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    I know it's been done before but I haven't posted about Buffy in ages and I've been watching it recently so it might be nice to get a discussion going again

    Season 6 - Favourite!
    I think this will always be my favourite season, and not because of Spuffy but because of Buffy's darkness. That feeling of being out of place, unable to connect and to feel, the despair that comes from that, topped with having to get a horrible job, pay the bills and save the world? I'm surprised she didn't kill herself within weeks. For me I find that darkness more watchable than light and fluffy fun. So many things this season that kill me, Xander and Anya Tara dying and Willow going dark.

    I love the Magic in this, compared very much to drugs and any other addiction that's dangerous. While the trio aren't my favourite characters I think it was needed to show that in the state they are all in they can't face much, so Willow going dark was the worst that could have happened.

    Season 5 - 2nd!
    I'm in the middle of this season at the moment and I love it. Apart from how much I hate Dawn it's a great season. I love Glory, again another great evil, and I love that she really can beat Buffy without breaking a nail! Spike's change is funny to watch, his love interest and creating the BuffyBot.. always funny!

    Too many good episodes to list, so much emotion, Riley leaving, Joyce dying (I have to skip this episode on a rewatch it's too upsetting still!) Fool for Love which I adore, I love watching alongside Darla And a really powerful finale. By far the best finale for me.

    Season 3 - 3rd!
    For me season 3 stands out as having the best big bad! I love the Mayor, he's got it all, class, arrogance, power and humour! Some of his lines are my favourite from the show.. "What we don't knock during dark rituals?"
    I love Faith, especially making her a killer, it's a nice twist and covers the 'how powerful would a slayer be on the wrong side' question. I love the relationships, Xander/Cordy and Willow/Oz. I loved Willow/Oz surviving Willow/Xander. Buffy/Angel is old for me at this point, but I hate that he is the one to leave and hurt her like that. He should have left before getting back involved... but anyway... lovely finale, great way to graduate high school!

    Season 2 - 4th!
    I love this season. I'm not a Bangel but watching it again makes me see how easy it could be to be a Bangel, if you block out the old and creepy part!! I love the bonds that build between the group, especially Giles and Buffy. And how they start to grow up together. It's got some of my favourite episodes, Passions, BB&B, Surprise, and Becoming Parts 1 and 2.

    Season 7 - 5th!
    Such a rushed season. I felt like they started out so well with Lessons, that scene at the end with the First talking to Spike merging into Dru / Mayor / Buffy / Master saying how we are going back to the beginning left me trembling with excitement for the season. /sigh But it kinda went downhill from there until Dirty Girls and then I though while the story was good it was being done too fast.

    I do love some of the standalone episodes though, and actually enjoyed this season more on rewatching it when I stopped expecting something more!

    Season 4 - 6th!
    Second least favourite, which is weird because it does have many good points, Hush for one thing! Riley also! I am not a huge Ruffy fan, but watching season 4 I always think I should be more of a Ruffy fan! Riley is a great guy, I've heard people say he's boring, yes compared to Angel killing her friends Riley is pretty dull, but he loves her completely, and that is special. But the Initiative just didn't do it for me. I hated Riley's friends, Walsh, I hated Giles being all jobless!

    Xander and Anya grew together in a lovely way and Willow and Oz breaks my heard. But I loved how they introduced Tara who I also believe to be a lovely character.

    Season 1 - 7th!
    By far the worst season for me, while it has Prophecy Girl which I love and is a nice introduction to the characters, it's short, slow and very cheesy! I'm just glad it was liked enough to get us more seasons!

    Vote and tell me what your favourite season is and why!!
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7

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    Bah. Everyone knows I don't do lists! Or choose favourites of anything!

    Also, it's been far too long since I indulged in a serious Buffy-watching bonanza, so my memories are far hazier than I'd like.

    Can't possibly vote on a poll like that, but I can attempt to express my relative like or dislike for the various seasons, based on those very hazy memories...

    Season two/three
    Well, they have Oz in them, and I love Oz. I really enjoy the characters and storytelling in these seasons, when everyone was so young and fresh and innocent, their whole future ahead of them. There's the tragic love story of Giles and Jenny (oh, and Buffy-Angel, if you must), there's Spike and Dru when they were new and hot, there's the Mayor and much to enjoy!

