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Moon Eyes: List the series' best looking characters

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  • Moon Eyes: List the series' best looking characters

    Okay, put your superficial goggles on!
    Let's face it, the show has hired some very good-looking guys and gals. So it's time to list, comment, and discuss the characters' aesthetics -- personalities are not welcomed here (ouch?).

    Present your tastes as you wish: rank the characters from best looking to least; list your top ten; categorize by gender, season etc.

    Ideally it'd be great if you name off a few episodes that you find a character particularly attractive in:
    ie. Buffy has the best legs in the series. Just look at "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" when she's dressed in a short housecoat in the library.

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    Spike for me of course. The moment he turned around around in School Hard and shook off his vampface I was hooked. He looked more like an Angel to me then a devil, with his striking blue cat like eyes, to his cheekbones that you could cut diamonds with.

    But the moment I realised that I was watching a real beauty was seeing his portrayal of Punk Spike, with his hair all spiked up and showing off his superb toned arms. One beautiful feral little beast. He's never looked so stunning.


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      Here are my thoughts. I've listed who I think are extremely physically attractive only, and amongst them I ranked them from best to least-of-the-best.

      1. Jenny: Just gorgeous. Her bone structure, her smile and those beautiful dark eyes of hers. She was always dressed sophisticatedly, but had such a sex appeal. Her short hair in the first few season 2 episodes was adorable, but once it grew to her shoulders (ie. 'Bewitched...', 'Passion') it was beautiful.
      2. Faith: Not a fan of her look in the early episodes where she has the black lipstick, but when she dresses with a bit of glamour, she's damn hot. She is particularly attractive when her hair is straightened in 'Choices' and 'Graduation Day'.
      3. Cordelia: Like Faith, I think Cordelia is hottest with straightened hair. She looked best in season three with her tan and dark eye makeup (ie. 'Graduation Day' when she's kissing Wesley).
      4. Buffy: Is she actually blonde? Whether she is or not, I find her most attractive when her hair is bleached, long and straight. "Bewitched" was probably the first episode where I though "Dayum, Buffay!" She was also very sexy when she sported long-sleeve shirts and pants, like in most of season 4. Her best look was in season 7's "Him" with the bangs and the golden locks.
      5. Willow: I always thought she was beautiful. More cute than hot, though. I thought she was most gorgeous in season six. Particularly when she went out with Amy in "Smashed".
      6. Olivia: In "Hush", when she steps down Giles' stairs in her housecoat. Damn, she was beautiful. Gorgeous lips.
      7. Kennedy: Best with her hair pulled back like in "Bring on the Night" and "First Date". She was very adorable with Willow at the Bronze in "The Killer in Me"
      8. Anya: Much better looking as a brunette than a blonde, in my opinion. Like in "Pangs", "Selfless" and "Sleeper". Although she was stunning in "Bargaining" as a blonde.
      9. Veruca: Wicked fashion style. Her messy hair in "Beer Bad" was hot. Not to mention her tattoos when she's in her underwear in "Wild at Heart."
      10. Joyce: Very mom-ish, but in those episodes where she got to reveal herself (Band Candy, Restless, I Was Made to Love You) she was damn gorgeous.
      11. Dawn: "Lessons" was the first episode where I thought Dawn was attractive. Dressed in black and wearing heels, she was beautiful. And let's not forget the paint shirt in "Him."

      1. Spike: The series' most shirtless character -- he is fit. "Out of My Mind", "Gone", "As You Were" show those muscles of his and how perfectly sculpted they are.
      2. Xander: He was hot in season 2 ("Reptile Boy") and 3 ("Faith Hope and Trick"). Then he dressed a little nerdy post-Cordelia. Then in season 5, we saw him his dark haired curls reaching his eyebrows and he looked great. I loved his shaggy-haired look in "Blood Ties".
      3. Ben: He had great looking lips and amazing abs.
      4. Percy: There's something really attractive about his cocky smile. He was really well-built. Big, but not steroid looking like a certain Riley.
      5. Parker: Those eyelashes.
      6. Angel: Dressed very strangely. Although when he walks across his flat shirtless and leather pants in "Innocence", he's fiit. And of course his bum is nice an plump in "Faith Hope and Trick".
      7. Jesse: Tall, slender, and amazing facial bone structure. Love his dark eyes.
      8. Wood: Very well built arms ("Lies My Parents..." "Touched"). Very nice smile as well.
      9. Giles: "Band Candy". Nuff said.


