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  • What Would You Prefer...?

    So i'm an aspiring writer, and my role model is Joss Whedon.

    I've completed one script already, its an adaptation of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Origin. Im about to work on my second script which is an adaptation of Fray.

    After that im starting another project which is set in the buffyverse but is not an adaptation. It is a Fray series.

    But what would you prefer, a Fray TV series or a Fray comic book series much like buffy season eight. So if there were a comic book series it could be labled season one. But what would you prefer to see.

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    Hi. As an aspiring screenwriter myself I commend you on your passion for writing and for completing a script. Good job . I'm also working on a short script for a fan film called Slayer+.

    I'd prefer a Fray TV series.

    I hope you know that your more likely to sell an original script rather than one based on someone elses work. I'd keep those Buffy scripts as practice but don't try to sell them.