    Season five
    Love the dynamic and story-arc of this season, so well plotted. I really enjoy the development of Buffy's character throughout the season, from the pampered only child of the early years into bossy older sibling and responsible adult caring for both her ailing mother and her little sister. Plus, of course, her ultimate sacrifice.

    Season four
    I can't help it - I just enjoy the quirkiness and silliness of this season. I love Oz and Willow in the early episodes, and regret Oz's departure intensely even now, as he left just when his potential for character growth was at its greatest. I enjoy season four Riley - such a dork!

    Season six
    The true transition into adulthood, with all the stresses and strains that accompany it. Buffy has been brought back to life, and with that resurrection comes the need to face up to the realities of life as a young single parent of a stroppy teenage sibling, the need to work for a living, friends starting to drift apart - all kinds of real, adult cares and concerns woven into the plot.

    Season seven
    Oh how I wish they'd gone out on a better season than this - admirable intentions completely lost in the ultimate storytelling. Too big and too epic for the format, too many new characters, and the original cast members too squeezed out and too changed from the characters we originally grew to love so much.

    Season one
    Not one I ever really look at other than as a necessary part of a complete show re-watch. The show was still finding its feet, trying to establish itself, and it shows.


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      Nikki your posting and about Buffy! I love this new forum

      I picked season three as my favourite just because I believe the time and quality spent into that season was evidently the best. I think the episodes were so witty and engaging, so fast paced yet not to fast and there was so much energy and vibrancy that I couldn't fault the season at all! Rather than posting my seasons in order of my favourites I'm just going to briefly explain the high and low points of each season because my opinion on them changes so much, it'd be rather pointless to put them in order.

      Season Seven: Despite what people say I do believe this season did have some great aspects. Out of all the seasons this one certainly had the most suspense and exciting sequences, as for example the end of Lessons, when the Bringers attack in Never Leave Me, the horrific fight scene in Dirty Girls and of course Chosen. The writers did a great job at creating this epic feel, but evidently this proved to be one of the season's many downfalls. Basically the seventh season was a combination of lazy writing and boredom from Joss. I basically view the situation as Joss abandoning Btvs for new shiny projects and Btvs suffered because of it. There was inexcusable inconsistency, many OOC moments, dull writing and plot holes everywhere. We also had an incredibly lame big bad who proved to be menacing and suspenseful at the start and ended up a lame shell of its former self.

      Season Six: Hated Spuffy with a passion and it ruined Spike for me and has forever left a very lasting negetive feeling towards his character for me. I hated everything about Spuffy and was always under the impression we were supposed to hate Spuffy, it was degrading and manipulative and horrible to watch. Buffy was at her darkest period, she tried to commit suicide after being brought back, tried to again in 'OMWF' and tried to leave Sunnydale behind in Normal Again. However, this was interesting to watch and I loved Willow's arc and her magical addiction, I thought it was a great metaphor. Like Nikki, the Trio were not my fave guys and I couldn't stand their lameness even if that was the point, nor could I understand half of what they said; I'm actually not all that geeky- just Buffy geeky. I just adored Dark Willow, truly amazing but didn't like Xander or Spike this season and missed Giles

      Season Five: One of the best seasons ever! Loved Glory, loved how easily she kicked Buffy's arse because it was so more thrilling to see Buffy slam her repeatedly with the Troll Hammer in The Gift. Didn't care for Dawn, but loved the storyline we got as a result of her being created. I love Buffy in this season and support all her actions no matter how rash they were at times. I pretty much can't fault this season, but I did hate Ben's character with a passion, Glory's hobbit with leprosy guys and the Knights! It did have a couple of bad episodes as well, such as 'Into the Woods' and 'The Weight of the World which was just a horribly placed episode and slowed the pace down from the exciting Spiral.

      Season Four: It isn't as bad as people say IMO and does have some really good episodes. I didn't like Parker because he bored me, as did Forest and Graham.. and well Adam.. even though looks-wise he was incredibly cool. The sets this season IMO were very ugly as well, hated the corridors of UC Sunnydale, as well as Buffy and Willow's dorm room and Giles' apartment has to be my most hated set in Btvs history. YUCK!! Regardless, I loved Tara's introduction although I was sad to see Oz depart, loved Faith's return, loved eps like The Freshman, and Living Conditions and we had masterpieces like Hush and I concede Restless even if I found it yawn-worthy for a season finale.

