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  • A New-Spinoff!!!!!

    What spin-off would you like to see. I came up with a really good one not so long ago.

    Mines called Tales of The Slayers: The Series

    Basically the series follows the strorie of three slayers (past, present and future) aswell as these three slayers we will also see over slayers crop up, but these will only be one episode sort of things.

    Here is my cast list:

    -Elizabeth Hargreaves (Past Slayer)-English Slayer in the 16th Century, probably the opposite of Buffy in the way that she is very into her work as a slayer. Played by: Mischa Barton

    -Lara Fisher (Present Slayer)-Turned into a slayer after the events of chosen. Lara will be an American fighting in iraq. Laras story will focus more a relaistic side, very little monsters in this part. Played by: Jill Wagner

    -Melaka Fray (Future Slayer)-This will be the continuation of the comic series. Played by: Cant think of anyone, help with this one.

    The first episode will deal with the past and present slayers getting their powers and fray will dealing with some lurks/vampires.

    i am also planning a tales of the vampires series aswell.

    I was going to post some scripts on here, anyone want to see?

    What spin-offs would you like?

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    i would of loved to see a faith spin off,a s she was an awesome character, and um... if warren and Johnathan didn't die, the 3 nerds spin off! that would be fun!

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      I would watch anything made by Joss. Even if it was about a serial murdering clown who wished to be figure skater -- I just know Joss would find a way to make it great. But in terms of Buffyverse, I suppose I'd like something new. I think the reason I'm not a fan of "Angel" is because I prefer the character as a supporting character. So I'm not necessarily one who wishes there was a Faith, Willow, or Spike spin-off -- regardless the fact that these are some of television's best fictional characters.
      I would've loved to watch a series that presented the other side of the fence: the vampires. It would focus on a number of vampires who bonded like a family ala Angelus/Darla/Spike/Drusilla, where the show's villains are the Slayers.


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        I coudl always do with a Angelus/Darla/Spike/Dru spinoff anyday, set in the past. They always interested me as a group and it'd look amazing with all the costumes and wonderful sets they could come up with.

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          These two are kind of out there, but:

          A sitcom starring Lorne, Clem, and Harmony would be pretty hilarious. Maybe of them living together in New York, going to different parties and event, like Friends or Three's Company meets Entourage.


          Wolfram and Hart. It'd be like Law & Order with demons. Maybe being set in Italy, starring the woman from 'The Girl in Question.' There'd be court cases and evilness. It'd be great.


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            Still to this day I would love to see a Faith spinn -off. I think that her story would have went so fare and we would have really got to know Faith. Her past didnt really open up in Buffy. I say Faith should have had a spin off.
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              To be honest, I don't think there should be a spin off. The show ended perfectly, and I think a spin off would spoil it. But, if I had to say a spinoff, I would love to see one about Giles, he's an amazing strong character. I don't like the idea of a Spike or Faith spin off, though.
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                I would love to see a Faith spin-off, it would be so great. Her character has so much to her that we dont know about, it would be really good if a spin off explored her past more and showed us how she got to be the way she is.

                Also an Angel/Darla/Spike/Drusilla spin off would be awesome!