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The Moments and Episodes That Got us Hooked...

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  • The Moments and Episodes That Got us Hooked...

    This thread is about either the first episode we ever saw that got us hooked, or the moments that got us watching Buffy non-stop.

    The moment i couldn't stop watching Buffy happened sometime in 2000 or 2001. I was about six or seven and i was dowstairs watching ''The Gift'' with my brothers. My brothers had always watched the show, and i had seen a bit of it in the past. Enough to know Buffy went around killing people. I didn't realize she was killing vampires and demons, so i had thought she was a crazy person, so did my parents, and they didnt want me having nightmares. But my parents reluctantly let me watch ''the Gift'' because my brothers were all watching it, and were very hyped up about it. I didn't realize that it could potentially be the series finale. But as i was watching it i slowly started to understand what was happening and when the episode was finished i just sat there and i knew Buffy had become my hero. Meanwhile my brothers are jumping off the couch and landing on their faces imitating Buffy sacrificing herself. But i never forgot that moment, and i knew Buffy was my new favourite show. Goodbye Barnie, Hello Buffy!

    From that night on every week I would watch it at 4:00 on the ''Space Network'' (the canadian channel that had buffy) until i was caught up on every episode and i could watch the new episodes on the UPN and WB. Even when the series ended i still remembered the night i watched the Gift. My life would be so much different if i hadn't seen Buffy that night. It literally was my life and obsession, and is once more now that season eight is here.

    I am sure Buffy has affected all of our lives in some way. I know it has on mine. But i will never forget that moment after seeing ''The Gift'' that got me hooked. So this thread is for you to share you experiences or moments that got you hooked on Buffy. Maybe there was an episode you happened to see? But if you think back, I'm sure all of us have some great moments that got us watching Buffy, and visiting Sunnydale every week....

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    Well, the episode that got me hooked was "The Freshman". The moment? Well, definitely when Buffy spun her stake around, threw it behind her, and it landed in Sunday's heart. The moment I said, "Okay, I really gotta see more of this." Not much more than that. Then, I just bought some of the sets, and started watching like a mad scientist. (where did that analogy come from? no idea. it's a pretty bad analogy, too)


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      I saw the series in order, but the first episode that I really liked was 'Angel'. I'm not sure, but I think that the scene where Angel and Buffy are bluffing because they don't really want to fight ... was the first time I was like; 'Yeah, I'm going to watch this until the bitter end.' I think that this is also a little bit the reason that Bangel is still my favourite couple on tv and Angel my favourite character, it's what got me hooked.

      And with Ats, I didn't knew about Angel's own series until the first crossover (I watched BtVS in reruns), but when I found out ... Ats season 2 was aready airing in the Netherlands and I decided to wait until the Ats reruns. After a couple of weeks, BtVS and Ats were on the same channel at the wednesday ... I taped BtVS and decided to tape Angel for once as well ... I saw Disharmony and the episode was nothing special but I kept watching for Angel. And I think that the Pylea arc got me hooked.


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        Well, I started watching the Buffy since season 5, and honestly because it was a slow summer and I was bored out of my mind, so I turned on the TV and found a rerun of season 5, I don't remember which was the first episode I ever saw, amazing, I feel kind of ashamed right now, but I remember watching "Fool for love" and saw James Marsters and well , no really, I saw Spike and Buffy talking about slayers and what they were and the death wish and all the mythology of slayers and I started to have more interest in the show, and the season finale "The Gift" did it for me, after that I was lost in the Buffyverse forever!!

        Other episodes after that, that got me hooked were "Once more, with feeling", "Grave", "Beneath you". And now that I'm re-watching the show, and I'm watching season 3 and 4 for the first time (which until now I manage to see 'cause before I couldn't), "This year's girl" has me hooked.
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          I didn't start watching the show until really late in the series, I'd heard of it, obviously, but I'd hardly seen it before. I'd seen DoubleMeat Palace before, but I didn't realise it was the same show.