      Season Three: I've pretty much said it already, this season was the best written season ever and is only matched by season eight. So brilliant, had amazing episodes and I didn't hate one of them! Truly a great season!

      Season Two: Basically the first half sucked! It was like Buffy season 1 only slightly better. The introduction of Spike and Dru was a major relief after the immensely lame vamps we had prior to them and Angel actually turned into a great fighter instead of the guy who wrestles with the vamps like he was Andrew. The season half of the season was brilliant, Btvs matured quick and we owe most of this brilliance to the Buffy and Angelus storyline. I think Passions has to be one of the most unbelievable Buffy episodes ever, I loved it so much! A great season!

      Season One: Pretty crappy, fun to watch because of its lameness but had a great season finale which showed its potential.

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        Season 5, without a doubt. This was epic. It's the absolute best season-long arc. We get to see Buffy explore her dark side, struggle to reconcile her "killer" and her family, have two of the people she loves taken away from her, and in a final act of rebellion against her "source," jump off the tower out of love for her sister. We get to see a load of themes I really like, such as uniting humanity (last three episodes), familial and platonic love (Buffy for Dawn), and fighting to protect the one you love (Willow for Tara, Spike for Buffy, Buffy for Riley, Buffy for Dawn, Xander for Anya), and <human resistance to "higher authority">/<atheism> ("They used to bow down to gods. Things change."). Glory owned as a character, especially a god, feeling "above it all" and hating humanity. That set up perfectly for the final four episodes and she "really need[ed] to have every square inch of [her] ass kicked."
        It's an absolutely incredible season and brings out the best of each character, even Dawn, Spike and Giles. Unlike the majority of fans, I really like Dawn's character and think she reacted very realistically to being the Key in Blood Ties and Tough Love through The Gift. However, she seemed at least a little immature for her age in the first half of the season, especially in "Real Me."
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          I personally liked seasons 1, 2 and 3 alot. I found 4 to be Ok and 5 to be very good. However here is when i goes downhill as season 6 is horrible with very depressing storylines and the writers seemed to ignore established character traits. Its like the writers suddenly forgot what Buffy was about and decided to make a completely new show. As for season 7 it could/should have been alot better. It started well with good interaction between Buffy, Xander and Willow but goes downhill when the potentials arrive and the writers start focusing on Spike for some reason instead of focusing on the 4 original characters like they should have given it was the last season of the show.


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            Hmm, well, my favorites are probably in order 2,3,5,6,1,4,7. I am actually surprised six is as high in my order as it is, but I'll expand.

            Season 1 - Really amazed that people don't seem to like this season at all. I loved it, then again I was into Buffy from damn near the beginning. I loved the intersecting love triangles, Prophecy Girl was amazing, and it had great humor, and fun horror. The Pack, Invisible Girl, and Prophecy Girl were especially good.

            Season 2 - Amazing, it started a little slow, I will admit, but Spike and Dru added a lot, Angel wasn't completely boring, and Xander and Willow still had roles to play. We got the introduction of Ripper, Cordelia as part of the crew, the death of the annoying one, and Oz. Everything became more complex, and it was still an incredibly strong ensemble piece overall. Once Angelus entered the picture, BTVS became legendary, just about every time DB was onscreen as evil he was magic. Passion is one of the best episodes ever, and I think it is fair to say that the show never again reached the dramatic heights of this season. Buffy at its best. No holds barred.

            Season 3 - Another great season, and probably the show's most consistent one as well, there were very few crappy episodes in S3, and the Mayor was a great contrast to Angelus. Faith was amazing, and while we got to see the beginning of character marginalization, everyone is still useful most of the time. It never reached the dramatic highs of S2, but might have been a better overall season, so it is my number 2.

            Season 4 - Wow, it was a mess. Cool ideas, and a pretty decent start began to slide as it became clear that the writers had no friggen clue what exactly they wanted to do with the initiative. It's a shame because it isn't a bad concept, (most Buffy concepts aren't.) but it failed horribly in execution. The season still had some winners, Hush, Beer Bad, TYG, and Restless, but the overall story is so borked that I have trouble rewatching the whole season together. Oh, and Adam sucked, as did Riley.

