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Not just us... OMWF discussion here!!!

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  • Not just us... OMWF discussion here!!!

    The classic of classic's where classic sees Spike 'serenading' Buffy, Giles throwing knives at Buffy and police stating to the press that monster's aren't involved...

    What are your fave songs, and what moments in this episode make it special to you?

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    Lets see....I love quite a few lol.

    Under Your Spell, I'll Never Tell, Walk Through the Fire, and Where do We Go from here are my favorites. Walk Through the fire is my fav, probably. Under Your Spell at number 2.

    Oh, and can't forget about The Parking Ticket!! Gotta love Marti Noxen!
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      The Spuffy kiss at the end - it was so old movie-esque. I thought it was brilliant.

      And call me crazy, but I totally cracked up with the mustard song!


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        One of my favorite line readings in the entire series, not just the Musical, is what Emma Caulfield did with:

        "Oh my God, did it sing?"
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          Originally posted by KingofCretins View Post
          One of my favorite line readings in the entire series, not just the Musical, is what Emma Caulfield did with:

          "Oh my God, did it sing?"
          Or her expression and delivery of "except for bunnies" as she sits back down on the chair. Her face looks so worried, like there is nothing that could ever stop them. She says that line with such conviction and believeability it just makes me laugh.

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            I will always be in love with "I touch the fire"....even though I'm sure some people find it cheesily angsty. I happened to discover the episode during a very dark time of my own life, and it resonated perfectly.
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              So many great moments:
              As a Spuffy I will have to second the wonderful-romantic ending on a kiss, but even better and (more telling of season six themes) was Spike actually being the one to save Buffy while everyone else looked on in shock and dismay and his dropping to his knees before her and singing "You know you got a willing slave".

              I also love Anya's concern that her and Xander's song was " a retro pastiche that's never going to be a breakaway pop hit."

              And I loved that just as I groaned "Arghh I don't really want to listen to a whole song about Dawn feeling lonely" the song ended.

              Fabulous too: Xander being the one to cause the whole thing (although I still wonder if he was just covering for Dawn-ooh or even better Spike) and the whole Xander as his Queen bit.
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                My favorite would have to be "Something to Sing About," just because of the emotion of it. Buffy got to confess being in heaven, and the expressions on everyone's faces were perfect. Then, the last good moment for Spuffy - saving Buffy's life. "Walk Through the Fire" was also excellent, with all the characters having a part and a few funny lines as well. It had all the inner turmoil of all the characters brought to the surface. And of course the part near the end with three parts was amazing music. Finally, "Where Do We Go From Here?" summed up the whole thing pretty well. Everyone had their own little troubles in S6 and that song expressed that pretty well.

                DK: Yeah, that was pretty cool on the writers' part, kind of a tongue in cheek reference to how no one wanted to hear about Dawn's problems (except perhaps me).

                vampmogs: That was also great line delivery, it looked like the closest Anya had ever come to total despair.
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                  I love almost all the songs on OMWF. I exspecially like Anthony Stewart Head and Amber Benson's voices together in Under Your Spell/Standing Reprise, Walk Through The Fire, Rest in Peace(Love James' voice), Under your Spell. I'll Never Tell was funny but not one of my favorites. OMWF is my favorite Buffy episode.
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                    I loved "Walk through the Fire" and even though I am not much of a Spuffer I loved "Rest in peace" as well. I also thought that "Wish I could stay." was amazing. And who could forget Sweet's Song, (can't remember the title).

                    Favorite, plot relevant bit of song though was "This isn't real, but I just want to feel." because it IMO, told us everything we needed to know about Spuffy, at the beginning, and it really encapulated Buffy's end of the relationship throughout S6.


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                      Oh my goodness! This is my all time favorite episode in the Buffyverse and although each song is AMAZING I do have a few favorties. They are:

                      - Going Through The Motions
                      - Rest In Peace
                      - Walk Through the Fire
                      - Something to Sing About
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                        Under your Spell, Burn, rest in Peace, Under your spell/Wish I could say (Especially when Antony's and Amber's song tied in together)

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                          Well - I liked them all! But I would have to say Anya and Xander's song is a fav, Giles song, and Rest in Peace are 3 that really stick out.

                          And I like when Buffy reveals to her friends about being in heaven and then Spike joining her with "one of us must go on living". Oh *sigh*...
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                            I love the whole damn episode. I wasn't a Buffy fan at its original airing and scoffed at the idea of a musical episode. I was convinced it had to be terrible. But then I did watch the show and eventually the episode and was amazed. The songs are all wonderful and the story is so awesome. I love how it took a demon that compelled people to reveal secrets to make Buffy tell the Scoobies about being in heaven. And how Giles and Tara both realized they would have to leave Willow and Buffy, respectively. After "Hush" it is my next fave ep ever.
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                              i also loved this episode! i also like all the songs except the one from Dawn.

                              i laugh at the tiny little error my iPod makes when it plays "Where Do We Go From Here?" because when it shows the Artists Names it reads Buffy/Dawn/Spike/FILES...etc. instead of GILES jajaja


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                                I first watched this episode when I was having some tumultuous and emotional times myself and so Going Through The Motions struck such a chord (excuse the pun) with me, that it makes me tearful even now. Where Do We Go From Here with the line "Understand we'll go hand in hand But we'll walk alone in fear." is such a sublime piece of writing that EVERYONE can understand.

                                What I love most about this episode is the emotional punch that it gives - sooo much happens in this episode that affects the rest of the season, and all the exposition that's been needing to happen is done through the songs - brilliant!

                                I may be alone in this but I would love to have heard more from Dawn's song - she was going through as much as everyone else but we just get one line to sum up her pain? Seems a shame to me.

                                I have one question... did you all like musicals before watching this or did you hate them - and therefore the fact that it's a Buffy episode is the only reason that makes you like it?

                                I was brought up on musicals because my mum looooves them, and it's a very derided form of entertainment these days (being made slightly cooler because of hits like Moulin Rouge and Chicago, but still...) and to put a musical episode into my favourite show was, like, "Joss - you are my God!"

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                                  My favourite song is Under Your Spell, and Wish I could Stay. I love Amber Benson and Anthony Stewart Head's voices together.

                                  One of my fave lines in the show is: "I think this line's mostly filler" by Willow I think it's hilarious. I love the look on her face.


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                                    Originally posted by Dorian's Kitten View Post
                                    I also love Anya's concern that her and Xander's song was " a retro pastiche that's never going to be a breakaway pop hit.
                                    LOL!! I don't remember that part, when did she say that?

                                    I love Walk Through The Fire the most, not only for the melody and that most the characters sang, but because all the characters characteristics appeared there. Well, most of them. Buffy's abandonment issues, Giles' father figure persona vs. his watcher persona, Xander's anger at Giles' decision and his willingness to save Buffy, Anya supporting Xander and bluntness, Spike's unsure feelings about Buffy.... etc.
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                                      My favorite one is Walk through the fire like a lot of people as I can see...but I like also the duet Tara/Giles wish I could stay


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                                        "So lat night...Did anybody...Burst into song?"

                                        omg, i loved it all!!!

                                        Fave bits......Anya and Xanders song...
                                        Giles and Taras song.

                                        The realisation from the scoobies when Buffy tells them she was in heaven.

                                        Spike....i love his song. And i got to admit, i loved most of te group songs.

                                        And dont forget "bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies, it must be Bunnies"
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