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  • Season 6 question

    At the end of Flooded, Buffy says she's going to meet Angel somewhere between Sunnydale and LA but I couldn't find a crossover in Angel relating to it. I just thought it was odd when she comes back and says it was "intense" but the audience never gets to see what happened. If there is a crossover and I just haven't seen it can someone let me know?
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    Angel also mentions it in Fredless, but no, there's no crossover, mainly because the networks didn't allow it at the time.

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      Yep pretty much. Season 6 was the first season to air on UPN while Angel was still on TheWB. Joss Whedon has mentioned that TheWB tried to put a limit on how many times Angel could actually mention Buffy or refrence her or the series. Which kinda makes sense but is hard when they are so connected.

      Season 6 is also the only season Angel does not appear on Buffy. The first cross over wouldn't happen for a year, when Willow would crossover on Angel in "Orpheus".

      There is a novel written about the meeting, a comic and I am guessing at least 200 fanfiction stories. But there is nothing 'cannon' which I think works well. It lets your own imagination fill in the pieces.


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        Thanks, the whole thing makes sense now
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          I was going to merge this with the questions thread but since it has been adequately answered, I will just close it instead.
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