            Season 5 - Well, Riley no longer sucks, of course he was gone in 10 eps, so I suppose it's the Buffy curse of a character getting a lot more interesting just before they leave. Happened to Oz in S4, we see it again here. Still this was a pretty great season overall, much better than I remembered it being. Dawn was an annoying 14 year old girl, and well, a lot of 14 year old girls ARE annoying, so what are you going to do. I was disappointed in the last few episodes, and was still kinda iffy on the whole Buffy sacrifices herself deal, I KNEW it was coming ever since the whole 'DEATH is your gift' Spiel. I was actually hoping for a surprise. Spike was pretty good through most of the season, though he did become a little too puppy dog towards the end. I think they could have played out the whole obsession angle better.

            Season 6 - Better than I had remembered it, but the weaknesses it had still shine through. The middle of the season and the whole Magic!Crack metaphor in particular were heavy handed, the nerds were Ok, and Spuffy, when built as a completely nasty and destructive relationship actually worked. When they veered away from that it really didn't. After Hell's Bells though, the season really picked up, and the least sets of episodes were really damn good. So, I can definitely give props where they are due.

            Season 7 - Worst season. It's a shame that Buffy went out as it did, and while a lot of the problems the season had didn't start in S7, character marginalization, problems really KNOWING the character of Spike, and others, they reached their apex in it. The following is from a post I made in another forum that sums things up pretty well:

            Season 7's biggest problem was the lack of polish IMO. Conceptually it wasn't that bad, but in excecution, it failed miserably. I LOVED early S7 because it really felt that Buffy had gone back to form, we had the high school again, Buffy actually helping people who weren't scoobies, Buffy and Xander as surrogate parents to Dawn. Everything was set up so well.

            After about the first thrid of the season however things started mucking up. They spent far too long deciding whether Giles was dead or not, had no idea how to differentiate Spike with a soul from Spike without one, (VERY true in late S7.) and marginalized the core characters that they were supposed to have been focused on.

            Continuity was a complete mess, the writing was fairly lackluster, the amulet and Scythe came out of NOWHERE, and the First went from being a pretty damned cool villain to well a joke by the end of the season. It really is a shame, because there is some good stuff there, but to a hardcore follower of Buffy, the season just felt rushed and directionless. It's like they had an endpoint in mind, but had no idea of how to actually get there.

            So, much like S4, S7 was a good concept that was marred by sub standard execution.

            Ok, that took longer than I thought it would.


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              Season 4- My favorite. Though the overall arc is weak, and it has my least favorite of the season finales, the episodes themselves are mostly all outstanding and several of them are in my top 10 of the series.

              Season 6 -2nd fave. This season's arc was the most compelling for me. I love the darkness of it, and of course being a huge Spuffy fan, the, well Spuffy. Plus it houses my favortite ep of all time, Tabula Rasa, and the classic, OMWF.

              Season 3 3rd place for me - Again, a great overall story arc. The season started out kind of slow for me, but by episode 9 it trucked through with awesomeness. We got to meet Faith and Wesley, and sadly had to say goodbye to Angel. Good stuff.

              Season 2- 4th place - A lot of really good episodes in this season, plus the best of the villains, Angelus and my favorites, Spike & Dru. This season is brought down to 4th for me for stinkers like Ted, Go Fish, and Bad Eggs, but it is balanced out by Innocence, Passion, Becoming, Halloween, and IOHEFY.

              Season 5 - 5th - Though this seems most popular with most people, for me it's not that great. I do appreciate the Glory storyline, and Spike's falling for Buffy, but I could not tolerate Riley the bitch-boy Finn. Seriously, what was with the mopey, she doesn't pay enough attention to my feelings crap? God, was he a woman? Ugh. Anywho, most of the episodes were just mediocre for me with the exceptions of The Body, The Gift, Crush, Fool for Love and Intervention.

              Season 7: 6th place. - Didn't care for this one too much. The potentials really dragged it down. Hated Willow/Kennedy. Plus, Caleb was too disturbing for me. I loved Soulful Spike, though, and the Spuffy love story over this season. That was it's only redeeming quality.