          Anyway, the episode was Seeing Red and althought I really loved the supernatural element in it, but there were a few moments that really stood out for me. Firstly it was right at the beginning when Buffy was "infiltrating" the Nerd's lair and she was attacked by the buzzsaws, I thought "Wow, this is awesome" especially the move where she flipped between the two that were moving toward her. The second moment was Buffy's fight with Warren and the ending with Warren telling Buffy to say goodnight and Buffy smahed the orbs, turned what he'd said onto himself and kicked him away, that and the jetpacks were quite funny. But, ultimately, the main moment was the ending, to me it was incredible, especially for somebody who had never seen the show before, seeing Buffy and Tara being shot was really quite unexpected and I knew I had to find out what was gonna happen next.


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            I watched it from the beginning, because I friend lent me the DVDs, and I had some free time. I thought it was going to suck! I didn’t even want the DVDs. But I started from the beginning, and watched like 3 episodes a day. But I didn’t get truly hooked until Prophecy Girl. I watched the scene in the library and was just stunned. I think it was Buffy’s reaction- that pain-filled, disbelieving laugh. I was also really affected with the “read me my fortune! Tell me the signs!” part. I could just feel her pain and struggle as well as Giles.

            I loved Buffy and Giles from the beginning.


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              I was totally hooked for good from "Welcome To The Hellmouth" - I knew I would watch every ep (and now have the DVD's for obsessive re-watching) when Buffy met Angel - as soon as I heard

              ANGEL: Let's just say... I'm a friend.

              BUFFY: Yeah, well, maybe I don't want a friend.

              ANGEL: I didn't say I was yours.

              Welcome to the Hellmouth! It was love at first watch for me!


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                First episode I ever saw was Hush. I think that pretty much explains why I was hooked.


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                  The Episode which hooked me was "Passion", but the episode that really hooked me was "Tabula Rasa" at the very end, when Buffy and Spike are kissing. I was dreaming for a Spuffy ship but didn't think it would happen...


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                    The first episode I ever saw was The Zeppo, and I fell madly in love with Xander. I think this was in about 2002, because I know the series hadn't finished yet but it was pretty near the end. Unfortunately, I caught Chosen next, so throughout watching every other episode I knew what would happen at the end! I bought the box set a couple of Christmas's ago to get myself caught up and it took me about 6 months to watch every episode.


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                      The first episode I ever saw was "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" back when it first aired. I loved it, but I wasn't completely hooked. I would catch it when I could, and I vividly remember watching "Halloween", "Lie to Me", "Bad Eggs" and "Killed by Death". However, as soon as I watched "Becoming, Part 1" and then 2 the following week, I knew that Buffy was my life. Ever since then, I watched every week for the next 6 years. And now I'm reading the comics. God, what the hell?


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                        The first moment I ever saw of Buffy (that I am aware of) is the season six return. The channel (likely the BBC) played the two return episodes one after the other, so I saw Buffy waking up in her coffin, clawing her way out of it, etc, up until the point when she is looking around town with blurred vision and the man tells her to "Get off my property". Then I had to go out, so that didn't get me into the show........

                        I later saw the final parts of seeing red, the only parts I remember being, the fairground arch thingie collapsing on Warren and Willows red eyes, I didn't even know she was a witch! Again, that didn't get me into it ......

                        Then in 2003 Channel 4 ran a series of documentaries called '100 greatest' and there was a 'scary moments' one, on which Buffy was at #25 with 'Hush'. It looked so scary, but at the same time, comedic and feelgood (Giles' slideshow), so a few days later, season seven had just began its run. I missed the first episode, but I saw 'beneath you', which got me interested because of the homage to 'Tremors' my favourite movie at the time.
                        Then I saw "Same time, Same place" and that seriously got me in it, because I could follow the story much more than one based around Spike soul, a storyline I was totally unfamiliar with. Well yeah, I watched the entire season after that, sadly missing the occasional episode, like 'Storyteller' and 'Help', then I brought the videos, got rid of the videos in favour of dvd's, got into Angel................yada, yada, yada.

                        Point is, those shows that are considered trashy, lists of TV moments, are a godsend to me, and there will be no badmouthing them!!!
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                          "Innocence" got me interested - when it was over, I came to realize many things about Joss Whedon I had not understood because of the limited scope of Firefly. "Passion" was the episode that hooked me start-to-finish - it remains one of my favorite episodes of any television show in existence.
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                            I watched the series in order, as well, but luckily in the early goings I had someone keep telling me to hold onto it, you'll get hooked eventually. The first two seasons were way up and down. Since I have never been a fan of the Angel arc, the only episodes that I really enjoyed thoroughly in the first two seasons were the comedy ones, and the Spike/Dru arc before Angelus joined up.

