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What does Spike smoke?

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  • What does Spike smoke?

    I'm the resident newbie, I'm on my way through season 6 at the moment. I don't think it's been mentioned at any point.

    I'm just wondering, if there's a brand that Spike favors, what do you guys think it is? Marlboros? Parliaments? Newports? Just for fun. If its been stated at some point, shame on me.

    I think he'd be big into the unfiltered Lucky Strikes. When I was in uni, it seemed like the smoke that all the "cool kids" wanted to be seen smoking. Kind of like a fashion statement.

    I think Spike would be into that. Above all else, he wants to look like a "badass," and that's about as "cool" as you can get. I think he'd be into them. Probably ate some irish kid who thought he was hardcore, stole the pack, and decided he wanted to perpetuate the rock-star image, which seems like the most important thing in the world to him.

    Though I could kind of see him smoking virginia slims.

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    Whatever he could bum off dead people?

    I don't know, I can't really imagine Spike walking into a store and asking for some cigarettes, it seems too polite for him.

    But I'd say probably Marlboros or something, whatever makes him look cool.


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      I agree with above. Anything he could get his hands on really. I don't think he was often in a position to be fussy, especially in season 4.


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        He did buy them, at least when chipped. In "The I in Team" he has a shopping bag full of "blood and smokes", and refers to having spent money on them, I think.

        Plus, it's just a matter of pragmatism. Leaving a trail of dead convenience store clerks tends to draw unnecessary attention, and, especially in Sunnydale, Spike would be cautious about that (he mentions this to Harmoney in "The Harsh Light of Day"). I'm sure he took money off victims, but I have no problem seeing even soulless evil Spike smiling frighteningly at a clerk while paying for cigarettes. I mean, even Glory paid for her spell stuff.
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          I'm not sure about this, I mean my memory is not perfect but I recall a couple of times during season 5 when he fetched a smoke from a box that was red and to me it looked like Malboros.
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            Not being familiar with American cigarette brands I always thought he smoke Marlboro's too but just look in this scene he's carrying them and the packaging aint marlboros:-

            The I in Team

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              Actually, he smokes menthols. He mentions it in "Pangs", I think, when looking for his cigarettes. So, probably Kools or something.
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                Spike smokes the fictional Morley brand cigarette. Its not a real brand, but is often used in TV shows. The smoking man from the X-Files also smokes Morleys.


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                  Cool i never noticed that before but morleys.. the guy did smoke them in the xfiles didnt he! So now the question is, does it ever show the "morleys" symbol in any of the episodes?


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                    Maybe Buffy is a world without marlboros? You know, like some places lack shrimp.

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                      I would have thought that Spike would choose to smoke the Vampmogrifires brand, but then any kind of ciggy with a small fire at its end would be good.

                      Does any-one know if James has quit cigs, or does he still need 2 or 3 patches at a time?
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                        Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore View Post
                        You know, like some places lack shrimp.
                        Or with, you know, nothing but shrimp.

                        I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
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                          I always thought it was some kind of British cigarette. Very cool eye there Vampmogs!
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                            He smokes Red Apple Cigarettes. Same as those smoked on screen by such characters as Vincent Vega, Clarence Worley, and Mr. Pink. I know this for a fact.

                            That's probably a lie.
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                              Does it bother anyone else that this is a weird inconsistency in the verse? In S1 Angel can't revive Buffy because he has no breath, yet Spike is able to smoke - inhale and exhale, pretty much breathing. Plus the torture in S5 where they are pushing Spike's head underwater...he doesn't need to breath so why does it matter?!?

                              I saw an innerview with James years ago now and he was on the patches he was SO gittery, jumping on the couches Tom Cruise style. Bless.


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                                It's been debated many, many times and the general consesus is that a vampire can replicate breathing in order to talk or smoke, but thier lungs are not powerful enough to perform CPR. Also it's stated on the show that a vampire's body is not a life-giving vessel, this is why they cannot concive a baby. Perhaps the same is true for CPR, after air has been in their lungs it might become unusable for a human. Both explanations work.


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                                  Originally posted by allykins View Post
                                  I saw an innerview with James years ago now and he was on the patches he was SO gittery, jumping on the couches Tom Cruise style. Bless.
                                  He does that now, the silly wee devil that he is.

                                  Plus the torture in S5 where they are pushing Spike's head underwater...he doesn't need to breath so why does it matter?!?
                                  Unless it was holy water I can't see it bothering him either. Maybe just another case of season 7's dodgy writing?


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                                    And if it was holy water it should have burnt his face off. Or killed him when he inhaled it. There is absolutly no explanation for that stupid scene. There is no reason why Spike -being a vampire that does not need to breathe, would choose to inhale while his face is held underwater. I hold it as the dumbest scene in the entire show. Even dumber than when Buffy claimed that she couldn't be sure Spike and Dru were dead in season two because she never found any "bodies".


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                                      She said that? Wow!

                                      I find it interesting, I'd never noticed the Morley theme throughout the TV world. A bit like the old 555 telephone thing I suppose! I will look out for them the next time I see that naughty Spike smoking.
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