighting for your life, body parts get damaged. And better its bits than mine" is pure genius. )

                        6. Restless ("well at least you didn't have that guy with the cheese. Don't know where the hell that came from." Hysterical. It's all about delivery with this girl, I'm tellin ya)

                        7. Into the Woods (Her anger and disgust for Riley seemed so real. Plus yelling "tell me about your whores" the way she did is always going to add some extra points on there)

                        8. Checkpoint (She played a smooth badass in that eppy. Just the posture she chose while she stood or the way she was sitting during the scene where Buffy's telling off the council just worked so incredibly well. It seems like nothing special I guess, but had Sarah not chosen to cross her arms at certain times and the hair flips she did in that scene sorry I had to mention her hair, it's honestly perfect in this ep but I digress... I don't think it would have the same badass effect.)

                        9. Seeing Red (Even though most of us don't like the episode, we can't not acknowledge hearing SMG say "tell me again why I could never love you" didn't pull at our heartstrings. Let alone her having to act like someone is trying to rape her so kudos to Sarah.)

                        10. For this one I don't want to really go with a specific episode but whenever she played the First, like in Touched, she did a fabulous job. I say Touched as the example just for her one line, "I wanna feel. I want to wrap my hands around some innocent neck and feel it crack." It is just soooo damn creepy that I can't not acknowledge it. If any other actress tried to say that line I don't think it would have had that much of a disturbing effect.

                        Yeah, so that's my top not so obvious 10. Congrats on reading this far, here's a cookie,
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                          Some other episodes where she was amazing was: The Body, Forever, Into the Woods and Amends.

                          And I agree with holypotatoes, whenever she was playing The First, she was great.


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                            I keep on remembering things to put here! If we're going for comedic effect and delivery of lines, I don't think I could NOT mention "As You Were"
                            Riley: I wanna explain, I just don't have time. I've been up for 48 hours straight tracking something bad, and now it's come to Sunnydale.
                            Buffy: ...My hat has a cow.


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                              My favourite of the episode - "Which is why we have to find this thing and fast before Sunnydale turns into the TroubleMeat Palace.......I wish I'd said something else" LOL

                              I loved her performance in Touched, the neck-cracking line is where Sarah stood out as being particularly menacing.


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                                I really enjoyed when she played the Buffy-Bot. No matter how many times I see her as that quirky machine, I still laugh.
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                                  I agree. SMG playing the Buffy-bot was a joy. In fact, her role as the Buffy-bot made me realise that she has a knack for comedy. In fact, she can play everything. As The First and Buffy-bot, she did a great job in both.


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                                    She's great when playing comedy. Her comic timing is great and she has hilarious delivery ("what were you trying to do, scratch his back from the front?"). Her performance in Southland Tales is hysterical and the best part of the movie. Her spoof of Xtina on SNL was funny too.


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                                      I haven't seen Buffy in a while, but I'll do this the best I can.

                                      Prophecy Girl
                                      Normal Again
                                      Tabula Rasa (I always laugh at her in this episode.)
                                      The Prom
                                      The Body

                                      These are in no order really. It's so hard to choose! But, I love 'Normal Again', so that would probably be my number one.


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                                        I could make a list but it would only be of moments. She has had a lot of great moments.

                                        Some Moments include.

                                        Bring on the night's Speech.

                                        Buffy in the sandbox in Xanders dream in Restless

                                        Saying Goodbye to dawn in the Gift

                                        Gawd this could take forever.
                                        But one episode stands out as the best work she has ever done. and that is by far the body. Also would credit Emma in that one as I broke down when Anya was asking why Joyce would never have fruit punch again.
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