                            Then came season 3, and even then it started rough. Anne might be my least favorite episode in the series. I almost gave up on Buffy for good after that episode, but I trudged through, and finally made it to Faith, Hope, and Trick. And although I was upset to see Angel returning, it introduced a couple of bad-ass characters in Trick and Faith who piqued my interest. Soon after came my favorite character in the whole series, the Mayor, and now even though I hate Angel in BTVS, and my least favorite episode in the series is in the season, Season 3 remains as my second favorite of all seasons.

                            So, I think I'd have to go with Faith, Hope, and Trick as the episode that got me hooked.


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                              I started the series in 2004 and I was hooked by the very first episode. Right away, I knew the series was unique due to its wonderful characters and dialogue. And it?s funny because I started watching because I heard it was about vampires and I love vampires, so I thought it was good. But as soon as I started watching, I discovered that the show was so much more than the vampires and I loved it. I still love it!


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                                In the episode ''Angel'' when Buffy is fighting Angel and Darla at the Bronze, the funniest thing happens.

                                As Darla finishs telling buffy of her and angel's past she goes:

                                Darla: ''Angel, you're sick. And you'll always be sick,'' turning towards Buffy she continues, ''and you'll always remember what it was like to watch her die.'' Now speaking to Buffy ''You didn't think I came alone did you?''

                                Buffy: ''I know i didn't.'' She kicks up a crossbow into her arms that had been on the floor.

                                Darla: Smiling she says, ''Scary - Scarier'' and she pulls out to pistols and starts firing at Buffy!

                                FIVE STARS!


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                                  I started religiously watching Buffy when "Welcome to the Hellmouth" aired. I honestly had no interest in vampires but my dad said that a good show was coming on TV and I should watch it with him.

                                  Moment I realized Buffy was more than just a show, “Lie to Me.”

                                  Buffy: Does it ever get easy?
                                  Giles: You mean life?
                                  Buffy: Yeah, does it get easy?
                                  Giles: What do you want me to say?
                                  Buffy: Lie to me.
                                  Giles: Yes. It's terribly simple…

                                  It may seem silly that dialogue to close a scene would be my “it moment” and not dialogue at the turning point in the series. Don’t know why, just is.


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                                    Here goes my first post ever...

                                    My parents divorced right after my 6th grade year, and we moved in with my aunt and her family. Buffy was her and my grandmothers favorite show an they would let me stay up an hour later every tuesday past my bedtime and would let me eat ice cream and he three of us would watch it. It was an awesome getaway from my parents getting divorce and very comforting. I don't remember the exact first episode, but as far back as i can remember i have loved buffy.I immediately connected with willow. My grandmother has passed now, and its nice to look back and remember sitting with her on my aunts couch with something sweet watching buffy. Now my boyfriend of almost nine months loves buffy, when we first started dated he was looking through my dvd collection and was like. "hum ive never seen buffy before is it good?" and i was like.. is it good... ha!.. let's watch the first episode.. since then we have been sitting down every few nights to watch an episode... so Buffy has always brought good wholesome memories for me.


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                                      the buffy and angel thing got me, when they met it was mad,,,i never missed it after that,,
                                      iv got loads of books,videos,and all the dvds,
                                      i couldnt live with out buffy in my life,,,LOL

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                                        I know I watched the first season and it never hooked me. I definately watched Prophecy Girl and I remember thinking when Buffy's theme music played how corny it was that they did that. I also remember seeing Spike and Dru and really thought they were cool.

                                        I started watching more seriously in Season three. I started liking Oz and I would watch the odd episode, but I never got it really because I'd missed so much (like I had no idea what was happening when Angle faked turning into Angelus again and then turned on Faith- which was kinda cool). The first episode I watched as someone who watched it because they wanted to was The Zeppo and I didn't get it at all. I think possibly Prom Night and Graduation were two (well, three) episodes that turned me into a proper fan. I really liked the speech Johnathan gave to Buffy and Graduation Day's just cool.
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