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{I think I'm Tearing up} Saddest Moments

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  • {I think I'm Tearing up} Saddest Moments

    "I think I'm tearing up." Is a bit of an understatment for me, at some points in Buffy. So though it pains everyone to hear, I'll lend an ear. What do you think are the saddest moments in Buffy.
    Of course, some things go without saying, character death hits everyone hard, no matter what.

    They don't neccesarily have to be the saddest. Maybe just something that touched you, or made you think or feel a certain way.

    Okay, if you insist, I'll kick it off.

    1. Okay, Joyce's death, of course. But more than that. In "The Body" what really hit's me is Anya's beautiful quote about how she doesn't understand.

    Anya: (crying) I don't understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean, I knew her, and then she's, (sniffling) there's just a body, and I don't understand why she just can't get back in it and not be
    dead anymore. It's stupid. It's mortal and stupid. (still teary) And, and Xander's crying and not talking, and, and I was having fruit punch, and I thought, well, Joyce will never have any more fruit punch ever,
    and she'll never have eggs, or yawn or brush her hair, not ever, and no one will explain to me why.

    She really puts it out there, rather bluntly, what it means to be dead, and how absolutley stupid it is. (I actually know it by heart, because I used it when auditioning for my school play.)

    2. In the episode "The Killer in Me" Many people have problems with this episode because of Kennedey, and feel she's trying to take Tara's place. But what I'm bringing up is about Warren, anad Willow. (Willow-Warren) At the end of the episode in Buffy's backyard when Willow is crying because she thinks that she lost Tara it flashes Warren. And he's crying and saying "I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry." I can't think that it's like Warren apoligizing, because he would never do that.(Side note: I hate Warren. (Side-side note: Who doesn't?)) But it makes you think that Warren should just come back from the dead and apoligize already. That Warren should just stop screwing everything up, even from beyond the grave. And then it makes me think about what if Tara never died? And then that makes me sad, because she did.

    Hope to hear from you...or if it pains you too much, feel free just pop in!
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    Buffy's breakdown in "Shadow". SMG does an amazing job here, and the upbeat salsa music in the background really makes the situation seem more realistic, since it's not the soundtrack telling you what emotion you should be feeling. I really feel in Buffy's mind in that moment- concentrate on the dishes, do the dishes, hold yourself together, nothing else matters... and then she can't do it anymore. I know I already said it, but SMG does an astounding job in this scene.
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      I agree. In season 5 things are especially hard for Buffy and that episode is right around the time where the catastrophe starts. Which all leads up to her death, to make matters worse. I bet that if she hadn't died, then after all the drama died down she would have more breakdowns because of having real time to think about her mothers death.
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      "It says rates."
      "It says rats."


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        Definitely the end of 'Becoming Part 2', where Buffy kills Angel and leaves Sunnydale. "Shh. Just close your eyes." OH, it's so sad! That combined with the Sarah McLachlan song... man, I cry every time.
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          I have so many Buffy teary moments, I'll list some (or lots):

          When Giles tells Buffy at the end of 'Innocence' that he isnt gonna blame her for bringing Angelus back.

          When Buffy kills Angel in Becoming'.

          The hilltop scene with Buffy and Angel in 'Amends'.

          'The Prom' when Angel tells Buffy he is leaving, when she breaksdown on Willow's lap and when she gets the Class Protector Awards.

          'Wild at Heart', the ending with Willow and Oz is soooooo sad, great acting from Alyson as usual

          The end of 'Fool For Love' when Buffy finds out her mum is having a CAT scan and Spike trys to comfort her, aww

          When Buffy is washing the dishes and starts to cry as joyce is rambling craziness upstairs in 'Listening to Fear'. Oh and when Joyce tells Buffy she knows Dawn isnt hers and asks Buffy to promise to take care of her if something happens.

          'The Body', The Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya act mostly. Anya's speech is heartbreaking

          The end of 'Forever' is so upsetting! When she runs to the door and then Dawn rips the photo of Joyce and both of them just drop to the floor crying

          'The Gift' , when Buffy is talking to Giles and says she wishes her mum was there, and the end of the eppy

          'Bargaining' when Willow says she isnt just gonna leave Buffy to suffer in some hell dimension

          'Wrecked' when Willow is crying saying she screwed up and Buffy is being a b1tch to her

          The end of 'Dead Things' when Buffy starts crying to Tara, I love that scene cos I love seeing Buffy and Tara's friendship.

