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  • People You Were Sad to See Go...

    I was wondering how everyone felt about all the people that had to part with the show over its course of Seven Seasons. Was your heart broken when Tara was shot, or when Oz left. Maybe Joyce or even Jenny Calendar. Who did you want to come back and never see go but did?
    Jenny Calendar

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    Tara Tara Tara.

    My favorite character since I watched s6. Loved her. Got depressed for a week after finishing s6. I'm still hoping she will come back. After all she would have already if it was not for amber benson not being available. Seriously you think she would be available. Heaps of Tara lovers hate her now because she stopped tara coming back to life.

    Still she might come back in s8 she already was supposed to once Joss might fit it in there somewhere
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      Anya because I liked her character.

      Joyce, then Oz.


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        I can't vote because I missed seeing Oz, Joyce and Tara.


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          I miss Oz... Sweet, quirky, CUTE Oz...

          Season 8 spoiler...
          Can't wait for when he shows up in Season 8!!
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            oz for me too! i loved his character so much and was extremely sad to see him go, especially the way he left.
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              I loved her. Amber did an amazing job portraying her.


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                Well, there is something i found about Tara that just made me smile. She was just a good and happy person who did not deserve to die. But yet, when Anya died, who i had liked for a long time (most hilarious quotes or times ever on the show came from her), I didn't really care. It was weird - it almost seemed natural. And i laughed! it was just plain weird, but i miss both!


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                  One of my favourite characters and I liked him boat loads more than Tara. I also really enjoyed his werewolf storyline and enjoyed his relationship with Willow, as well as his interactions with Buffy and Xander. It was really sad to see him go, and kinda surreal. You always expected him to return or run back in, in the last minute and he never did.

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                    I voted for Riley. I always wished he decided to stay, even if he and Buffy weren't together. I think they could of thought of some very interesting storylines involving him, especially in Season 7. He could helped a lot when it came to training the SITs. Plus, it would have given Xander a male friend, which he really needed.


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                      Cordelia, I know that she is shipped over to Ats and that was great because I love the friendship between her and Angel. But really, I missed Cordelia so much ...

                      They never killed one of my favourite characters on BtVS ... I felt more for the people who stayed behind than for the people who died. So I was never really sad to see one of them go ...

                      I also like Oz much more than Tara, so that is maybe a reason to vote for Oz ... but I never really missed Oz.


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                        Can't there be another option for All of the Above?

                        Well all of them except for Riley and I suppose it depends which Oz departure we're talking here because the one from Wild At Heart is better than the one in New Moon Rising, although they're both good.

                        Anyway out of all of them I'd say Oz was the one I hated see go the most because he was one of the best characters, such a cool guy with the werewolf hiding beneath the surface and he was just an interesting character to observe, that and his thoughts in Earshot, he was just a great character. I mean, both his departures brought tears to my eyes and I'm not much of a cryer, the one from Wild At Heart got me more though, mainly because of Willow's crying, but Oz's too and also the "Don't you love me?" line.

                        Next I'd say it was Tara because she died in the episode that got me hooked on the show, but when I saw her die it didn't mean much to me at the time because I didn't have a clue who she was, for all I knew she'd only been in the show for that one episode, but after seeing her character develop throughout seasons 4-6 I grew to love her and the relationship she had with Willow, I just wish she'd popped back up.

                        Next I'd say it was Anya because although it was the last episode it was sad to see somebody come from so long ago and die right at the end, especially when the ex-demon is killed over the human who has no fighting experience whatsoever, unless you count old D&D games. It was just sad the way she died too, she didn't get much of a death scene.

                        Then I'd say Joyce because she provided the show with one of the most dramatic episodes, it was just amazing to see the Scoobies react to something that was natural and that couldn't be stopped, that and the acting is just that extra bit better, especially Sarah's. Also, it was so unexpected that Joyce was going to die until you saw the scene at the end of I Was Made To Love You or had read spoilers.

                        Lastly is Jenny Calendar because I liked her character and the way she was still trying to help even though she'd lied to everybody that it was sad to see her die, I just wish she'd been mentioned a bit more in the later seasons.


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                          Tough call for me between Oz and Jenny Calendar, but I went with Oz. The way he leaves is so heartbreaking, but leaves possibility for him to come back, and when he did come back my heart got broken all over again

                          But Giles & Jenny were definitely my favourite couple of Seasons 1/2. I cried like a baby when she died!


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                            I was probably more devastated by Anya's death than anyone else's, or equal to Tara, at least, but when Anya died it had a nice finality to it- dying in the finale was quite okay, in a way, subtle in its tragedy.

                            Tara, on the other hand, I wanted back, all the time.


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                              Oz, then Tara.
                              they were great characters and we should have seen more of them. Especially Oz.

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                                I was saddest to see Anya go, followed probably by Oz. In different ways, Scooby partners ended up being damaged as much as the Scoobies, and I felt Anya was like that. There is something to Buffy’s warning to Satsu! Anya was devoted to Xander, and even if it was kind of in an unhealthy way, she did try to help the Scoobies and be a good girlfriend, and first she was dumped (in her mind), then killed. That’s a really simplistic summary, but I just really would have liked to see Anya get some happiness. I just loved her character.

                                I also loved Oz, but there’s some comfort in knowing that he didn’t die.


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                                  For me, it's definitely when Oz left in "Wild at Heart." Three sentences:
                                  Oz was one of my favourite characters.
                                  Willow's breakdown was heartbreaking.
                                  Chris Beck's theme for Willow and Oz was his best.


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                                    I was very sad to see Oz go, I think that he and Willow were great together!! I was so sad for Willow, and thought that the scoobies didn't behaved like good friends in that situation, they didn't show her much support. That always bugged me.

                                    Second, I think, Tara. She was a great character. I like that Willow always had great and sweet relationships. The third would be Joyce, mostly because of the way she went away, with that sickness and all, and at such bad time.
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                                      Oz was the Saddest Person to leave the show. It was great tom see him come back at least for one episode.


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                                        Can I ask who the hell voted for Riley? I thought this thread was called "Who were you sad to see go", not "who did you pray to god would leave".