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        1. Riley Finn- I find him to be very sexy! He's so masculine but sweet at the same time-and that body!? He's a good hunk of man! Like Buffy says..."Did you see his arms?? those are good arms to have." "As You Were" is my choice for when Riley looked hottest. The shorter hair, the scar on his face...*Swoon*

        2. Angel- I find David Boreanaz to be damn near perfect looking (big surprise there), but he just is. Plus, his aura just exudes sexiness. I think he looked sexy in early season five- "Conviction"- with his hair kind of combed back (instead of spiked) , the tight long sleeved black shirt with a small V and the business suits he wore. I just found that business look to be sexy on him.

        3. Groo- Very beautiful looking. His eyes, bone structure and body are all very nice. I actually prefer him with the long hair and warrior outfit opposed to his angel impersonation. Something about his long hair look is fantasy-sexy.

        4. Robin Wood- He looked to die for in "Lies my parents told me" when he tried to kill Spike. He has a real pretty boy face, but his body is very masculine.

        5. Percy West- We didn't see that much of him, but the little we did was hot.


        6. Anya- She had so many different looks, but her face was always perfect looking! I think she looked best in early season six-'bargaining' and 'after life' in particular. In "After Life" when the gang is out in buffys backyard and anyas hair is blonde + curly and she's wearing a purple shirt with flowers on it. One of my favorite anya moments.

        7. Buffy- No question. Her eyes have so much soul and are so beautiful to me. I think she looked great in soo many episodes. "As You Were" when she had the short hair, heavy eye makeup and the green t-shirt off her shoulders looked sexy. Also in season five when she had the long wavy golden blonde hair and was really tan. She looked great in "Family" when she had her hair up.

        8. Cordelia- I actually liked her short blonde hair in season four. It didn't look so great in late season three. She looked hot in season two "Belonging" when she was transported to Pylea in that denim bodysuit thing and the shorter hair. But she also looked great in angel season one with the long thick dark hair.

        9. Gwen- Her first appearance in Angel Season fours "Ground State"... The outfit, the streaky hair! And on top of her appearance she has such a cool demeanor.

        10. Kendra- She never looked that great on the show, but Bianca Lawson is gorgeous. Wish we could've seen her character let her hair down on the show.
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          Can I do Ats as well? because Wesley, Gwen, Lilah, Darla & Nina belong on my list. And I think that the Ats cast is hotter than the BtVS cast.


          1. Angel, (suprise!) I love how DB looked in season 2 & 3 and Ats season 1-3, somehow he looked too boyish to be Angel(us) in season 1. I actually prefer his style on his own show when he also wears sweaters and hoodies. And I love it when he doesn't dye his hair, he has a great haircolor and I don't like it when he makes it darker. Also Ats!season 5 hair is not my favourite, it made him look much older.

          2. Wesley, Alexis Denisof is a very pretty man and I love scruffy!Wesley's style. The scene in Apocaplyse Nowish when he is using his guns is hot. His hottest scenes are with Lilah or Faith and I think that he showed his hotness in Pylea when he lost his glasses and where he had no gel to fix his hair.

          3. Lindsay, Good looking and an amazing voice. That's why I think that Lindsay singing the LA-song, is his hottest moment.

          4. Xander - the early years, he was good looking until season 5. Hyena!Xander was probably his hottest moment.

          5. Riley, not a very charismatic character but he was good looking. His floppy hair was pretty bad, but after that he was looking fine. I love his uniform and my favourite style is his 'As You Were' look.


          1. Lilah, not only is Stephanie Romanov stunning ... Lilah is also the sexy bad guy. I love her clothes, her hair and her relation with Wesley which was the hottest 'verse relation and made them both look hot. Lilah never had a bad episode or season, but I prefer her season 3 & 4 hair.