          The end of 'Grave' aww. Its so lovely the scene when Xander is telling Willow he loves her and makes her turn back to herself, and I love the crayon breaking speech.

          'The Killer in Me' - Alyson Hannigan is just amazing in the garden scene! Too bad Adam Busch ruined it with his crying that looked like laughter :/

          'Chosen' when Anya is killed and at the end when Andrew says she died saving him (((

          Sorry I posted so much, Im an emotional person! lol


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            Hmm.. absolute saddest moment in BtVS.. would be Innocence for me.
            When Giles is telling Buffy how much he respects her, but I also cry when Buffy does on her own, and when she says "Just let it burn". Although now I think about it it's not even a saddest sort of moment, it's also empowering, and sweet but awful at the same time.

            Still cry in When She Was Bad when Buffy smashes the bones, Becoming, (I Will Remember You on Ats).. Chosen. Heh big gap there, but the ones in the middle don't bring me to tears still.


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              When Buffy says "Mommy" in the Body. That moment of being a little girl again while deep down realising that her mother's no there to comfort her, even if she's not ready to accept it.

              The "goodbye to you" track in whatever ep it is when Tara's leaving and everything's going to shit.

              Buffy on that bus out of Sunnydale - much sadder than the moment of killing Angel somehow. It's grief instead of the moment of shock.

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                I think the Scooobies act in The Body hit home for me the most, except the Anya speech didn't move me as much as Willow and Xander's grieving. Unable to choose s suitable blouse, not sure what how to comfort my friend for her loss, feeling the need to blame someone, hitting things to feel better are all things I had felt when facing this situation.
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                  Great idea. There's a lot I'm thinking of but this is the saddest I can think of, I ranked them from 8 to 1, I only included saddest moments cause they were big tear-jerking moments I didn't include cause they weren't sad like the end of Intervention.

                  Willow: God, why do all my shirts have such stupid things on them? (tosses it back down) Why can't I just dress like a grownup? Can't I be a grownup?
                  Tara: Shh.

                  Tara comes over and puts her hands on Willow's shoulders, rubbing her shoulders and neck.

                  Tara: Shh, darling.
                  Willow: (crying) I can't do this.

                  Tara kisses her on the forehead, then on the mouth. Willow returns the kiss. Then Tara leans her forehead against Willow's.

                  Tara: We can do this.

                  They both nod. Tara continues rubbing Willow's shoulders.

                  Willow: Okay. We can be there for Buffy. And Dawn. (crying) Little Dawn.
                  Tara: We can be strong.
                  Willow: Strong like an Amazon?
                  Tara: Strong like an Amazon, right.

                  Dawn: What's going on? Something's going on.
                  Buffy: Let's go outside.
                  Dawn: No. Tell me what's going on.

                  Shot of Kirsty and her friends in the hallway, looking over.

                  Buffy: It's ... bad ... news.

                  Dawn crosses her arms anxiously over her chest.

                  Dawn: Well, what is it? What happened?

                  Shot through the window of the classroom. Lisa and Kevin are watching. Lisa begins to walk forward.

                  Buffy: It's bad. Please, can we-
                  Dawn: (loudly) Where's mum?
                  Buffy: (teary) mum ... had an accident. Or, um...

                  Lisa walks toward the window, staring.
                  Buffy: (OS) ...something went ... wrong from the tumor.

                  Closeup on Dawn's face. She has tears in her eyes.
                  Dawn: Is she okay? Is she ... but she's okay? But ... it's, it's serious, but...
                  Buffy: Dawn...

                  Shot from inside the classroom. We see the two of them in the hallway through the glass. Dawn slowly begins to cry as the news sinks in. She puts her hand over her mouth. We can hear her, but very faintly, as we hear it through the glass.

                  Dawn: (faintly) No.

                  She shakes her head and backs away from Buffy.
                  Dawn: (faintly) No, it's not true. No, you're a liar, she's fine!

                  Dawn crumples to the floor sobbing.

                  Shot of Kevin watching, looking away. Shot of the Teacher.

                  The Teacher and the other students move toward the glass and watch as Buffy kneels, trying to comfort Dawn.

                  Pan across to Dawn's half-finished sketch of the statue.

                  Giles: Why did you come here?! This wasn't your fight!

                  She punches him in the jaw, and he spins and falls to the pavement.

                  Buffy: Are you trying to get yourself killed?!

                  She begins to cry and crouches down to hug him. He cries and hugs her

                  Buffy: You can't leave me. I can't do this alone.

