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The strengths of the uvervamps

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  • The strengths of the uvervamps

    Ok so i was just thinking.. you know the ubervamps that they were like the most powerful vampire eva lol!.. like buffy really struggled to kill it... how come in season 7 it was so easy for mere mortals with no superstrength of sycthe to kill them.

    I mean the slayer had superstrength and that first ubervamp kicked her bum quite a few times lol...and it took everything she had to kill it eventually...

    I know that they(writers or w/e) didnt make all the other ubervamps as hard to kill, because then there wouldnt really be much of a battle, and they would just win, so do you reckon they just did it so it was easier for the good guys to win the battle...

    Or maybe that the first ubervamp that come out was more powerful than all the others i dont know it was an army after all so maybe he was like a genral...

    Or maybe it was more strong because it was vampires blood that let him out...

    I know it doesnt really matter but i was just thinking that they were really easy to kill in season 7 anya, with a sword etc, and the potentials with normal stakes, but i thought it would be like driving a stake through iron or we anya said lol....

    Sorry if my question doesnt sound right.. but i just cant put down in writing wots in my head lol.... please reply much appreciated

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    Joss admitted that he made the Ubervamps weaker as it would be too hard for the Scoobies to stand a chance, if they were all as strong as the first one. So really it was poor writing I must say.

    However, to suit my in-verse perspective I've always fanwanked that the first Ubervamp was the First's own personal solider. The way the First/Dru talks about it, and how it has been laying in wait, to me sounds as if the First had particular interest in this one. So being the First's handpicked Ubervamp it could be wanked that it was therefore stronger than the rest and picked for this reason.

    This could have easily been explained during the season leading up to 'Chosen' which could have made the final battle more believable. The scene that I think would have been perfect would have been in 'Empty Places' as Anya and Andrew give the potentials a lesson on the Uber Vampires. A simple reference to her sources indicating that the other ubervamps won't be as strong as the first, would have made the hole thing more believable and far more useful information than.. sunlight kills them, which as viewers we didn't need to know.

    I think as fans we deserved some explanation for this. One thing about the show and it's creators what was so great, was that they never talked down to their audience. It's been stated by critics, fans and the producers themselves, it was a key to their success, they didn't treat us like morons. In season seven they treat us like idiots, this being one big example, in thinking we either wouldn’t care or notice.
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      I go along with Mr Mogs on this one.

      I always viewed that first ubervamp as being a bit like the Master or Kakistos to the other Ubervamps. Like an ubervamp champ (ooh rhymey). Maybe it was older, maybe it was the original ubervamp but for whatever reason a lot stronger than the regular variety and a whole lot harder to kill.

      It did need some exposition though to clear this up before the final battle even if it was just a couple of lines because the way it was done does seem as if they were sneaking it in by the back door a bit.

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        The scoobies could have made that battle earlier, they could have blown up the school and all the sunlight would have been pouring in to that cavern, they could have used rocket lauchers grenades etc, they did it before.