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Willow Wall Scroll?

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  • Willow Wall Scroll?

    I've collected four different Buffy wall scrolls, but I know that a Willow one exists. (The company that did the BtVS card game was giving them out for trivia answers at GenCon one year, which is where I got one of my Buffys. But the young woman who won the Willow one wasn't interested in trading. Grrr.)

    Anyway, I have never been able to find it listed anywhere ... not on eBay, not on collectibles sites, not on a full Google search.

    Does anybody have one of these? Know where I can find one? Suggest sites I might not have thought to check?
    Jeff Wilder -- Daly City, California

    "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, 'Huh?'" -- Buffy Summers