          2. Cordelia, with long brown hair she is the most beautiful woman of all. The only reason that she lost her number one spot is because of her blond and weird haircut fase which took too long. Her style in season 2-4 was not doing her any good, season 5 was amazing again. I love her hair when it's curly, brown and long. Cordelia had the best body, only Nina came close to the really nice curves Cordelia had.

          Which brings me to number 3,

          3. Nina, not a big role but she is beautiful. She is one of the only characters who did the curly hair right (not the fried waves or fake curles some other characters had.) She has a smoking body and a great style. I love the scene where she enters W&H in 'Smile Time'.

          4. Buffy - the early years, I hate it when I can see ribs and Buffy in the last seasons showed me too much of that. So she can't beat the curvy women above her. But the first seasons were great. Only her haircut in the last part of season 2 was awful .... and the bangs in amends. But she looks great in the early years, especially season 1 when she doesn't have the too blond hair and I love her mini-skirts.

          5. Darla, when she died in BtVS. I would never think about her to put in my list. But Ats changed that, she looked amazing in 'Redefinition' with the dragon top and the straight hair. And I love her voice and smile.
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            *drooling mode on*

            Since I'm heterosexual, I'm obviously more interested in the girls so I'll start with them.

            1. Cordelia - especially when she wears her hair open and when it's long and dark
            2. Faith - yummy!
            3. Jenny - when her hair is longer, mostly
            4. Darla - not vamp-faced please particularly after she has been "re-vamped" in Angel, she just has an amazing sex appeal then
            5. Lilah - pretty hot woman
            6. Buffy - well built and cute; it's more her charme than her looks that does it for me
            7. Anya - nice physique
            8. Dawn - she grows from cute to pretty
            9. Kendra - quite attractive girl too
            10. Drusilla - she has a certain mysterious charm, though she also has something rather unsettling... especially that look in her eyes...
            11. Tara - not so much in Season 4, but she gets better-looking
            12. Willow - especially when her hair is long, though she's more cute than pretty, for my taste
            13. Joyce - since she is the mother figure she does not have that much attraction to me, but she must have been a very attractive woman in her youth and still preserves a lot of her god looks

            Ok, let's take a look at the men now... I think I'm sure enough of my sexual identity to remark on men's looks openly without thinking it makes me gay. Will have me scratching my head a bit, though, since I don't pay that much attention to men's looks, usually.
            1. Angel - the guy is just hot (wish I looked like that... )
            2. Spike - mainly when he's shirtless, he's got quite a body
            3. Lindsey - with longer hair more than with shorter hair
            4. Xander - also with longer hair, mainly; he has a certain charm
            5. Parker - good-looking too
            6. Riley - well built and with a pleasant-looking face
            7. Wesley - not bad-looking either, though his acting like a sissy in Buffy III gets in the way of his charms a bit
            8. Oz - blond suits him better than dark, in my opinion
            9. Ben - pretty face
            10. Groo - the guy sort of has that fantasy warrior sex appeal
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              I guess I'll jump in;

              1) Cordy- The best body out of anyone and I agree with Nina, when she has curly dark hair she's stunning. She looked her best in Btvs season three and Ats season one/two and 'You're Welcome.' Her hair was terrible in season three/four and very unflattering but she more than made up for it in season five. She's a stunning woman.

              2) Early Buffy- She's still very pretty in the later seasons but far too skinny. She looks her best in season 1-3 where she has a bit of weight and curve on her. I think she looks very hot in season one/three in particular and she's also incredibly good looking in season two. When she has a bit of weight on her she looks a lot better and much more sexy.

              3) Faith- Always hot. She's a very sexy woman, she looks fantastic in Ats season 4 and she looks great in season three of Btvs.

              4) Nina- Fantastic body, nuff said really.

              5) Willow- A lot of the time I think "sexy" is the wrong word to describe her, though not always the case, but she's downright adorable and very good looking. She looks amazing in early s4 in particular and in 'Conversations With Dead People' and 'Chosen.'

              The guys here we go...;

              1) Angel- He's whom I recongise as the best looking fella in the bunch and I'm mostly hearing that from all my female friends who watched the shows. He's fit and has that whole tall dark and handsome thing girls swoon for. He looked older in Ats s5 and put on some weight (knee surgey or something?) but he seems to have de-aged in 'Bones.' If he cleared up the five o clock shadow he'd probably look a lot like old school Angel.

