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The best buffy episode ever voted!

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  • The best buffy episode ever voted!

    Hi i'm new to this forum, and wanted to start by getting every member in this forum to vote for the best episode of buffy from all seven seasons, this will take a while, so we will start with season one. I want you to list every epsisode of season one and give them a rating out of 10, but you will have to put one episode at the end and reasons.

    1. Welocme to the hellmouth-8
    2.The harvest-7
    3.The Witch-6
    4.Teachers pet-7
    5.Never kill a boy on the first date-7
    6.The pack-8
    8.I robot, you jane-8
    9.The puppet show-8
    11.Out of mind, out of sight-6
    12.Prophecy girl -8

    I think the best episode out of the first series is the puppet show, as its really funny ecspecially when 'Thats the kind of wolly-headed liberal thinking that leads to getting eaten.'

    So get possting your favourites, and this gives you all Another exscuse to rewatch every season agian

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    Welcome to the board, Tudor. We actually have a section called Games specifically for this type of thing, where games such as this are already underway (dozens of different games) -- you should check that out and join in current games or start a new one!

    This forum is more for discussion of the seven televised seasons and the current 8th season -- comparing episodes, characters, discussing the storylines and so on.
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