                  Cut to Giles' apartment building. Cut to his door, still with the crime
                  scene tape across it.

                  Angelus: (narrates) It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.

                  Giles tears the tape from his doorway and just stares at it for several

                  Angelus: (narrates) If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know
                  some kind of peace. But we would be hollow.

                  Giles enters his apartment.

                  Angelus: (narrates) Empty rooms, shuttered and dank...

                  Cut to the cemetery. The camera pans across a small pond.

                  Angelus: (narrates) Without passion, we'd be truly dead.

                  The camera pans past Jenny's gravestone. Giles kneels down and lays some
                  flowers on her grave. He looks at her name on the headstone for a moment
                  before standing back up. Buffy is there next to him.

                  Giles: In my years as... Watcher... I've buried... too many people. But
                  Jenny was the first I've loved.

                  Buffy: (looks up at him) I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't kill him for
                  you... (looks down at the grave) for her... when I had the chance.

                  Cut to a shot of the gravestone. It reads just 'Jennifer Calendar'.

                  Buffy: I wasn't ready.

                  Cut to Jenny's classroom. The students all wait at their desks for the
                  teacher to arrive. Willow walks in and stands at the front of the room.

                  Buffy: (voiceover) But I think I finally am.

                  Willow: Hi. Principal Snyder asked me to fill in for Ms. Calendar... u-
                  until the new computer science teacher arrives. So I'm just gonna stick
                  to the lesson plan she left.

                  She walks around to the front of the desk and looks over the books and
                  things that are there.

                  Buffy: (narrates) I can't hold on to the past anymore. Angel has gone.
                  Nothing's ever gonna bring him back.

                  Willow puts down her own books, and in the process nudges a few books
                  aside a little. As a result the yellow disk that Jenny had set next to
                  the books gets pushed off of the edge. It falls between the desk and the
                  small filing cabinet next to it. It hits the floor and spins around a
                  few times before coming to rest leaning against the side of the cabinet.

                  Sarah McLachlan song, mostly the part where Joyce find Buffy's note.

                  Buffy: No. No. Don't. No, it's too late.

                  The camera moves down the hallway (Buffy's POV) as she rushes after Giles.
                  Giles: (OS) Joyce?
                  Buffy: They're, they're coming for her, no, no, we're-

                  Buffy rounds the corner and finds Giles bending over Joyce, shaking her.

                  Giles: Joyce!
                  Buffy: (desperate) We're not supposed to move the body!

                  The telephone rings, and Buffy runs back into the dining room to get it.
                  She picks it up from the phone stand and turns so Angelus can see her

                  Buffy: Hello. Giles, hey! We did the, the thing. It worked. What?

                  As she listens to Giles her expression becomes increasingly blank. She
                  lowers the phone from her ear. Willow is there now, too, and takes the
                  phone from Buffy.

                  Willow: Giles?

                  Buffy leans against the wall and slides down against it into a crouch.

                  Willow: What? No! (puts the phone down) No! (begins to cry
                  uncontrollably) Noooo!

                  I mean it! I gotta do this.
                  The light emanating from the amulet flares even brighter and Buffy
                  reaches out and takes Spike’s hand in her own, entwining her fingers with
                  his. A moment, then both their hands burst into flame.
                  Buffy ignores the fire and holds his gaze with her own.
                  I love you.
                  Spike looks at Buffy, a flood of emotions pouring through him. He smiles
                  at her ironically.
                  No, you don’t. But thanks for saying it.

                  XANDER: I'm not joking. I know you're in pain. I can't imagine the pain you're in. And I know you're about to do something apocalyptically (glancing back at the statue) evil and stupid, and hey. (spreading out his arms) I still want to hang. You're Willow.
                  WILLOW: (angry) Don't call me that.
                  XANDER: First day of kindergarten. You cried because you broke the yellow crayon, and you were too afraid to tell anyone. You've come pretty far, ending the world, not a terrific notion. But the thing is? Yeah. I love you. I loved crayon-breaky Willow and I love ... scary veiny Willow. So if I'm going out, it's here. If you wanna kill the world? Well, then start with me. I've earned that.
                  WILLOW: (upset) You think I won't?
                  XANDER: It doesn't matter. I'll still love you.
                  WILLOW: (angry) Shut up.

                  Willow gestures with her hand. No magic bolts of light, but Xander's head jerks to the side as if he's been hit. Three parallel cuts appear on his cheek, bloody as if scratched. He puts his hand up to them, looks at his fingers.

