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Sid- Did he change your view on Dummies?

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  • Sid- Did he change your view on Dummies?

    Before I go on, for those who have forgotten, Sid is the cursed Dummy in one of the Buffy season 1 episodes (Forgot the title, it was near the end) who we thought was the killer but ended uop being the hunter hunting the bad guy.

    Now, I have always disliked Dummies, creepy dolls and the likes, Sid on the other hand was an expection. Okay considering he was actually a human cursed in a dummy probably helped with that, but it did sort of change my mind about all dummies being evil. Although I still don't like dummies because generally they are all creepy execpt Sid (Well when he turned his head all the way around and gave Buffy that death look that was creepy).

    What about you? Did he change your views on dummies if you were scared or creeped out by them?

    PS my favourite Sid moment was when Buffy and Sid were fighting each other and they were giving each other threats then they stop for a moment and go "What?"

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    I was Kinda scared of Dummies and stuff like that, Sid helped it cuz he was in my View Very Comical. But u still had Characters like Chucky that make dummies and Dolls Creepy. BTW the name of the Episode is "The Puppet Show"


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      To be honest, Sid hasn't eased my mind on dummies at all. I know he's fighting for the good guys and all that, but without even considering good and evil, the thought that an inanimate object can walk and talk and think really freaks me out

      Puppet Show is one of the few episodes I have only ever watched once as it scares me too much! Along with Gingerbread, which is a shame because there's some gems of comedy in both of those (MOO anyone?)


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        Not really. I thought dummies were creepy before and after watching The Puppet Show, so... noo..

        Similarly, does the idea of having human or cat meat in a burger, as demonstrated in Doublemeat Place change your perspective on fast-food outlets?


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          I never really though Dummies were that creepy, but Sid just made me laugh.

          "Horny Dummy"

          And yes fitri Doublemeat Palace definatley chanegd me perspective on fast foot!


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            Doublemeat Palace reaffirmed my initial thoughts on fast food....

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              Doublemeat Palace has changed my view on Fast food but then again working at a fast food chain for 4 years now has also Changed my outlook on them. NEVER GO EAT AT THEM!!


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                You know dummies are creepy yet Chucky never creeped me out because he was like a doll, not a dummy. Dummies are still creepy even after The Puppet Show though.

                As for DP (okay now I have to write Doublemeat Palace 'cause DP can mean something totally dirty ) it didn't change my perspective at all. I think we've all wondered whether or not our food may be cat or dog, hell even people. I have yet to give confirmation on any of those three but I wouldn't be surprised if it were one of them.
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                  Well, I haven;treally liked any dummies besides Sid, but I didn't think the Puppet Show was that scary, if Sid had been an evil dummy then it probably would have been for me.

                  Chuckie? I have heard and seen the cover of that movie, and I am never touching that, ever because the cover alone creeps me out and it's not even moving. And really, what is it with the creepy nerdy guys who love making dummies real and evil or creepy little girls who play with creepy dolls? You see it on every movie.

                  About DP (Sounds like Diamond/Pearl Pokemon), yeah that kinda grossed me out but it didn't turn me against gfast food resturant, considering there probably isn't some old creepy woman planning to chop you in half with some creepy worm thing on the top of her head.

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                  Hey guys, if you know Amber is coming to Brisbane or anywhere near it, then page me (Well PM, just referencing Buffy)


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                    Anything to do with ventriloquist dummies, or dolls that can walk and talk has always creeped me out.

                    There's just something about their faces that I don't like, and I try to avoid TV programmes that feature them if at all possible.

                    I've only watched The Puppet Show once, and I don't know if I would watch it again, because of the reasons above.

                    So, no - Sid hasn't changed my views on dummies. They will always be creepy and weird to me!
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                      Sid was creepy; the episode is "eh."
                      I was mostly annoied that he was a character in the video game.
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                        I?ve always been scared of dummies and Sid also creeped me out. I don?t why, but there is something about them that really scares me.


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                          It's interesting. I was reading an article last night about Caulaphobia which is the morbid fear of clowns. One of the theories for the origins of the phobia was that during a child's formative years they see a clown and having learnt what a 'normal' persons face looks like and that that is 'right' the heavily made up clown becomes alien to them which is what starts the phobia off. As with all phobias the fear once generated is very difficult to get rid of.

                          I can imagine a similar thing being the case for dummies. They're so human but at the same time they're not quite right. They've never bothered me though and neither have clowns.
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                            Hmm, good point, maybe once in my childhood years that I cannot remebered I watched or came across a creepy Doll/Dummy and that's why I don't like them to this day.

                            About Sid being in a computer game, yeah why was he in that anyway? Thast could have used to play Anya or Tara in (I don't think you play Tara, there's aleast three scenes with her in it thought), yeah you can play Tara in the mutiplayer (By the way, did I ever tell you I kiicked my cousin's butt with Tara while he played Buffy/Faith?) but what about Anya or vengence form? I had thought one of those shadows were her but I was wrong.

                            Sorry for being a bit OT.

                            Hilda Celeriac: You better tell me everything or I am gonna go Lex Luthor on your ass!
                            Hey guys, if you know Amber is coming to Brisbane or anywhere near it, then page me (Well PM, just referencing Buffy)


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                              Sid always confused me because I didn't know if it was a direct nod to the dummies in The Twilight Zone.

                              They've never really creeped me out, mostly cause they're bits of wood haha
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                                i always associated sid with slappy, the dummy--from r.l. stein's goosebumps series. slappy was a murderous ventriloquist dummy who came alive. sid is like slappy, but good rather than evil.

                                all of r.l. stein's ghouls were nods to things that came before, though.

                                btvs in the early seasons was big on going through all the basic horror cliché's. the first scene ("or maybe it's some *thing*!") is a direct nod to the "they're coming for you, barbra!" scene in night of the living dead with the blonde who is killed by her creepy brother later in the film--in this case, the blonde is the monster that kills the creepy guy. the way the scene is set up with the disliked creepy teasing is really similar.

                                and of course, we've got night of the living dead zombies breaking into a house and killing its occupants--and raised by the mask in a way similar to the movie's radiation, the creature from the black lagoon, dracula, frankenstein (and the bride of frankenstein), dr. jeckyll and mr. hyde, the mummy, etc...

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