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    Hi everyone, was watching OMWF again and just wanting to spur some discussion on a comment that Tara says to Willow.
    While the two are on the bridge and Willow informs Tara that guys are checking the 'hotness of her out', Tara replies: I'm cured, I want the boys!
    Does anyone else see this as a potential problem considering the age demographics this show was popular with? Or is it just meant as a joke and nothing else? Let me know.

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    I think it was pretty clear it was meant completely in jest. I really don't think that anyone would be offended/negatively affected by Tara's comment. In Tough Love, Willow and Tara argue about it, showing that the show treats the subject seriously.
    TARA: I trust you. I just ... (looks down) I don't know where I'm gonna fit in ... in your life when...

    WILLOW: When ... I change back? Yeah, this is a college thing, just a, a little experimentation before I get over the thrill and head back to boys' town.


    WILLOW: You think that?

    TARA: Should I?

    WILLOW: I'm really sorry that I didn't establish my lesbo street cred before I got into this relationship. You're the only woman I've ever fallen in love with, so ... how on earth could you ever take me seriously?

    She walks toward the door.

    TARA: Willow, please!

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      I don't know, and I'd guess as a more straight than not female, I'm not the ideal person to answer, but I've wondered about that comment, but take it to mean, Tara doesn't want to be different, she wants to fit in wherever she goes, but 'til she found Willow, she never did, and now (as she sees it) Willow's light is shining through her, she feels more 'normal' than she ever has before.

      And good question, might I add. Welcome to the boards


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        I've never taken that comment to be anything other than completely jokey and ironic. Yes, Tara is pleased and surprised that anyone (other than Willow) would find her attractive, but pretending to be "cured" is just her way to tease her girlfriend.


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          Yeah, the comment itself doesn't even raise a real question of whether Tara considers sexuality to be mutable or whether such is true or false in general. She was just saying something disarmingly cute and funny. And those guys *were* checking her out, because Amber Benson looks incredible
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            Thanks for the welcome Veverka and thank you for all of your comments. Much appreciated.


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              It's obviously a joke (a cute one at that.) I know it was brought up above, but I personally think that Willow is the one more likely to run over to boy's town. Doesn't mean she wouldn't be attracted to women anymore, just means, she playin for both teams. I know a lot of folks hold this same opinion.


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                Yeah, it was meant to take as a joke, I don't think Tara ever had interest in guys, it's a joke like how straight have made some comment about being gay, even I have! I once said to my friend maybe I should become gay and see if any guy takes interest in me (Or something to along that comment) but I was joking of course.

                Besides, Tara never really found anyone "checking" her out, infact I believe Willow was actually the first to take interest in her (Although you never know, she could have had a few looks in high school but dismissed it as something else)

                Edit: Hey KOC, is that Amber in the middle of your sig then? Did she dye her hair back to blond again? Just wondering because I usually keep real people who are in my story usually close to date, so like real life lovers, real life dyed hair etc.
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                  It was a joke, but Willow probably has some fear that Tara will eventually walk away on her. Willow still has a lot of insecurities.