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Favourite Cover of the Season So Far!

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  • Favourite Cover of the Season So Far!

    Just wondering what people thought of the covers so far this season and which is their favourite! At the end of the summer I will then take the average of people's choices and announce the favourite cover!

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    My favourite cover is probably the Jo Chen's The Long Way Home #1 cover. Classic Buffy! Coming in second would have to be Time of Your Life #18 which i think looks fantastic as well!


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      Just to familiarize everyone with what the covers look like...

      Link to covers:

      My favorite covers are all Chen for the most part - she's the BEST!

      Issue #5
      Issue #6
      Issue #8
      Issue #16
      Issue #18 looks like it's going to be pretty nice!

      Issue #1 Jeanty is one of my favorites and also Issues #9 and #12.
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        Jo Chen: All of 'em! But the most of all is #10.

        Georges Jeanty: #15


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          Jo Chen: #5, #7, #16, #17, #18, #19.

          Georges Jeanty: #3, #4, #14, #15.

          I love Jo Chen's covers for the Fray arc, it may just be because there was a lack of her for the last one.

          Holy crap is #19's cover beautiful, Jo's gonna have a hard time topping that one.
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            I love Jo Chen's work, and I wish we'd get more characters drawn by her. (I would have loved to see Amy and Warren on a cover! Even Kennedy and Vi and some others.)

            I think my favorite is #6, cause it captures Faith perfectly. But they all rocks, the only one I don't like is #18, even though it is pretty, I would have rathered another character on it (someone new, we already have a Dawn cover)

            As for the varient covers, #12 is really stunning.


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              The new DarkWillow cover is going to be a favorite of mine!! That has to be one pretty cover!!! Issue #19.

              Dark Horse as issued #16 as a Wallpaper!! It's on my computer now!
              "At that point I'd love a fight and a heart to heart and then of course naughtiness and happy ever after."
              - Dorian's Kitten re: Spuffy Reunion

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                Oh god, I love so many of them. My all-time favorites are always Chen. And my favorites of hers are.....

                #1 (Buffy looks so realistic and amazing)
                # 6 (Come on! CLASSIC! The classic logo spray painted "Faith" by a very realistic looking Faith? Oh, god, I love it!)
                #11 (is that her? If not, it's still a holy frak cover!)
                #16 (so real, so amazing, so awesome)
                #19 (holy frak! that's....stunning)

                All-time fav? Tie between #6 and #19. Love 'em both.


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                  I think I'm among the majority who love Jo Chen's covers more than any of the others, but I also really liked Jon Foster's work, too. Foster may not have nailed the likeness of the characters all that well, but his work is aesthetically gorgeous, in my opinion. The colors, the atmosphere, the detail, etc...

                  My favorite covers have been:

                  #4 - I love the creativity behind it. Giant!Dawn with Buffy in her hand and the "Buffy" logo as a billboard behind them. Plus, the colors were great.

                  #9 - Ah! So beautiful! The symbolism and likeness are both equally brilliant.

                  #10 - I didn't realize until the issue was in my hands that Willow and Buffy were flying. I thought that they were falling. Seeing this cover online doesn't do it any justice since the details of the background are distorted, in my opinion. But once you have it right in front of you? Ah! So pretty!

                  #11 - I actually don't own the Foster cover for this issue (a friend of mine picked up the variant cover by accident) but Foster's is to die for. The colors and the action...It summarizes the entire issue perfectly and just looking at it gets me excited to read the issue.

                  #14 - Woo! Giant!Dawn stomping through Japan! Again, I love Foster's eye for detail and atmosphere. Each time I look at this cover, I find something new to admire. I love it.

                  #17 - Absolutely stunning! The colors and the lighting are so perfect and beautiful. Not to mention how awesome the likeness is of Buffy. Her expression looks exactly like the one SMG would use in a situation like this. And Gunther looks oustanding! I may not enjoy Chen's take on Melaka Fray, but even she looks awesome on this cover.

                  #18 - I like this one purely because of the atmosphere, coloring, lighting, and detail. This is the first cover that Jo Chen has done where I couldn't tell who the person on the cover was supposed to be. Now that I've read 8.16, I know who it is for sure and can appreciate the cover more. But the likeness is way off - like...Jon Foster level of off. But, again, everything except the likeness is absolutely beautiful and fantastic.

                  #19 - Ahhh! Even if I'm beyond frustrated by the fact that this cover raises so many questions and we won't get any answers until October (or at the earliest, September, if there's an explanation at the end of #18 in the form of a cliffhanger), this cover is the only one out of all the we've seen so far that looks exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) like the actor who portrayed a character. Chen has gotten SMG down to borderline perfection but her Alyson Hanngian is absolutely perfect! Not to mention the colors and lighting and even the texturing is so beautiful that I could just stare at this cover all day long. I can't wait for the issue to come out just so I can have it in my own hands.

                  #20 - Even if no one knows what this issue will be about - and even if it hasn't even been written yet - Chen yet again out-does herself when it comes to detail and facial expressions. Xander, Willow, and Buffy all look so happy and it's such a warm cover that how could you not love it?!

                  Lastly, I would like to say that I would kill to have Jo Chen do the interior art for an entire story arc (or even just a standalone issue). Maybe the season finale story arc? That'd be such a treat! Ah!
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                    I am definitely a major fan of #19, and some others are #20, #16, #14, #9, #7, and #5!


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                      Definitely "Dark Willow" cover for me, it's awesome!! Loved it.
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