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  • Crappiest looking villains

    I was watching Buffy last night and something popped into my head, what is the crappiest looking villain/monster on Buffy? I'm voting for the portrayal of Dracula.. I think they could have done something better. Wasn't too keen when he morphed either.
    Looking forward to your replies

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    Dude....the "Loan Shark" from Tabula Rasa. Cheesiest villain ever. Could they have been more literal?

    But there have been some pretty bad ones here and there. I actually haven't watched the show in awhile but I know I rolled my eyes a number of times with some of the demons and whatnot...they just aren't coming to me at the moment. But the loan shark always stood out to me.
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      Umm I have two words for you...
      praying mantis

      I mean how horrible was that one. I understand it's season one and all but come on! That one is the worst ever. It's a lot worse than the loan shark that's for sure. There are probably a lot more but unfortunately my brain isn't working too well atm.
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        The make-up and costume for Oz as werewolf in "Phases" has to be about the lamest thing they ever put on screen. The wolf make-up never exactly became "good", but at least stopped looking actively stupid.

        I never really thought Anya's vengeance demon make-up was all that good.
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          Originally posted by KingofCretins View Post
          I never really thought Anya's vengeance demon make-up was all that good.
          Really? I always liked the vengeance demon look. Both on Anya and Halfrek. It looked really creepy. I totally agree with the werewolf costume though. That thing looked really bad in it's beginning stages. Especially with like the mascot head it had. It didn't even move. I was happy they started using the actors face instead.

          Now since we're talking about villains, if we mean big bads then I have to say The Master. Don't get me wrong I like his fruitpunch mouth but I'm not too keen on everything else. Although I kind of dislike all the vampires in the first season so maybe that's my problem.

          Ooohh and how could I almost forget, the lady/demon in Doublemeat Palace. WTF were they thinking when they made that thing? My god it makes me laugh every time it comes out of her head.
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            Oh no, that stupid fat monster in Consequences, or Bad Girls... that was too terrible!!!


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              Originally posted by Veverka View Post
              Oh no, that stupid fat monster in Consequences, or Bad Girls... that was too terrible!!!

              That one had crossed my mind as well. looked like that fat ugly slobby thing from the Blade movie. Yuck! I still don't like to watch that episode because of it. What was the point other than to disgust us?
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                KOC- I know, I never really liked the werewolves in Buffy, you could barely see them as it is anyway (You saw more of Nina in Angel then Oz in Buffy)

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                  Originally posted by Veverka View Post
                  Oh no, that stupid fat monster in Consequences, or Bad Girls... that was too terrible!!!

                  HAHAHAHAH my absolute favorite thing about that guy was the season three outtakes, and he's like I DON'T SEE WHAT I WANT TO SEEEE... and the little door on the front accidentally swings open, and he's like... and that's my legs...

                  crappiest looking villain. yeah I was always kinda embarrassed to get caught watching Oz and Veruca, cause they look so terrible and fake. OH, and the giant snake from Shadow, FAKEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN.


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                    The snake from Shadow is lame. That episode ranks a little low for me because of the snake. Also the snake in Reptile Boy is kind of lame too. The praying mantis in season one is bad and don?t get me started on the robot Malcolm from I Robot you Jane.


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                      Joss has a strange obsession with snakes...
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                        The Loan Shark is for me the winner ... the idea, the suit, the story ... terrible. But I think that he is funny in AtF, especially because Connor is so not impressed by him.

                        The very cheesy season 1 demons of course and the werewolf suits ... I don't know which werewolfs are worse ... the HP of the Buffyverse werewolfs.

                        And all the used snakedemons are really fake.

                        Can I count Doyle's demon face as well? I never liked the spikes in his face ... and they looked fake.


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                          I actually liked Balthazar... Although he's looking a bit like the Abzorbaloff from Doctor Who in my memory...

                          Gotta agree with the Sobek Snake, that was just terrible. What with the dodgy shot of it bursting out of the jar that has a conspicuous absence of both Glory and Buffy... and god, did they have to flashback to it in Blood Ties? At least you could forgive the Praying Mantis because it was the first season...

                          Machida was pretty alright actually, it was shot well and the rig itself was pretty impressive. Although they OD'd on POV shots to save money.

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                            The loan shark is the worst for me, by far. I've embarrased to show people 'Tabula Rasa' because of it, I think it's awful. Actually, in general I think season six was a pretty hit and miss year for demons in general... Wig Lady from 'Double Meat Palace' that stupid looking demon Jonathon turneed into in 'Life Serial', the loan shark in 'Tabula Rasa' the horrible looking demon who poisoned Buffy in 'Normal Again' and I was never a fan of the demons playing poker with Clem and Spike.

