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Buffy The Slayer Collection DVD question.

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  • Buffy The Slayer Collection DVD question.

    After buying the series I decided to buy the Slayer Collection DVDs just so I had them and so I could just watch some fave eps instead of putting on a series. I never can just watch one or two when I put the box sets on and find myself in a marathon! lol

    Anyway I have just about got them all now but I'm really annoyed as I have bought 10 (yes 10!) of the Cordy one but they are all the same. They all have the Giles episodes on them! The discs say Cordy but its definitely not her episodes.
    I have tried different shops, I have 3 copies I haven't been able to return because I bought them online. I only have the Giles one left to get and fingers crossed I win that tonight. I suppose its too much to hope that Cordys Episodes are on his disc.

    So does anyone else in the UK have Cordellia that is actually her, and if you do can you PM me and let me know where you got it?