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  • The Magic Bullet

    Tara's been shot by Warren.
    But if you take a look at the caps, this is definetely a magic bullet Warren used:

    This cap shows that the bullet did pretty much a straight line from the glass to Tara's body

    The only solution would be that the shooter is somewhere on the same line

    Or if you take a look at this cap, you can see the garden is way below the bedroom

    Where Warren was, it was impossible he could shoot Tara

    Unless she was at one inch of the window

    And even in that case Tara's wound should be way above the window hole or it is not.

    The other reason that makes Warren's bullet a magic one is fact that Willow should have been shot too.
    As I said before, the bullet was on a straight line

    And we know the bullet went out of Tara's body since Willow's been splattered of her blood.

    Considering Willow is standing in front of Tara, she should have been touched.

    My point being if Warren used a magic bullet, Willow should have been able to brought Tara back!!

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    Cl?ment I think you have to give up on bringing Tara back! You do have a good point though. I've been thinking that for years. I've shot many guns in my time and there's no way it would be a straight line bullet that hit Tara. If it hit her anywhere it would've been the head but that's even a long shot. No pun intended. I'll accept the magic bullet idea though. However if it was a magic bullet wouldn't it have made sure it killed Buffy?
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      Wow, I think you've thought too much about this.

      I give you an A for effort though because it is well thought out and you've definitely punched a whole in thew continuity.
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        CONSPIRACY!!!!! Now I want an Oliver Stone movie.

        Ironic, though, that Tara dies from what turns out to be quite a magic bullet. It'd be like Buffy tripping and getting impaled on a discarded stake.
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          My friends brought something like this up the other day. Nice thinking though, but it wont bring her back


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            Yeah, another show thing. Like the random guy out in the woods in This Year's Girl, and the cameras during Buffy and Faith's fight, and Riley's magic rope that defies the laws of physics.
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              Oh, have you strained yourself to figure out those stuff? But that makes sense really, Osiris was wrong! Why couldnt they bring her back? Maybe "Osiris" was magical too, one of Warren's stuff..