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                              Oh dear, the demonwoman in DMP, I forgot about her ... That was terrible, it looked like a penis on her head.

                              And I'm with Andrew, I liked Balthazar as well ... I love how vampires look like in the series, they all look different but also the same. Only Dracula, not a fan of him.


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                                Yeah I had no complaints with Balathazar at all, he was gross and disgusting, but that's what made him so cool!

                                And aside from the werewolf costume in 'Pangs' I actually liked how the werewolves looked from s3 onwards. I thought they looked cool.

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                                  • Praying Mantis. Possibly the winner of crap. However it was their first full-bodied demon so there is forgiveness.
                                  • Worm guy. The CG was hooooorible. They shouldn't have even bothered, honestly. I understand what they were going for, but they failed at it.
                                  • Werewolf in "Phases"
                                  • The talking head in "Fear, Itself" that scared Xander. Why didn't they use an actual head for that shot?
                                  • Dracula. He should've been actually pale, instead of having nice white chalk smeared over his lips (and Sarah's lips when she sucks on him).
                                  • The black one-night-bite vampire from "Sleeper." The teeth and the prosthetic vamp face.... neither worked.


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                                    The vampire from Sleeper, I almost forgot. Really bad makeup.
                                    The werewolf makeup doesn?t bother me much, so it?s okay by me. The penis lady was awful! I really don?t like that scene and it brings down the ep a little for me.


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                                      I'll just run through all the demons I can think of that really seemed a bit crappy to me.

                                      The Praying Mantis.
                                      Like most of you have said, this was pretty cringeworhy, espeically because you don't see it properly anyway, the room is all dimly lit and it's still crap. I think it's somewhat reasonable that it was the first season, but still not great especially 'cause it's a giant bug.

                                      Not really the demon itself, more the story behind it because I think the whole thing lacks-credibility.

                                      I think it's just the whole snake demon thing, but he was pretty bad.

                                      The Worm Guy in What's My Line.
                                      One word: point?
                                      Expansion: What was he meant to do? I mean wow, he can break down into worms, but what is the point after that? It's not like he's got some super power or anything.

                                      Bezoar Mother.
                                      Again, the story behind it was reasonable - demon eggs that hatch and turn everybody into Pod People - but you never got to see the mother properly and all you know is that it was a big pink blobby thing with an eye and tentacles.

                                      Werewolf make up.
                                      Generally bad, did improve slightly, but not much.

                                      Prophecy Girl/The Zeppo Hellmouth demon.
                                      I would've though the guardian to the mouth of hell would be a bit more sinister, I mean, it didn't even have eyes and again with the snake/worm thing.

                                      Balthazar (Fat Bathtub Demon)
                                      Both gross and pointless, like he could even attack people, unless he could somehow jump in the air and belly flop of the victims, but considering he couldn't get out of his own bath and had to be moistened every few minutes, it doesn't seem likely he had the potential to be world dominant.

                                      The Mayor.
                                      Not really crap, but a bit of a let down.
                                      I was expecting something more and when Anya said they were bigger I expected him to be huge, not just slightly bigger than the snake in Shadow.

                                      Snake Demon - Shadow.
                                      Following on nicely, just plain crap really.
                                      I think it's the whole snake/worm thing that lacks credibility, there's not really much you can do with something that's just one shape and slithers across the floor.
                                      Although, it could've been a bit less rubber when Buffy was punching it in the end.

                                      Loan Shark.
                                      Literal and bad.

                                      Wig Lady Demon.
                                      Along with the story it was horrible, just the fast food thing should've been a no-go. And the demon with it's paralyzing saliva and phallic appearance was a huge let down, not going to even comment on it being another worm/snake.
                                      Was good for a comment from Willow in Entropy though.

                                      Sluggoth Demon.
                                      Was nearly as big as the Mayor and just sucked.

                                      The First, Bringers and Turok Han.
                                      It's probably just me, but I'd expect something different.
                                      I mean The First evil looked reasonable, but kind of like one of the demons that Buffy managed to kill in the space of an episode and the Turok Han were quite scary in the first few episodes, but then by the end when anybody could kill them they sucked and lost a load of realism and as for the Bringers I'd expect the First to have more demonic looking foot soldiers rather than humans.
                                      I never did get that, The First is trying to wipeout all humanity so why was its main minion (Caleb) and its lackeys (Bringers) human? Did it promise them demonic status if they managed to wipeout humans or was it just using them because it knew that A) demons couldn't be trusted and B) Caleb and the Bringers would be killed in the end?


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                                        Yeah, the Loan Shark, Moloch, and the Praying Mantis take the cake for me. But Praying Mantis, especially! That was horrible! It looked so bad and dumb! Cheesy, lame, etc. Not much more to say about that.