              Season 1 Last place. Thank heavens I didn't start watching this show when it first aired, or I never would have continued. Honestly, one could watch Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest, skip to Angel and then wrap it up with Prophecy Girl and not miss a thing. The rest of the episodes were lame, and IMO pointless.
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                6. I just love the darkness and bleakness of it all. The depravity, the anguish. It's just all so riveting. I liked it so much a wrote an essay about like five years ago, right after it aired. Has it been that long? Wow...

                Season 4 is my next fave though.
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                  Second. It's a tough one but it was during the second season I got hooked, like really 'I want to watch this for the rest of my life' hooked. The Angel/Angelus story line was both brilliant and heartbreaking at the same time, and the first half of the season which was mostly one shots and fluffy moments really integrated the characters for me. Favorite moments; Passions, Buffy sacrificing Angel for the world, Full of Grace, Introducing Oz and Vampire Willow.

                  Third. Close for bangelly love but just missed out. I loved the Mayor and Faith and this season has some of my favorite episodes in it (Think Amends, Beauty and the Beast, The Prom.).

                  Seven: I know, not a popular choice, but I really enjoyed this season. It was good step back from the darkness of s6, but it was completely pink and fluffy either. This season really made me like Dawn and I loved the extra information we got on Anya and Andrew.

                  Season 5: Yeah I'm kinda meh about s5. It had some pretty terrific episodes (The Body, The Gift) but also some pretty substandard ones too. Glory was funny, but not as funny as the mayor, and Buffy dying was sad but, well she came back in the next season.

                  Season 6: It was a bit too dark for my tastes but not with out it's pleasures. I loved Entropy and Hells Bells, but not Spuffy and Dark Willow. In the end though I think it was saved by OMWF, and I just don't think the greatness of a season should rely on one episode.

                  Season 1: Quirky but mainly tacky and one dimensional.

                  Season 4: Ok *ticks off fingers*, lets review the awfulness of season 4 in my mind. Adam, The Initiative, Riley, No Angelness, Beer Bad, Parker. Argh, 'nuth said.
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                    I think my favourite is season 5, even though I cant pick out an actual reason why.
                    I like Buffy in season 5, she isn't all depressed and sombre like season six or seven, but she isn't a little girl any more.
                    I like season 5 Spike, with the stalking, and the patheticness.
                    I also think its the strongest season for writing generally, and gives some really good lines to previously neglected characters like Tara.
                    And strangely, my number 1 reason for loving it: The colours. Season 5 and 4 both have the most awesome video quality, and it isn't dark all the time. Seriously, there are whole episodes shot during the day!

                    My second favourite season is probably three, because of the Mayor, Wes and Faith, but I havn't acctually seen it for a while. Meaning I have to go to the video shop this weekend.

                    Then comes season six, because I ship Spuffy, and not that pissy souly Spuffy. Nah, gimme the violent degrading character ruining Spuffy any day.

                    Then season seven, because secretly I love that pissy souly Spuffy, and also Caleb and one or two of the potentials.

                    Two and four are on a par, because season 2 is overall brilliant, but some episodes and the general darkness (colour wise, not story wise) of it ruin it for me, and season 4, because its terrible in theory, but I really enjoy it when I'm watching it.

                    And then season one, but I forgive it, because its Buffy, and they were trying. And hey, David Boreanaz was quite attractive back then.
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                      I'm going with 6 too. For me it changed the fabric of the Buffyverse, making it less an exciting comedy into something much more realistic and striking. I love how they created the emotions in this season as the characters dealt with some many different things. They create a great sense of despair, from Buffy's own pain to Xander and Anya's aborted wedding.

                      I think the turning point in Willow's character is beautifully depicted, we get such a genuine sense of her sadness and what ti leads to. Plus, those junkie scenes are hot :P

                      I like how they created feelings so subtely: how we witness Dawn's kleptomania developing and how she is never really allowed to express her sadness: in Once More, With Feeling, she never gets to finish her song. I think the ending of that series is so powerful as well, with Buffy and Dawn crawling out of the hole, making the escape from the worst of their despair literal.