                  Willow watches, panting and looking a bit nervous. Xander looks back up at her.

                  XANDER: I love you.

                  Willow makes another slashing gesture. Xander doubles over and falls to his knees. Panting, he gets up again, and we see that his shirt is ripped open over the heart, more scratches visible on his chest. He pants and grimaces from the pain but faces Willow again.

                  XANDER: (panting) I ... love y-
                  WILLOW: Shut up!!

                  Now she does throw a blast of magic at him, and he staggers backward but doesn't fall down. Willow still holds her hand out, a little bit of magic crackling around it but not as much as she had expected. She looks surprised and anxious. Xander moves slowly toward her.

                  XANDER: I love you, Willow.
                  WILLOW: Stop!

                  She sends another magic blast, but it's weak and barely hurts Xander at all. He continues walking toward her. Willow continues holding out her hand and making the magic gesture, but nothing happens. She starts to get teary.

                  XANDER: I love you.
                  WILLOW: Stop.

                  Willow starts to cry and, as Xander gets right up to her, she starts hitting him with her fists. Xander just stands there and takes it. After a moment she stops hitting and starts to cry for real. She falls to her knees and Xander kneels with her, puts his arms around her and holds her while she sobs.

                  XANDER: I love you.


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                    I TOTALLY forgot that clip in 'Passion', thanks for reminding me Pandora , thats another one on my list.


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                      I'd have to say the one episode that gets me every time is 'Passion.' Especially as Angelus watches the reactions of Buffy and especially Willow over the phone. Alyson's acting is just so superb and brilliant in that scene, some of the best I've ever seen from her on the series. That always gets me a little choked up, and the score of that episode titled, ?Remembering Jenny' is just so heartbreaking. Everyone involved in that episode did such a great job, and Sarah, Alyson, David, Robia and Anthony in particular were just brilliant.

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                        I agree, Passion is one of the two episodes I always get tears in my eyes, the other is Innocence. Those are almost too painful (in a good way) to watch. To be honest, Innocence is my favourite episode because I've such a hard time watching it every single time.

                        But Passion and Innocence are both episodes I can cry almost the whole time.

                        Other cry moments are the end of Becoming part 2, the break up in the Prom and the first scene of The body.


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                          I must admit, unlike most others, I find it hard to get sad when two people break up, at least to the extent that I'd get teary or cry. Those scenes just don't emotionally move me in *that* way, or at least to that extent. But Sarah's face does always get me just after she has killed Angel in 'Becoming II' and she begins to breakdown into a sob before it slowly fades away. The girl is an awesome crier.

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                            My three saddest moments:

                            1) Buffy's "Mom... Mom...Mommy..." in The Body. The sudden descent from Slayer to little girl is heartbreaking. My mother had pneumonia when I was
                            19, and I remember listening to her cough and struggle to breath, not wanting to sleep in case I missed it turning to silence

                            2) Dawn curling up beside Tara's body, not knowing what's happened or where everyone else is.

                            3) Giles going home in 'Passions', thinking Jenny is waiting for him, La Boheme playing, not realising Angelus has been there first.

                            There are plenty of other tragic moments throughout the seven years, but these three always make me choke up, and usually reaching for the fastforward button.
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                              Hells Bells made me cry lots. Being left at the altar is im sure one of every womans worst nightmares. It was so upsetting, he loved her but left her there all upset. When she had to walk down the aisle crying to tell everyone it was cancelled was the worst part, its was really heart renching poor Anya.
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                                Season 5 almost as an entirety was depressing for me.

                                When Oz left Willow, that was one of the worst things for me.

                                But the number one thing that actually made me cry, not afraid to admit it, was at the end of "Grave" from Season 6. When Xzander finds Willow and that entire scene with both of them. I must say it was beautiful.


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                                  this is probably gonna sound really strange... but i love the episodes that make me teary/emotional.
                                  for example, The Body, Chosen, Prophecy Girl, Grave, The Gift... the list goes on.

                                  I wont bother listing the most tear-jerking scenes as most of them have been commented on... plus, i'm laazy

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                                    I forget easily because I haven't seen the series in awhile, I need to watch it again. I know there were plenty other scenes that to me were a little emotional, but I can't seem to think of them. Grave is still pretty much like my #1 though.


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                                      For me the saddest episode was definitely "The Body". The part that got me to cry was when Buffy said "Mommy".



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                                        I have a lot of sad moments. I have to say that I cry the most in season five and season 2.