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Animated Series: D.O.A.?

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  • Animated Series: D.O.A.?

    Does anyone know if the Buffy animated series is ever gonna happen? Also, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find some drawings that were done for the cartoon (characters, etc). Thanks! I'm still holding out hope...

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    It's dead and buried. None of the stations wanted to pick it up and I think Joss has moved on with season 8 now.

    From memory you can find some of the illustrations by just typing in "Buffy the Animated Series" into Google under Images.

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      Yeah the animated series is dead which is a shame. Still you never know what the future might hold and maybe a few years down the track, when the season 8 and 9 comics have sold really well the animated series might claw it's way out of the grave. I mean, we got a crappy animated Mr. Bean series, and a Sabrina series, so why not? I wouldn't hold your breath though, it's certainly not happening anytime in the near future.