                      Other seasons are great too: I really enjoyed the roller coaster of season 7, and season 4 and 5 had some wonderful episodes. I have a huge soft spot for season three as well: I think that was the season were BtVS really got into its stride, and its more lighthearted and witty tone are very enjoyable to watch. But season 6 will always be Nr 1 for me
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                        Season 6 is my favourite season because IMO it's the most human season. Let me explain what I mean. Struggling with life is a very human thing and it was this struggling plus showing a more adult side of life that made me relate to season 6 more than to any other season. For the first time, we saw our heroine really stumble, really struggle and this made her much more human to me. I have never felt as much empathy with Buffy than I did in season 6. Season 6 showed complexities and layers in the characters previously not seen on the show. I think it was the most real, adult and mature season and I guess people who don't like to see this sort of thing on TV were appalled by season 6. Me, I fell in love with the show (again) on a level I did not think was possible. I think I can safely say that had BTVS ended after season 5, I wouldn't love the show so damn much and I certainly wouldn't be so obsessed with it. I thank Joss that he had the guts to show us such a daring, dark, controversial and brave season.


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                          Oh dang, I remember I posted in this thread at BWF and I'm trying to remember my answers and they are very different compared to now...

                          1st - Season Six
                          Dang, what a gorgeous, dark, compelling and revealing season this was. It had so much damn angst, a girl could die! While I am a Bangel, I really did love the relationship between Spike and Buffy. It gave us so much insight into Buffy's character, how much she had grown, how much of herself she had lost, while at the same gained, through being the Slayer as well as giving into her desires for Spike. It was just an incredibly endearing season that makes me ache every time I watch it. And if that isn't good TV... then what the frak is?!

                          2nd - Season Two
                          More of less the last half-ish, honestly. The first half was very similar to the first season in entirety and it felt like both the writers, the crew and the cast were still trying to get on their feet. But the last half... gorgeous, very angsty and very lovely as far as the characters. The introduction to Spike, Drusilla and Angelus is just groovy, plus the entire Bangel ending. I have to say that Innocence is among my top three episodes of all BtVS.

                          3rd - Season Five
                          Not only did it have life-changing events, it contains some of the best episodes in the entire series... ever. The Body was artistic, beautifully done, and proved that Buffy is still human, something that we kind of love sometimes with her being the Slayer and all. The only introduction I didn't enjoy was Dawn. She's not my favorite character because she's so childish.

                          4th - Season Three
                          Dang, more angst for the Bangel. Plus, Faith. Faith was a great opposite for Buffy and it gave us some more knowledge of who the Slayer was and what her path was, and if that path was taken differently, what the consequences would be. We also got to see the writers take some [stupid] liberties and bring Angel back from the dead and give a shoddy excuse (I'm sorry, but that entire plotline had lame written all over it). But the Bangel angst was gorgeous, if a little dramatic at points, but still gorgeous.

                          5th - Season Four
                          Offered a lot of lame episodes, but also some awesome ones. This is still a very high school-y/college-y season for me, a good transition between the Buffy from high school and the Buffy we get beginning in S5. And if anything else... 'Hush', babies!

                          6th - Season One
                          Yes, yes, it was corny and silly and so completely mid-90s TV, it's painful to watch, but they did have their moments. While they were really varied and an unsettling small amount, there were moments that told us this was going to be a great, great show.

                          7th - Season Seven
                          I just... hated this season. I think they thought there was an inkling for continuance at the beginning, but then it was shot to hell when this was the last season. They had to pile in way too much information in way too short amount of time, and I just hated how they composed it. Everything was off, but the series finale was something special, in its own way. Could have been longer, could have had more character focus... but a great look back to the very first episode. I did enjoy that connection between the original members of the Scooby Gang.


