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Rewatching Doublemeat Palace and Older and Far Away

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  • Rewatching Doublemeat Palace and Older and Far Away

    Doublemeat Palace:

    - I forgot how cute James M is. He's far more goodlooking with yellow hair than brown.

    - Willow and Halfrek both made attempts to scare Xander and Anya off the wedding. Willow pointedly telling Xander that he'll listen to Anya's theories about money for the rest of his life while Halfrek telling Anya that Xander tends to correct her "not-so-human" behavior constantly.

    - I liked the Scoobies' approach to support Buffy on her first day at her job better than Spike's "You're better than this." Buffy needs money and she needs to suck it up and work in whatever place available. Good thing Doublemeat Palace let her in, because it seems like a long time between this episode and Flooded and Buffy was just accepted in a job. Hold on to it as much as you can, then. The last thing Buffy needs right now is someone telling her that she has more potential than this and she has to quit because she's not happy. That's life, it's not about being happy, it's about sucking it up and surviving in an adult world. People start small and then end up big, just look at Xander.

    - Why the hell would Dawn make Amy come inside and meet Willow after all what had happened?

    - Amy is probably paying back Willow for not returning her back to normal sooner. Amy, dear, be grateful that Willow at least took care of you these couple of years. It's not her fault you turned yourself into a rat.

    Older and Far Away:

    - Doesn't Dawn have friends her age? I tried feeling bad for her in this episode but why are you down on Buffy's friends? They're "Buffy's" friends, not "Dawn's" friends. 15 year old girls should hang out with 15 year old girls. I know Dawn considers them family, and they surely are, but they have more important adult things to do that baby-sit 15 year old girls.

    - For all the talk I hear about Xander's ill treatment of Anya he certainly comes out like the 'perfect boyfriend' in this episode. This episode shows clearly how much Xander loves Anya, he even sided with her against Willow.

    - Anya seems stronger than both Buffy and Spike in this episode, those punches she gave that demon.

    - Spike crashed the party uninvited and brought a guest with him. What I find interesting is that none of the other cast seemed to mind, not even Xander. In fact, Xander was playing cards with Spike, Clem and Tara. Hmmm.

    - Fans often wondered why no one commented on Spike's bruises. I think it's easy to assume that he got them from a demon fight or something. It'll probably make sense if Dawn asked Spike about it, but I guess she was too busy being happy that she's surrounded by people.

    - Tara joking with Spike about his cramp seemed to be on Buffy's behalf than on a newfound friendship between them. But it's not hard to imagine these two becoming friends in the future.
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