              2) Riley- Pretty buff, pretty good looking and in my opinion, probably the second best looking guy.

              3) Wes- My sisters in love with Wes. He's got that scruffy thing going on and he tones up a lot, Angelus pretty much says it all in s4

              4) Xander Early seasons- Nick put on a hell of a lot of weight but in the early seasons he was toned and pretty good looking guy.

              5) Spike Early seasons- I get the appeal for the guy early on, he's pretty good looking in s2/s3/s4/s5 I think he looks a little unhealthy in s6 but he looks good looking in s7 again but in Ats s5 he's aged quite and probably the most noticeable of all the guys other than Anthony Head to age. DB and JM seem to have done a reversal, DB looks a hell of a lot younger and judging from Paley and his more recent works (torchwood ect) James looks a lot older. He's pretty toned though.

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                Eh, I forgot Faith, need to add her in...
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                  1) Spike (Fool for Love Spike...if a man can pull off a sleeveless vest, he is a hot man. Fact. Those articles of clothing are so ugly that you have to really have something to look good in spite of them).

                  2) Giles. The older I get, the better Giles looks. But especially in Band Candy and when he's singing.

                  3) If we're allowed people from Angel, then Doyle. He is adorkable.


                  1) Verucca - delicate and pale yet badass. Ok, mean as a snake, but still. That voice... those eyes.

                  2) Sunday. Hmm, detecting a bad girl theme here...

                  3) Faith. Never really liked her til I saw True Calling and read the season 8 comics, but both those things gave me a new appreciation. Especially when she's on Angel for some reason.

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                    1- Xander. He's always been an eye candy to me. Thought he was attractive the minute my eyes landed on him (first ep I watched was Becoming 2). His face is his charmest bit to me. Looks wise, he looked the best in early S6. Body wise, he had the best body shape in S4. Hair wise, he had the best hair in S3. I also liked his hair in S5 Family.

                    2- Dark!Wesley: While I enjoy Dork!Wesley more, Dark!Wesley with the stubble is just too damn sexy I can't take my eyes off the screen.

                    3- Giles. He's got the charmest smile of them all. And with each passing season he gets hotter and hotter. And his glasses gets smaller and smaller.

                    4- Angel: Angel got much hotter when he filled out a little. He was too skinny for my taste in S1. He wins the best body of all the male cast in the show, except when he gets a little chubby in S5 AtS.

                    5- Spike: Blonds aren't my thing. I was disappointed when I first saw Spike because I was introduced to the show through fanfic and it's a sacred theme to state how hot Spike is in every fic I read, so he came out too average in my screen. However, I must say that James has the most beautiful eyes of all the cast. His eyes are very expressive and his smirk is the most charming.


                    1- Cordelia. She's got the best female figure of all the female cast. Her elegance and her hair (long though) are her most attractive aspects. I agree with Vampmogs that she looked her best in S3 BtVS. I loved her look in S5 AtS.

                    2- Dawn. Next best body. Her hotness doesn't start until S7. She has the best hair of all the cast. Lessons and Him are her hottest episodes.

                    3- Early Seasons Buffy. I agree with Nina and Vampmogs. Buffy has a lovely body in the early seasons and I liked her hair in S2 (and 5) the best. She was just so attractive in high school years.

                    4- Faith. She's very sexy and attractive. I liked her look in Consequences in the scene where she tried to strangle Xander, loved her hair up.

                    5- Willow: I agree that she's more cute than sexy, but that's not bad at all in my book. Cute attracts me more.
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                      and judging from Paley and his more recent works (torchwood ect) James looks a lot older. He's pretty toned though.
                      You do realise that he's one of the oldest in the cast right? I think considering he's a lot older then some he's managed to hold back the years pretty darn well and I still think he looks amazing.

                      My other great 'lurves' were dear old Wesley. Alexis Denisof is one handsome man, with the most gorgeous twinkling eyes and rugged appearance.

