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Five Funniest Buffy Episodes

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  • Five Funniest Buffy Episodes

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    IMO, they are "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered", "Doppelgangland", "Pangs", "Tabula Rasa", and....well, only these four are absolute comedy gold. Great stuff here.


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      I agree with most of that list, except I'd substitute 'Beer Bad' for 'Dopplegangland' and 'Buffy VS Dracula' for 'Pangs.'

      Buffy VS Dracula is funny, but I never thought it was meant to be a comedic episode, it just had the usual flavour of humour most Btvs episodes have? And I don't find ?Beer Bad' funny at all.. Not in the good way anyway.

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        My list would've been:
        1. Living Conditions
        2. Him
        3. Pangs
        4. Earshot
        5. Band Candy


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          Not in order, just my 5 favorite funnies.
          Tabula rasa
          Band candy
          The Zeppo
          Something blue


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            Something Blue
            The Replacement (I just like it more than The Zeppo)
            Triangle (too many good Anya/Willow back-and-forths to be left out)
            Tabula Rasa

            Also, any episode where Spike goes on about how great the onion blossom is wins special points for awesomeness.


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              How is "Buffy vs Dracula" one of the funniest episodes?

              my top 5;

              Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
              (number one, I ignore how wrong it is to force somebody to be your girlfriend with magic.)

              (Very good number two, the fact that Angel is more in shock than the scoobies is a little bit weird, but Vamp!Willow is gold.)

              Beer Bad
              (It's my guilty pleasure, I would never show that episode to anybody who doesn't watch Buffy, but I can't help myself ... it's funny.)

              (Buffybot is too funny, again a sick idea ... but SMG is so cute as Buffybot.)

              Tabula Rasa
              (Way overrated and it has some bad writing, but it's funny.)


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                I don't agree with most of those. In my opinion, they are:

                01. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
                02. Something Blue
                03. Pangs
                04. Him
                05. Tabula Rasa


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                  I like Him, Dopplegangland, Band Candy, Something Blue, and Tabula Rasa. BBB, Living Conditions, and Pangs are close behind though. I can't watch any of those episodes without laughing myself to tears.


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                    05. Doppelgangled
                    04. Tabula Rasa
                    03. Something Blue
                    02. Him
                    01. Storyteller


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                      1. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
                      2.Tabula Rasa
                      3.Something Blue
                      5.Beer Bad

                      The end of ''The Harvest'' is also pretty funny but the episode overall is not that hilarious!


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                        My own list would be somewhat different -

                        1. Doppelgangland - Alyson Hannigan is total awesomeness!
                        2. Something Blue - Hilarity from beginning to end!
                        3. Pangs - Spikeisms!
                        4. Band Candy - Some of Giles funniest scenes!
                        5. Tabula Rasa - Randy & Joan!

                        There are so many laugh out loud quotes from these eps, I probably wouldn't know when to stop!


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                          1. Tabula Rasa - The whole episode is immensely funny, but I just love the meta references ('A vampire with a soul - how lame is that?' = hilarious!)
                          2. Storyteller - Andrew's version of events are laugh out loud funny. His battle with Willow, his confrontation with Jonathan, 'We are as Gods'.
                          3. Band Candy - Giles as a teenager! Listening to Cream, smashing windows, him and Joyce, his reactions to Buffy hitting Ethan, it's just brilliant!
                          4. Something Blue - I just love poor Riley's reaction to Buffy saying she's marrying Spike! Plus, turning Amy back for a second is pretty funny.
                          5. Him - The build up is worth it for the final bits where there's a split screen and we see the Scoobies all desperate in their attempts to secure RJ's love.


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                            1. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
                            2. Band Candy,
                            3. Doppelgangland,
                            4. Tabula Rasa
                            5. Earshot
                            So I can't spell, so what!!!
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                              Definitely Band Candy....I think that one will always be my funniest episode. No matter how many times I watch it, the jokes remain funny...and Snyder as a teenager is truly one of the best comedic choices the buffyverse ever made.

                              After Band Candy I have a harder time...I don't think I can say what order the next four are in. But definitely Pangs, Something Blue, Him, and...maybe Triangle. Or Maybe Earshot. Or maybe The Zeppo. Or Doomed. Or Tabula Rasa. Or...

                              Right, see, this is why it's hard!



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                                1. Storyteller. Purely for 'we are as GODSSS!'

                                2. Earshot. "Sure. We can work out after school. You know, if you're not too busy having sex with my MOTHER!"

                                3. Halloween.
                                Xander: She must be right. We must have some kind of amnesia.
                                Buffy: I don't know what that is, but I'm certain I don't have it. I
                                bathe quite often!

                                4. Living Conditions.
                                Buffy: You're right. Ooh! She's even affecting my work, now. She's the Titanic. She's a crawling black cancer!
                                [She brings her foot up, around and down onto a bench, breaking it in two.]
                                Buffy: She's... other really bad things.
                                Oz: On the plus side you've killed the bench, which was looking shifty.

                                ^^ My favourite quote EVER

                                5. Beer Bad. Buffy whacking Parker at the end - priceless!


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                                  Originally posted by Retrograde View Post
                                  3. Halloween.
                                  Xander: She must be right. We must have some kind of amnesia.
                                  Buffy: I don't know what that is, but I'm certain I don't have it. I
                                  bathe quite often!
                                  Ok I just have to say...that line drives me NUTS! because people in the 1700s wouldn't have associated bathing with not having diseases...and also, they wouldn't necessarily have bathed that often either, even if they were upper class, and they almost definitely wouldn't have talked about it!

                                  /history nerd



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                                    /even more history nerd.

                                    Actually they bathed once or twice a year and that's the rich. They relied on perfume mainly and the fact that they were used to the smell. And they pretty much still blamed disease on God. You only got sick if god wanted you to.
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                                      Pangs - A classic
                                      Him - Love love love it
                                      Intervention - Buffybot is all I have to say
                                      Something Blue - Blind Giles, Spuffy wedding plans
                                      Life Serial - Especially for the Time lopp, SMG doing that crying bit is gold
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                                        1. Band Candy
                                        2. BBB
                                        3. Doppelg?ngland
                                        4. Fear Itself
                                        5. Something Blue

                                        Honorable mention: Intervention, A New Man

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