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  • Love It or Loathe It Episodes

    Hey guys! I'm sure you guys have heard of those either love it or hate it episodes. I've compiled a few which I think are classified correctly, followed with my opinion, so tell me what you think about these episodes, or add more!

    The Puppet Show - Love.

    Passion - (Possibly, because I've heard of a few who hated this episode) DUH, love!

    Revelations - Love.

    Fear, Itself - LOVE! So effing underrated!
    Wild At Heart - Loathe. I hate Veruca! And I hate Oz for leaving!
    Restless - (I think that is one of the undeniable episodes that fit this category) LOVE!!!! With all my heart!

    The Body - Best damn episode of Jossverse, in my opinion.

    Afterlife - Loathe. Stupid non-corporeal spirity demon thingy.
    Older and Far Away - Darn underrated. Love.
    Normal Again - Loathe. It was really unnerving to see that disoriented psycho Buffy.
    Seeing Red - (The episode that fits the category the most) Love.

    Him - LOVE!!!!!!!!!! I love this episode so much! Top 10!
    Empty Places - Loathe. Yeesh, stupid Scoobies and Potentials go force Buffy out of her own home.
    Chosen - Love. But just barely.

    What do you think? Any of these episodes don't fit the bill? And what's your opinion on them?