                      Also Gunn. J. August is one hell of a good looking man. After meeting him in real life I was stunned at how the TV really didn't show him off at his best half the time.
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                        Originally posted by sueworld View Post
                        You do realise that he's one of the oldest in the cast right? I think considering he's a lot older then some he's managed to hold back the years pretty darn well and I still think he looks amazing.
                        And unfortunately when people age they loose those youthful good looks, just a sad unfortunate part of life. Not that any of the cast is ugly or anything now but some have aged more than others. Though in saying that some men and women folk seem to get better with age, I've seen a lot of SN fans think that about Jensen Ackles (Dean) even a few about our dear ol' Ripper. I'd say Eliza's got better with age as well and I can't decide if our Wes got better with age or if it's just because he looked older as he got more scruffy and built up.

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                          I'm going to include AtS folk too.

                          I always find this a very difficult task. Both shows had great looking casts. With me, it's comes down to not so much a straight-up judgement of their looks (which I think I would find impossibly difficult) but rather is decided by their presence/the auras they give off, if that makes any sense. Oh, and I ended up with six on each list, because I couldn't decide on just five.

                          Hot chicks who may have superpowers:

                          1. Faith
                          - She just has this overwhelming vibe of sensuality/sexuality in everything she does. Strange as it may sound, I think I find the way Faith moves sexier than her physical appearance.

                          2. Lilah
                          3. Darla
                          - Both are stunning. They both have that alluring 'femme fatale' quality to them. Just screen-meltingly sexy.

                          4. Early Buffy - Sexy and completely adorable at the same time. I think she looked her best in S3. She deserves respect for some of the outfits she managed to pull of too.

                          5. Gwen - That's the only way to describe her.

                          6. Tara - Some might consider her a strange choice, but then again, I have strange feelings on the subject of Tara's attractiveness. When she first appeared, I thought she was good-looking, but not someone I would ever consider putting at the top of one of these lists. Then later, something changed, and it occured to me that Tara was completely gorgeous and I had no idea why I hadn't felt that way all along. Even stranger, I know of people who have similar stories on the subject. Did Amber's stealth beauty take a whole bunch of viewers by surprise? Bizarre. The best way I can describe it is by saying that I find Tara captivating.

                          Manpires and other Y's :

                          1. Later seasons' Wes
                          - Scruffy Wes is completely sexy. Like Nina mentioned, him being on-screen with Lilah and Faith is just such an overdose of the sexy that it melts my TV and my brain.

                          2. Gunn - I love Gunn. Walks the line of being sexy and cute simultaneously.

                          3. Giles - Sod even qualifying it with something like "for an older guy...", Giles is just a handsome dude.

                          4. Xander - I was going to say early seasons Xander, but you might have to say he's looking his best in S8 (can you judge comic attractiveness with real-life attractiveness? Maybe not.) Good looking bloke, has a charm to him, and I like snarky, sarcastic people.

                          5. Angel
                          6. Spike
                          - They're both attractive. I can see why people like them, they just don't do that much for me personally. I think I favour Angel over Spike, but not by much.

                          That's how I feel in this five minute span anyway, my opinion changes rapidly. I vow to stay away from the edit button.


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                            I think Wes looked 'prettier' as he got older myself.

                            As to Jimmy boy considering he'd just spent many hours flying back from filming Dragonaball only to rush straight from the plane to the fest he didn't look half bad, 'bed head' n'all.

                            For an 'old man' he looks more then on par with some of the others in the cast I'd say.


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                              1) Spike: I honestly thought I'd never seen a prettier man in my life when he showed his human face in School Hard (I have a thing for cheekbones), and James's acting skills only add to the appeal. Most expressive pair of eyes on television, for one thing. Annnnnd... I think he looked best in Season 5 and Season 6 of Buffy (I also have a thing for skinny men).
                              2) Wesley: Scruffy!Wesley almost tops Scruffy!Norrington in terms of hotness. Season 4 and Season 5 of Angel, wow...
                              3) Giles: I'm rewatching Season 1 of Buffy right now, and finding him even more droolworthy than Angel from some aspects. It's not all about a pretty face; you need to have charisma, too. (Also one of the reasons why James Marsters tops my list, as I said above.) Which is not to say that Tony isn't traditionally good-looking either, 'cause he's a dish, with those eyes and those wrinkles and that smile.
                              4) Lindsey: Can't really explain this one. Maybe it's the voice (speaking or singing voice) and the eyes that do it for me.
                              5) Angel: Mainly Season 1 of Buffy. (As I said, I like 'em skinny.)
                              6) Gunn: He's a ridiculously pretty man, but it didn't really hit me until Season 5 of Angel, with the new haircut. Eeeeee.