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                            1. Season Two: My personal favorite. I love the Bangel in the first half. Spike and Dru are just great. Angelus is my favorite villian. In Passion the whole speech, how he goes as far as to arrange Jenny's body just for the pain it will cause. The great two parter ending
                            2. Season 3: Has so many great episodes like Amends, Graduation Day Part One and Two, and the Prom. We get to see what Buffy would be like without her friends, both in The Wish, we get to see what she could have been, through Faith. We see Joyce slowly starting to deal with Buffy being the slayer.
                            3. Season 5: Also has great episodes like The Body, The Gift, and Crush. We get to see Willow's magic develop more. We also see how Buffy would deal with a sister, what Dawn think about having a slayer as a sister. We see Buffy stand up to the coubsil showing them that she is in charge. Buffy dealing with someone who is stronger than her.
                            4. Season 7: I know not many like this season. I liked to see Sunnydale High show up again, granted new. We get to find out more about Nikki, see how much Spike killing her affected Robin. We see how Spike deals with his soul, how the others deal. We see more consequences of Buffy being brought back from the dead.
                            5. Season 1: High school year, classic. We see the show get its footing. See how Buffy goes from avoiding her destiny to facing it. See how Willow and Xander find out about Buffy being the slayer. Giles dealing with his slayer having friends, wanting to go on dates.
                            6. Season 6: Has my favorite Buffy episode, OMWF. My main problem with this is Spuffy, Spuffy was degraded Buffy. I loved the whole Willow gone evil arc, her addiction to magic and Tara getting killed sending her over the edge.(Sad as the death is.)
                            7. Season 4: I found this season incredibly dull. I really didn't like the Iniative arc. Although I do like a few episodes in this season overall this is my least favorite season.
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                              Season 6 is by far my favorite! And I DO like it for the Spuffiness! But I also like the whole idea of these squeaky clean Fighters of Evil suddenly in the midst of their own times of darkness. It's great!! It's so overwhelming that our Big Bad for this season are the Troiken! Proving that sometimes the demons within yourself are the scariest of all!!

                              The rest follow with Season 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
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                                Season 6 and Season 7 are probably tied for me. Maybe 7 a little's tough. I liked the angst and real life problems of season six and of course the sex, "Great muppity Odin I miss that sex". Season 7 was different and epic feeling. I liked Buffy training the new girls and Dawn being a bit more grown up. And best of all soulful Spike. I loved crazy basement Spike. And my heart broke for Underneath "and he shall be loved" Spike. And I just really liked Buffy not pounding on him just cause she's mad at herself.

                                Next up Season 5- really pretty solid. Good Spuffyness. Yeah Tara, too much Glory.

                                Season 2 Hello Spike!

                                Season 3 Graduation-Brilliant

                                Last would be a tie between four and one-both had moments, the first season really did a great job starting the show off and the fourth had Hush and Something Blue. But the fourth was also Riley-zone
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                                  With all of its dropped subplots and OOC moments, I can't see Season 7 in the top half of the rankings. It was on its way to best season ever for the first eight episodes, at least.
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                                    Two questions what does OOC mean?
                                    What dropped subplots?
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                                      Let me copy my post on this from BW:

                                      Dollsome said:

                                      BtVS was always a soap opera. Season 2, anyone? Very big with the melodrama and love triangles. Also, it had the best season arc ever. (One of) the problem(s) with season 7 was that it stopped focusing as heavily on the relationships between the Scoobies, it became more plot-driven and when it did focus on relationships they mostly had something to do with Spike.
                                      And, when you are going to go plot-driven, and rely on your audience to know the characters, the plot has *got* to be tight. Air-tight.

                                      You can't go with:

                                      -- all the characters not knowing what the audience knows (that Buffy is not the 'official' Slayer) and have that go nowhere

                                      -- revealing that Buffy being alive caused the First to become active, without either A) explaining why that is, B) clarifying which time that refers to, and C) making it relevant information

                                      -- huge urgency on Spike being a part of the First's plan and then just... dropping it altogether.

                                      -- teasing that something about Buffy and Dawn's trusting each other would be relevant to how the season unfolded and then never bringing it up again.

                                      That's just for starters, too.
                                      OOC means "out of character".
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                               know I just didn't think those were big problems.

                                        I think that the first knew that causing trust issues would weaken Buffy. And Dawn did kick her out of the house, it was the lowest point for Buffy.

                                        I think that the first underestimated the power Buffy had over Spike, that even with a trigger she could get through to him. Also once he was detriggered, it was probably too hard to retrigger him. Like once he knew that it wasn't just the soul and guilt stuff making him crazy he questioned the strange voices around him.

                                        I mainly thing that the first can do a lot of stuff at once, it didn't put all it's eggs in one basket. If something-like messing with Spike or Dawn didn't work it focused on something else.

                                        As far as what the crazy demon eye thingy was referring to, I do wish that had been better explained-BUT, I don't think that it is any more problematic than the Buffy can jump in the portal and it will shut thing that happened in season five.
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