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  • Need Help In Identifying Episode

    Hey guys.

    I need your help in identifying an episode by a scene I will describe. It sorta just came to me, and I felt like watching the episode again. I'm not sure if the scene is at the beginning, or the middle, or the end of the episode, but I think it's something between the beginning and the middle. I do know that the episode in season six, possibly between Doublemeat Palace and Normal Again. Some details might be wrong cause I'm just relying on my memory here. Here goes.

    Buffy comes home, bringing back some takeout food (I'm really thinking it's Doublemeat food, which places this episode around the span I've mentioned above). She goes to the kitchen, informing everyone that she brought home dinner, only to find the group having their dinner at the table. I think the people present are Willow, Tara, Xander and Dawn (I can't remember if Anya is there). She seems a bit disappointed, before Tara reassures her that she still has some space for a bit more food, to which Willow says "I'm a breast girl myself, but then again, you'd know that", or SOMETHING to that effect. Buffy then sits down and passes the food around. They talk.

    The summary above ring any bells?

    Thanks in advanced.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, come to think about, when Willow said "I'm a breast girl myself--" or something like that, she'd be referring to chicken. I think Doublemeat doesn't serve chicken.. If so, then the episode can be anywhere in season six... (I know that it's in season six, because I remember that Buffy still seemed a bit... adrift?) That is, if the quote I mentioned is accurate..
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    You're thinking of 'Life Serial' in season six

    Buffy comes home after going to meet Angel at the end of 'Flooded' and she brings home a bucket of really tasty looking deep fried chicken. But because no one was expecting her the gang (Giles, Tara, Willow and Dawn) had already started eating. But they try and be polite and Tara says she'd "love some chicken" which is why Willow says "I've always been a bit of a breast girl myself."

    Hope that helped

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      That's Life Serial hun. She's not working at the Doublemeat Palace at that point, she was just bringing home dinner after patroling.
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        Oh, haha, I remember now! I need to go watch that! By the way, holypotatoes, she wasn't back after patrolling lol.. But hmm, I guess, to some extent, she is, eh? I mean, she was out looking for (a) vampire.