                              1) Jenny: Those eyes? Those curves? I mean, really. That woman is the definition of "voluptuous".
                              2) Lilah: I'd say she's the main reason so many people found Wesley's continued attraction to Fred mind-boggling after Season 4. She's just. So. Damn. Sexy.
                              3) Gwen: She doesn't have any personal appeal to me, because I'm not into her character (especially after Angel: After the Fall), but objectively speaking, hottest guest-star they ever had.
                              4) Buffy: I wouldn't say she's "beautiful", but she's very, very pretty, and that can be even better in some cases. That adorable nose, those huge eyes... She looked her best to me in Season 4 of Buffy and in the series finale, down at the Hellmouth, where she came off, in turns, so badass and so vulnerable (a dichotomy that's really the essence of her character). And she's my favourite girl in the 'verse, so that raises her many ranks in terms of personal appeal, too.
                              5) Darla: Her aristocratic look is a jaw-dropper.
                              6) Faith: Never caught my eye until her redemption in Sanctuary. She looked much more striking to me sad and insecure and on the fence than she'd ever looked dancing scantily-dressed in bars. It's all in the character.
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                                Er... James Marsters is actually one of the oldest in the cast? With that almost-boyish face he has when he first appears? Thought he was in his twenties, to be honest. Ok, I shall now hide in shame because I don't know a thing about any of the actors.

                                I guess a reason why I can't find Giles attractive at all is that he looks a lot like my boss (especially when he still has those round glasses). Don't get me wrong, I like my boss a great deal, he's something like a mentor to me actually... but the words "boss" and "hot" just don't connect on general principle, to me.
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                                  1. Faith

                                  Very hot. Since S4, where she was also at her cutest. In S3 she was just too young for me.

                                  2. Buffy (especially in the earlier seasons) Hot in the earlier seasons and also cute. Rare combination. A bit too skinny in the later seasons, but still attractive.

                                  3. Cordy.
                                  Beautiful woman and a nice body.

                                  4. Kennedy
                                  Hot woman.

                                  5. Gwen
                                  Hot woman.

                                  6. Willow
                                  I 've a thing for red haired women. She's also pretty. She was hot as evilWillow.

                                  7. Fred
                                  Cute and she has a nice body.

                                  About men I have no clue. I find Spike a bit skinny though, but women find him attractive and they are a better judge.


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                                    Originally posted by Bloodsucker View Post
                                    Er... James Marsters is actually one of the oldest in the cast? With that almost-boyish face he has when he first appears? Thought he was in his twenties, to be honest. Ok, I shall now hide in shame because I don't know a thing about any of the actors.
                                    It took me a while to figure that out as well (I had my bright moment around season 4), I figured out that Mercedes (Harmony) was 20 years and James could be her father, he was 38, when they were an on-screen couple. And I couldn't believe it then. But in the last seasons you could see that he was older than the other castmembers.
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                                      Mercedes McNab: I had no idea he was that old! Oh, my gosh, I had no idea. That's hysterical. I always thought he was in his late 20's, early 30's. At least he looks young for his age.

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                                        Just my top three of each...

                                        The Boys:

                                        1) Angel - He is one of the hottest men I've ever seen on screen. Season 3 of Buffy and Season 1-4 of Angel is when I think he looks the best, but he's beautiful in all the seasons.

                                        2) Giles - I think he's a good looking man, but his acting really makes him better looking to me.

                                        3) Gunn - As the season's went on, I found him to be even more attractive.

                                        The Girls:

                                        1) Cordelia - Perfect body, face and hair. She looked her best in Season 1-2 of Angel.

                                        2) Buffy - I agree with all those who say "early seasons" Buffy. I think she looks her best in Seasons 2-5.

                                        3) Lilah - It might be more because of the character she plays, but she's got sex appeal on screen.