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Best Buffy artist/singer on the show?

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  • Best Buffy artist/singer on the show?

    This is mine -

    Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You

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    For me it's Aimee Man. I just loved the two songs they played in season 7.
    Michelle Branch is closely behind.
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      sophie zelmani - i'll remember you

      by far my favorite btvs piece. my favorite ats pieces are you always hurt the one you love by the mills brothers (it's from the '30s) and a place called home by kim richey.

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        For me it has to be Alison Krauss' "It doesn't matter" which was used in the first episode of S2 during Buffy and Joyces scene in the car.

        I love "Goodbye to you" too


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          Goodbye to you is my favorite song in the entire series. Breathe me by Sia is close behind.


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            'Goodbye to You' is fantastic, but I'm gonna have to go with Sarah Mclachlan's 'Full of Grace'. from S2 I still can't listen to that song w/o bawling all over the place.


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              Another song that popped in my head the other day that I really love is "Wild Horses" which they play during the Prom. They also play that song in the movie "Fear"


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                Amber Benson with "I'm under your spell"

                Once more with Feeling s6

                The epic song at the end of Buffy "Chosen"

                Michelle Branch - Goodbye to You (Tabula Rasa) This is Brilliant!
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                  In 'Once More With Feeling' I liked Anya's song best.

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                    If we are talking about OMWF, I love spike's song in the episode. but then again I really love all the songs in it.


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                      Oh, there's so many songs/artits from Btvs that I love....a lot have been mentioned all ready, in fact I love all that have been mentioned, so I'll name a few that haven't as well....

                      Lucky ~ Bif Naked - the love song that was played during the Barker/Sparmony scenes in The Harsh Light of Day
                      Blue - Angie Hart - the episode 'theme' song during Conversations With Dead People
                      Transylvanian Concubine ~ Dru's 'song' during her party in Surprise
                      Virgin State of Mind ~ K's Choice ~ Vamp Willow's song while walking through the Bronze in Dopplegangland
                      Let the Sun Fall Down ~ Kim Richey ~ Buffy and Owen breakup in NKABOTFD
                      Sugar Water ~ Ciba Matto ~ Xander & Buffy's dance in When She Was Bad
                      Out of This World ~ Bush - the song that played in Dead Things when Buffy and Spike were on either side of his crypt door.
                      I Know ~ trespassers william ~ this song we only heard a small blurb to at the very end of Doublemeat Palace when Willow and Buffy were sitting on the curb...but it's an excellent song...
                      Key ~ Devics - awesome song that was played at the Bronze when Spike and Dru went on their rampage in Crush.
                      Stupid Thing ~ Nickel ~ The song played at the Bronze when Spike first lays eyes on Buffy in School Hard
                      That Kind of Love ~ Alison Krauss
                      Displaced ~ Azure Ray
                      One of those two played in Entropy, I'm sure, but I can't remember which one... but both were played in the series.
                      Nothing But You ~ Kim Feron ~ the song that Buffy played on the jukebox during her beer fest in Beer Bad.
                      How ~ Lisa Loeb - this played in the series sometime during the highschool years....I seem to recall it being played at the bronze, but I'm not certain, but I think it had to do with one of the many Bangel off-again phases....
                      It's Only Love ~ Heather Nova - the Touched love song.

                      those are a few of my favorites....


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                        This Is How It Goes/Pavlov's Bell - Aimee Mann ("I hate playing vampire towns" line was classic)
                        It's Only Love - Heather Nova (This song made that scene brilliant)
                        Blue - Angie Hart (Am I the only one who always thinks of "Accidentally Kelly St." when I hear this song?)
                        Key - Devics
                        Virgin State Of Mind - K's Choice
                        Wild Horses - The Sundays (Made the scene heartbreaking)
                        I Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Melanie Doane (Another song that took the scene to a new level)


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                          I work at a college radio station and I recently read a big article on what I think they called 'The WB principle' or maybe even 'The Buffy Principle.'
                          It talked about how the WB, as a new network, couldn't afford popular musicians, so they just started buying up a bunch of relatively unknown college acts and then using those to score the show. Buffy took it front and center by using 'The Bronze' as a key location, and it became a showcase for these little bands.
                          Now, this idea has jumped everywhere. Mid-range band singles are a staple on about every TV show. College acts show up in car commercials, pepsi commercials, all commercials. I hear more 'college' music in the full spectrum of media then I do the Billboard chart toppers.
                          But yeah, it was Buffy and the Bronze that kicked all that off.


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                            There are so many to love but these are some of my favourites:

                            Splendid - Charge (I Only have eyes for you)
                            Sarah McLachlan - Full of Grace (Becoming pt 2)
                            Bif Naked - Lucky (Harsh Light of Day)
                            Aimee Mann - Pavlov?s Bell and the other one (don?t remember the name) in Never Leave Me
                            Michelle Branch - Goodbye to You (Tabula Rasa)
                            Cibo Matto - Sugar Water (When she was bad)
                            Alison Krauss - Doesn?t matter (when she was bad) and Wild Horses (The Prom)

                            I also really like the music played by Dingoes Ate my Baby.


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                              Splendid (both times they were on the show). and Bif Naked.

                              I became a life long follower of Angie Hart after Splendid was on the show and actually became pen pals with the band. They were really down to earth and hand wrote snail mail responses to people. now with myspace its a little different, but shes still pretty cool.

                              Sarah McLachlan - Full of Grace (Becoming pt 2)...I remember crying so hard during that scene!
                              I shaved my legs to the knees for this?


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                                I am a HUGE Aimee Mann fan, so she's my definite favorite. And bonus points because not only did she appear on the show, she even had a speaking line.

                                But also a shout out to Tom McRae. His "Sao Paulo Rain" is lovely haunting. (It plays as Xander is drinking in a beer in some season six ep...which particular one escapes me now but I am inclined to think it is Entropy.)
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                                  Personally, I was super excited to see the Breeders in season 7 - "Him" - because they're my favorite band. They're huge fans of the show and regularly perform a cover of the Nerf Herder theme at their shows.

                                  But it's hard to argue with "Goodbye to You" from "Tabula Rasa" because of how well it fit with the end of the episode. I also thought the surrealism of Cibo Mato's "Sugar Water" really fit with "When She Was Bad."

                                  But I wouldn't be able to vote for anyone other than the Breeders as my favorite. I just got all giddy when I saw them in the Bronze.


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                                    In OMWF I probably like Going Through The Motions or Walk Through The Fire but I really love all the songs on there
                                    Blue by Angie Hart
                                    Sugarwater by Cibo Matto
                                    Full of Grace by Sarah Mclachlan
                                    All the scores and music from Chosen were amazing
                                    I just really enjoyed the fact that the bands and stuff at the bronze and just the music they played on the show was somewhat unknown to begin with and then became popular because it introduced new artists that are really good.
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