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I Lost My Buffy Collection. I Need Help Rebuilding It.

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  • I Lost My Buffy Collection. I Need Help Rebuilding It.

    my name is Eddy. i am 27 years old from ohio. since 1997 i have been a huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. i collected almost everything i could find, but a few months back i lost everything. that show kept me from going crazy through some really bad years of my life. and now i am trying to get everything back. thats what a true fan does.

    my question is, how can i get as many autograph photos of the cast as i can? i want to build my collection again, and this time i'll do whatever i can do protect what i collect.

    i hope that anyone can help me out. or have anything from Buffy that you no longer need or want.
    please e-mail me!

    Thank You,


    [email protected]
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    Hey, so sorry to hear that you lost everything. One place I would definately start out to try and rebuild is Ebay. You may not get good prices on autographs and things like that but you'll find a variety of what you're looking for. If you don't mind me asking, how did you loose it all? I would be like devastated. I have two bookshelves of Buffy memorobilia and books and I would be so mad if I lost them. My Dvd collection would send me over the edge if I lost them
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      Try Ebay, for sure. I too would be a mess if I just lost it. Not that I have much, but I would be devastated if that happened to me.


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        Some of the actors have websites - you could try there for autographed pictures. I know James Marsters has some stuff on his website:

        Good luck!
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          I'd suggest attending a Con if you can. A visit to a decent size dealer room could help you get a bunch of stuff and I'll bet if you are buying a lot of stuff from one dealer it would be cheaper.

          Sorry to hear that you lost everything-that sucks.
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            AMAZON!! You can get some really great deals on Amazon! Also there are some cheap books on (oh god im working off the clock.. i need a life). Also if you were looking for just random things.. try google-ing them.. its an easy way to find good websites! How did you loose everything BTW if you don't mind telling.